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Top 5 Hotel Management Colleges Worldwide

Hotel management has become one of the top profession choices after the Class 12th. Hotel management courses enable students to nurture and fulfil people’s wants and productively analyze occupational issues. Lausanne Hotel School is the first hotel management college to have been established in 1893. Top hotel management colleges in the globe or hotel management colleges, fees and other facts are mentioned here.

Best Hotel Management Colleges Worldwide

Below mentioned are top hotels and schools which have wonderful campuses, faculty and students with excellent networks. The schools provide the most outstanding services. There is no order for the top hotel management colleges. They are all fantastic hotel management colleges and there are other large institutes that we want to include in the revisions to this site in future.

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1. USA - Cornell University

Cornell hotel management school is regarded as the first college to offer a hospitality management program. Since its hotel activities in 1922 Cornell University has indeed been the forerunner in the hospitality sector for almost a hundred years. The tight link with the Statler Hotel on the site makes it possible to learn a lot. Approximately 200 students work directly with hospitality professionals in all hotel business fields, where they can use their talents. They feature a 3rd-year curriculum for foreign students to gain a very useful worldwide experience. There are around 60 full-time professors. A total of roughly 960 students from more than 30 nations take part in their studies. 250 hospitality leaders attend classes each year. A minimum of one internship is provided each year to each student. Both will gain 800 hours of experience in the industry before they graduate, and will be presented through the school career office to over 1,200 job prospects. Cornell grads are successful managers who are committed to providing exceptional service.

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2. Switzerland - Glion Institute of Higher Education

The Swiss Institute has been developing exceptional experts for the hotel sector over more than 50 years and is located above the Swiss Riviera, with a sight to Lake Geneva, and the Swiss and French Alps. Demand for Glion students is great, with 86% either working or having various employment opportunities. They have a wide base of 98 nations, 93% of which are foreign students. The school gives a superb learning environment for the student and offers their students the perfect opportunity to improve their skills with its modelled hotel with 5 eateries. This college offers Hotel Management course.

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3. Netherlands - Hotel School The Hague

The Hague has two world-class campuses located in The Hague and Amsterdam, Netherlands, which provide its hospitality programs. Established in 1929, the school today provides students with services from over 60 countries. Hotel School’s 4-year Hotel Management bachelor is a demanding, business-oriented and practical curriculum that means the ever-changing requirements of the hospitality sector. This degree enables the International Fast Track Program to recruit students that have already studied hospitality. These persons can complete the program for a shorter amount of time. Hotel school, The Hague maintains its rich tradition while educating future hospitality officials and leading the path. An astonishing 99% of hotel school graduates would recommend their hospitality programe.

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4. Dubai - The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM)

Location significance can never be underestimated and this was never more than for EAHM. This outstanding institution is situated beside the world’s most opulent hotel Burj Al Arab Jumeirah to benefit the prosperous Dubai hospitality business. Jumeirah is a portion of the Jumeirah Group, enabling its students to enter and work in the famous hotels & restaurants in Jumeirah. EAHM offers an International Hospitality Management part-time MBA that accommodates professionals who are unable to take a rest in their industry and their lives. This college offers Hotel Management course.

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5. United Kingdom - Oxford Brookes University (OBU)

Oxford School of Hospitality Administration is the premier UK College of Hospitality Management. It belongs to the University of Oxford Brookes (OBU). The institution welcomes students from every part of the world and from everywhere, excellent for those wishing to study abroad. BSc is one of the most popular programs in international hospitality management here. It is one of the greatest hospitality schools and its stature and reputation have improved over the years. The university also includes many internships and paid placement possibilities in hospitality management. Students have the extensive industry expertise to assist them in their future careers as managers. This college offers Hotel Management course.

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