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If you wish to study  hotel management in Kolkata, no matter if you are resident of Kolkata or if you are looking for top hotel management courses in Kolkata, here is the list of all the best courses and colleges for hotel management in Kolkata. Kolkata is a beautiful state which is distinguished because of the traditional cuisines, the distinct techniques and raw materials they use in their food, the art and craft, museums, forts, folk music, regional dance, temples, and their rich culture.

The top hotel management industry is growing rapidly and hence there is a need for more human resource. Many people are dreaming of getting into a top hotel management and learn from the best professionals but still people do not have enough information about it. The top hotel management courses are offered by many colleges, institutes and universities but do they have the appropriate education, relevant subjects and the way of teaching. 

So you need to find the universities which provide the relevant education structure and practical exposure so that you are getting enough skills for working in an hotel, resorts, casinos, bars, night clubs, spas etc. It is very important that you understand that just the theoretical knowledge is not enough for working in this industry, you need to be prepared to handle any critical issue that occurs in the administration of a hotel. And for learning that you need to research on the institutes which provide you the industry oriented education that you need. And you need not to worry because we have researched and found the best, world class universities that provides relevant courses which are made for prepare you for all your future corporate life.


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CII Institute of Hospitality is the leading institute of the Hospitality Management courses in India. It has been relevant not only for the Indian students but also international students because they are associated with the EHL Switzerland. This institute not only allows the international students to take admissions in their institute but also provides placement opportunities to foreign organizations. The CII Institute of Hospitality offers the Swiss International Professional Diplomas which are approved by the VET (Vocational Education and Training). The courses offered are in collaboration with the ITC Hotels Limited Company, which is India’s largest hotel industry’s company and has over 100 hotels in India in 70 different locations. The ITC operates many luxury hotels and provides responsible luxury services to the guests. All the ITC hotels are the best 5-star hotels in India. 

ITC is the only company at the scale which provides such fine services. The students get to have their hotels and see all the working of the hotels and understand the entire industry better. As ITC is a tie-up of the CIIIH, its an added benefit for the students as they get to experience the industry administration while training and learning. The CII Institute also provides practical exposure, educational trips, industry visits, seminars, workshops, guest lectures. It has the best professional and experienced faculty who provide the quality education. The diploma courses provided the CIIIH are of 18 months duration, and every course has its own distinctive features. The students are not only taught the knowledge about the hotel management but also are prepared to work in the corporate world. Entire personality development is done while these 18 moths which is very important if you want to strive and thrive in the hotel management industry.

The Swiss programs help in holistic development of a student and is prepared to be ready for any forthcoming challenging situations that come in front of them. They will be able to solve any problem in any division of hotel management administration. The professional diploma courses offered by the CIIIH in collaboration with ITC Royal Bengal are:-




Selection Criteria

Swiss Professional Diploma by EHL
Food and Beverage Service
Eligibility: Passed Class 12 with 50% marks in English from a recognized board
CII Aptitude Test and Industry Panel Viva
Degree in Tourism and Hospitality + Swiss Professional Diploma
Food and Beverage Service



The Institute of Hotel Management delivers the high-quality education while also providing industry oriented practical exposure to the students. The main aim of the IHM is to provide comprehensive education, and has succeeded in doing so since a decade. That is why the Institute of Hotel Management is also known as the “ The Center of Excellence”. Which makes it one of the top hotel management universities.
IHM Kolkata is one of the institute which provide the following top hotel management courses:-



Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and

Hotel Administration
3 Years
Masters of Science in Hospitality and

Hotel Administration
2 Years
Diploma in Front Office Operations
1.5 Years
Diploma in Food & Beverages Services
1.5 Years
Diploma in Food Production
1.5 Years
Diploma in Bakery and Confectionary
1.5 Years
Diploma in House Keeping
1.5 Years
Diploma in Food Production and

1.5 Years



Campus View Of Guru Nanak Institute Of Hotel Management Kolkata Campus View

The Guru Nanak Institute of Hotel Management is one of the top hotel management colleges in Kolkata. It is a private institute that provides one of the best hotel management courses. The campus of the GNIH is spread over one acre and all the practical and theoretical lectures are held in the campus only. The GNIHM understands that only the theoretical knowledge is not enough for growing into the hotel management industry and that is why they provide the necessary education structure, seminars,  events and workshops for students to learn and explore the practical and working side of the hotel management industry. The education in the GNIHM has incorporated the advanced and modern techniques and skills but has not forgotten the traditional ancient methods, and it makes this university unique and stands apart from the other universities.
GNIHM is one of the institute which provide the following top hotel management courses:
1. BA in International Hospitality and Tourism Management
2. M.Sc in Hospitality and Tourism management
3. Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management and Catering Technology
4. B.Sc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration
5. BA in International Culinary Arts


