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Impact on students when parents create career pressure

If you want to know what impact students mind have when parents create career pressure, you are in the right place. Students are obviously the future of this growing generation as well as this country. And every student doesn’t face the same situation to grow up. There are lots of problems that every student faces, but the most dangerous being the pressure created by their parents regarding studies. This article is basically dedicated to not only the students but also the parents. If you are a student and currently reading this, then please do share this with your parents too.

Parent Psychology

Parents always want their children to be the best. And trust me, if they want something like that then that’s definitely not wrong. They make all sorts of sacrifices so that we can succeed in life properly. As they love us so much, they want us to be the best because they blindly that no matter what circumstances come or how difficult a situation is, their child is still going to the best. Till now there was no problem, but the main problem comes when the child cannot become or perform the best or as expected by the parents. As a result, what happens is that they start creating severe pressure on their child mentally and even physically sometimes. The career pressure created by parents may be dangerous for a student.

Student Psychology

From a parent’s psychology, they always want their children to score better marks and have a bright future ahead. But what they forget is that their child as a student is already trying to cope up with a lot of pressure. It may be academically, it may be even socially. So when their parents constantly talk about studies and ask to study all the time to secure the best career, then automatically they land up into depression and face anxiety and stress issues, thereby giving up. Therefore, the career pressure created by parents may be dangerous for a student.

Indian Parents

One more thing that often Indian parents do to their children is to impose their chosen career or stream for their children. They don’t understand that’s it’s not just an engineer or a doctor who is successful. Success doesn’t depend on any certain stream. If you only students opting for science are getting successful in life then what about the income tax officers, the chartered accountants, the PhD English Professor, the Economy Professor? Are they not successful in life? Haven’t they secured a bright future for themselves? Are they not earning quite a good amount of money for their expenses? So the fact is, just one specific stream was never an option.

Even nowadays there are advertisements for teaching a student about coding. Like seriously? Is that so easy for a student to learn? Then why are people doing professional undergraduate courses to learn them? Stop adding more things that can severely damage your child’s brain and make them literally dull. And remember one more thing, not every student has the same brain or same consistency towards studying, so please accept it as a parent because you have also faced such situations when you were a child. Please don’t make your children face the same torture intentionally when career pressure is created by parents.

A note for dear students

So you see, it’s true that this education system only defines and identifies it’s students according to marks. But when you get into the corporate world, it’s just not about your marks and it’s about your skills too. So it’s important to study, but not in order to score marks, but in order to learn something.

Remember one thing, once you start studying in order to learn, you will automatically score better. And that’s just not only going to help you in your educational life, but also in your job or career life.

Also, remember one more thing, when you actually gain knowledge and start thinking about your career then they will automatically stop thinking. So you need to be responsible too. But as I said, never learn in pressure or just in order to score marks, you can do smart study for that. What you need to do is to know about something in-depth. No matter how boring that history topic is, once you know about it in-depth, it won’t seem as boring as it used to be. Or no matter how hard a physics numerical is, once you know the origin of the formula and the laws that are followed in the sum, you will definitely be able to find the solution.

A small note to parents

By no means I tried to disrespect your feelings or hurt your sentiments regarding your child’s future, all I wanted to say is that they do suffer from serious mental health issues due to the pressure created by you in order to make them study more or choose the career you want. Do you really want to be a deliberate reason for your child’s emotional breakdown or some unwanted physical commitments that you would have never expected? Please don’t do this to your child. There are other ways to make them realise too, please don’t choose the extreme ones.

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