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Career in Hotel Management with Taj Hotel, Pune – CII Institute of Hospitality

Would you like a job in the hospitality sector? Why enroll in a random college when you can learn from professionals? Taj Hotel, where you can choose to stay domestically or overseas, is advised by experts.
The hotel sector is a dynamic one that naturally affects local communities while also having a global impact. The goal of this vibrant and constantly expanding business is to maximize consumer pleasure and experience. Studying hotel management offers a fantastic chance to travel, communicate with, and collaborate with individuals from all over the world while learning one of the most cutting-edge leadership philosophies. Continue reading to find out more about a career in hospitality at the Taj Hotel, Pune-CII Institute of Hospitality.


Hotel Management Training 

Overview of Career in Hotel Management with Taj Hotel, Pune- CII Institute of Hospitality

Pune is a great location for higher education for a number of reasons. The city is one of India’s smartest, has the greatest per capita income, and is quickly becoming into a thriving center for entrepreneurship.
The region has a distinctive sense of identity as a result of the city’s rich cultural and historical heritage, making it a popular place to study hospitality.
The Pune Hotel Management Program has a very broad and diverse reach. It provides both theoretical and practical industry expertise. Candidates who have passed their secondary examinations are eligible to enroll in this programme. The greatest place to identify your interests and assess your potential for a career in the hospitality with Taj Hotel, Pune- CII Institute of Hospitality.
The Pune hotel management programme has a broad scope and offers high prospective pay. It assists you in organizing and planning hotel operations, and it also gives you customer service training. The scope of this course is expanding along with the hospitality industry’s daily expansion. It teaches the students how to manage a hotel’s staff and run a successful business.
When seeking for a satisfying and gratifying work, taking a hospitality degree can be a terrific choice. A hotel manager might be employed in any division of the business. The scope of this career is unparalleled in the present industry with such a broad extent.
You will learn how to interact with people well if you take a course in hotel management. You’ll develop interpersonal skills. Additionally, a Pune hotel management school will train you how to be adaptable and collaborate effectively. You’ll develop the ability to manage unforeseen scenarios. Additionally, you’ll master the skills of cooperating in groups and upholding positive professional relationships. You can learn the value of being conscientious and detail-oriented by taking a course in hospitality.
The CII Institute of Hospitality provides programs under the academic direction of the Ecole Hotelier de Lausanne, which has been hailed as the best hospitality school in the world for more than 127 years. The EHL is the first institution in the world to provide an internationally renowned program in hospitality, boasting more than 25,000 alumni from more than 120 nations. Students can be self-assured and succeed in the hospitality business with this Swiss qualification. 

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is a group that works with the government, civil society, and other important players to develop India’s economy. It was founded in 1895 and currently has over 9,000 direct and indirect members.

Career Scope After Hotel Management Courses

There is no denying that the hotel and hospitality sector provides excellent job prospects. The Indian service industry includes a sizeable portion of the industry of hotel management and hospitality.
According to estimates, the travel and tourism sector supported more than 8% of all jobs in the nation.
India is one of the most well-liked tourist destinations in the world and draws many visitors from abroad each year. In India, the number of domestic tourists is also rising steadily.
This is fantastic news for the countless business owners who depend on their annual vacation for a living. It also assists the numerous students who enroll in hotel management programs each year in an effort to launch their careers.
After completing a course in hotel administration, employment options are virtually limitless and applicants can look into employment chances not only in India but also abroad in nations like New Zealand, the USA, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, etc. These are some of the employment choices available to you with a degree in hotel management:

  • Hotels/Spas/Resorts
  •  Restaurants/Bars/Clubs
  •  Airline Kitchens/In-Flight Operations
  •  Cruise Liners
  •  Fast Food Chains 

Key points of Career in Hotel Management with Taj Hotel, Pune- CII Institute of Hospitality

  •  One of the most coveted hotels in the world, The Taj is a leader in the hospitality sector on a global scale.
  •  The Taj name is a byword for outstanding service, opulence, and history.
  •  The Taj brand, which was established in 1868, is a part of the $100 billion Tata Sons group of companies.
  •  The Taj is the biggest and most upscale hotel network in India, with more than 100 affiliates.
  •  Four continents and more than 80 locations throughout the world a covered by its holdings.
  •  Because of its eco-friendly procedures, this Taj group flagship hotel is one of the greenest in the entire globe.
  •  Instructors are the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry.
  •  The finest experts in the hotel industry lead the training sessions.
  •  Provide students with a variety of curriculum taught by famous academics from India and abroad.
  •  the decision to attend and pursue a UGC degree
  •  There are 50 seats available at the Taj hotel, pune-CII Institute of Hospitality for students who want to pursue a career in hotel management.
  •  best positions both domestically and internationally.
  •  The college offers a setting that is conducive to greater learnig because it is situated close to the city’s center. The university consistently receives top five college rankings and has an exceptional record.

Courses at the Career in Hotel Management with Taj Hotel, Pune- CII Institute of Hospitality

Three professional diploma programs are offered by Hotel Management with Taj hotel, Pune- CII Institute of Hospitality. The information about it is tabulated below:




Selection Criteria

Swiss Professional Diploma by EHL

Food and Beverage Service

Eligibility: Passed Class 12 with 50% marks in English from a recognized board

CII Aptitude Test and Industry Panel Viva



Degree in Tourism and Hospitality + Swiss Professional Diploma

Food and Beverage Service




Fees and Eligibility of Career in Hotel Management with Taj Hotel, Pune- CII Institute of Hospitality




BTH + Diploma

3.66 Lakhs (Total Fees)

10+2 with 50%

Professional Diploma

3.54 Lakhs (Total Fees)

10+2 with 50%


Admissions to make Career in Hotel Management

Online admissions applications are available for the Hotel Management with Taj Hotel, Pune-CII Institute of Hospitality. Following are the application steps:
  •  Check out the institute webpage.
  •   Select Enquire Now
  •   The inquiry form will show up on the screen after clicking.
  •  Complete the inquiry form accurately, and the institution will get in touch with you to discuss the next steps in the admissions process.

It is one of the best hotels in India, and for many students studying hospitality, pursuing a career in hotel management at the Taj Hotel, Pune-CII Institute of Hospitality is the realization of a dream. This is your chance to make your dream Career in Hotel Management with Taj Hotel, Pune-CII Institute of Hospitality. Don’t miss this opportunity to enroll with us now

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