NIMAS ( National Institute of Management and Administration)

The NIMAS offers a great variety of undergraduate and post graduate courses in the top hotel management stream. NIMAS is a private institute known for the high quality education that the institute provides. NIMAS has one of the best faculty as the professors there are experienced and have exclusive knowledge about the industry. This institute not only has the best academic facilities available but also the non academic facilities. The NIMAS has a ritual of organizing an event every year in which they invite all the well known professionals from all over the country who guide the students in choosing the right career path and share their experiences in the industry. The NIMAS offers multiple courses which includes 14 majors, 15 minors, and more than 100 in major specialization. It provides extensive knowledge in each stream, and the majors offered in the top hotel management stream are:
1.  Hospitality Law
2. Hotel Operations
3. Restaurant Manager



ISHM is an up-and-coming university of university which encourages the students to think innovative ideas and dream big. They believe that the consistency in your efforts and hard work is necessary for future growth. The extensive education, relevant education structure and training is an essential requirement for surviving in this industry.

The courses that the International School of Hotel Management offers are:


Diploma in Aviation, Hotel and Hospitality Management

Advanced Diploma in Aviation, Hotel and Hospitality Management + BTS

B.Sc in Hotel and Hospitality Administration

BBA in Hospitality Administration

PGPM in Hospitality Management

BBA in Aviation Management

Dual program in Hospitality, Hotel and Tourism Management

(BBA) Bachelor of Business Administration


NSHM Institute

The NSHM (Notabilis, Sociatrix, Humanus and Maxime which in simple words mean Noteworthy Collaboration for Best Development of Humankind)
The main goal of this institute is to improve the human life by imparting the knowledge they have gained, and giving the students space to explore their creative potentials and establishing the responsible and responsive skills. The surroundings of the NSHM Kolkata campus are very pure, lively and divine.

The Kolkata campus of the NSHM has numerous amenities that enable students to receive a world-class holistic development. With the use of technology-enabled learning tools, students may learn, study, have fun, and develop in dynamic, adaptable areas like the library, canteen, and lecture halls. This university has a placement cell which makes sure that the students get the jobs and salary packages that they deserve. The placement cell of NSHM organizes many educational events for the students to help them grow, prepare them for the placements process and the corporate world. The NSHM provides visits to businesses, workshops, discussions with business leaders, grooming sessions, simulated interviews, resume building, setting up a LinkedIn page, and more. The courses offered by the NSHM are:

1.  B.Sc in Culinary Arts
2. B.Sc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration
3. BBA Travel & Tourism Management
4. Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology
5. M.Sc Hotel Management
6. Master of Travel and Tourism Management

MAKAUT UNIVERSITY (Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology)

MAKAUT is a public state university which provides excellent education. This university is based in Kolkata and is known for its education structure, and life long skill and personality development. This university helps you understand the most difficult topics easily. Simplified studies and top-notch pedagogy. This University has approximately 198 associated colleges all around the country. The main aim of this university is to emerge as a center of excellence and to offer an industrialization framework based on the information economy.

The MAKAUT University offers BHM course which is Bachelor of Hotel Management.



EIILM University is known for its principles and the international educated provided by them. The EIILM provides globally approved and valued education, and that is one of the main reason why the students are drawn to this university.  

This university focuses on imparting the important developmental and educational knowledge to students for guiding them to the path of successful career. The EIILM university has tie-ups with many renowned hotel and tourism management industry organizations which is an advantage for the students as they provide the educational trips to those organizations. The students can physically go, learn and have an on site experience.

The students can gain practical knowledge which helps the students understand the actual working, operations and managements of a hotel or tourism organization. The students can choose their career path according to what they have learned and what they think suits them. It is a very crucial time for the hospitality and hotel industry and that is why these universities provide the educational visits, seminars, workshops, industry visits and the practical exposure other that the theoretical part of the hotel management career. The courses provided by the EIILM university are as follows:






Bachelor in Hotel

3 Years



Masters in Hotel

2 Years



Diploma in Hotel

2 Years



These are the top-tire universities who provide world class education in the top hotel management industry. These industries have the best educational structures and provisions for proper practical and industrial exposure for the students. Most of these universities wither have international courses or industry tie ups of both which makes these courses more valuable for the future. These courses train the students for working in the corporate world in the hotel management industries and they also help you improve and mold the student’s personality in a way that they are eligible enough to resolve any issue that comes in their way while working.

The training in the top hotel management goes beyond the industry skills, the students are taught team spirit, leadership skills, analytical and logical skills which are relevant in any career path or any phase of life. The hotel management industry is the fastest growing industry in the recent times and will be a imperative industry always. 

So, all the best for all your future goals, dreams and desires.

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