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Concentration Power

If you want to know all about concentration power you are in the right place. Concentration difficulty can be explained as a decreased ability to focus your thoughts on something. Concentration difficulties can be related to difficulty staying awake, impulsiveness, intrusive thoughts or concerns, overactivity, or inattention. They can be caused by medical, cognitive or psychological problems or may be related to sleep disorders or medications, alcohol or drugs.

Recent surveys show that many students are having problem in concentrating towards their work and studies. The work which can be done in 1 hour takes 3-4 hours just because of a lack of concentration. In the upcoming future where the focus will be the main key for success therefore we need to learn how to concentrate on our work and the studies.

What can cause lack of concentration power?

Following are some of the factors that can cause lack of concentration power:

Lack of Sleep

When a person works continuously for long hours and is unable to get proper sleep and rest then he/she can experience difficulty in performing the tasks with great accuracy and perfection. In the case of students, the same effect can happen while trying to study.


As age increases our brain and many other body parts slowly start degrading due to which many issues may occur.

Emotional trauma

If a person has suffered from any kind of emotional trauma then it becomes difficult for a person to cope up with things. In such cases, concentration power reduces drastically.

Brain Injury

This is also something that can affect concentration power.

Disease conditions that can affect concentration power

When you are trying hard to concentrate but someone or something continuously disturbs you then it becomes difficult for a person to focus on the given task. These are like disturbance from a person sitting next to you or the major distraction may be due to social media (the main cause).

But, if we look at medical conditions that are responsible for lack of concentration power then we can look for the following conditions:

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

Due to ADHD, the memory power of a person gets reduced ( for both children and adults). It is mainly characterized by a persistent pattern of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. There are various treatments that can help to improve this condition.

Cognitive Dysfunction Or Impairment

Cognitive dysfunction or impairment can affect a person’s concentration, memory, and learning. This can happen due to developmental delays or disabilities, brain injuries, or neurological conditions that cause problems with brain function.

Untreated Mental Health Concerns

For example, depression and anxiety primarily involve changes in mood and other emotional symptoms, but they can also make it hard to focus, concentrate, or learn and remember new information.

Concussions and other head injuries

It can affect concentration and memory. This is usually temporary, but difficulties with concentration can hinder when a person is healing.

How to improve concentration power

Now, we will tell you how you can improve concentration power. Continue reading to find out:


Set a proper routine for your daily tasks and try to follow it. This will make your brain active while working and studying due to this you can give your 100% in whatever you are doing.


Maintain a proper sleep schedule so that your body and brain can have proper rest and they can work at their full capacity when needed.

Avoid alcohol

if you are used to having alcohol on daily basis then you must definitely avoid that. This not only will help you to concentrate more but also it can save you from many other dangerous diseases.

Avoid drugs

Drugs are the main cause of many diseases and they also damage some part of our brain that can lead to many serious issues. If a person becomes a drug addict then their body stops responding to a lower level of medicines therefore their treatment becomes difficult. Therefore one should avoid using these.


Take out time for exercise. It will not only increase your concentrating power but also it will help to maintain the fitness of the body. It is the best way to improve concentration power.

Short breaks

Taking a break from the usual working can also help. When you have to work for long hours or need to study for long hours then you must take short breaks in between for having better results. Taking breaks to help your brain to relax for a while and replenish its strength due to which you can work better.


Get involved in the activities or hobbies that make you happy and help to relax your mind. Try doing some physical activity rather than using an electronic device.

Try to stay away from social media for the time being when you are working or studying for an exam. Social media is a big distraction in today’s world therefore staying away from it when it is not needed, can help a person to improve his/her working efficiency.

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