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How JEE examination will impact the students in a pandemic?

There is a growing concern nationwide not just among the students but the whole academic varsity to how the JEE examination will take place this year. Several questions and several concerns are put into question and various problems have come to the light as a result. So, below are some of the most serious questions which are coming up in the mind of the students during this time of crisis.

JEE examination


These are the most common questions which are being asked by the students who are looking for giving their JEE examinations this year. Not just the students, the same situation goes hand in hand with the parents as well who are getting worried about their child as well. Thus, let us look at some of the possible answers which can give some solutions to these problems and challenges.

Will the academic year get nullified?

The year 2020 has given an abrupt end to the daily lifestyle of not just academic journeys but also the other career aspirants and those also who were also working. Therefore, there are some options that one can look into while taking care of their health. The first thing which one needs to clarify is that the Ministry of Education is trying to keep the health of the children on the priority list. However, this does not mean that they are planning to nullify this year’s academic session.

Steps are being taken by the government to keep the things maintained and on track just like every other year. However, many issues are coming as a challenge due to which things are getting delayed. The education department has already clarified that new changes and further modifications are and will soon take place in order to make sure that the students do not need to face the repercussions of what has been delayed so far. And, thus, the students can release their tensions on the part that their academic year will get nullified. There are some delays in the academic areas, but the examinations will get conducted sooner or later so the students do not need to get hopeless.


Will the JEE exaM be able to conduct with the transparency?

This is a serious question which has worried about the teaching department as well as the parents. There are two main reasons for worry. The first one is that the pen and paper JEE examination format is facing a lot of issues due to which the transparency issue has arisen. The second one is the digital method of examination which has its own problems. Thus, these two things are combined together and raise the question of transparency with them.

To look for solutions or a ray of hope, we can start with a pen and paper format. The government is trying its best to go for this option while keeping in mind the health as of the utmost importance. However, due to the spreading of the virus at an unprecedented speed, the government is delaying as long as it does not seriously affect the life and career of the students. So, it is going for a digital method so that the students can look after their health and can focus on their future at the same time. For maintaining the foundation component of transparency, the government is trying to introduce new options so that it can maintain its foundation stone of transparency and does not lead to any kind of discrimination.

JEE examination

Will the academic and career paths shift?

This is indeed a very concerning question which is mostly asked by not students but the parents who are considering the loss of the whole one productive year of their child which can shift their career to one year or more. The question highlights the overall loss which the country is facing and the methods which are being opted for the same as a result that the damage control can take place.

JEE examination

So, to answer this question, there can be a road which one can see is that the efforts are being made by the government to control the damage as much as possible. New policies and new methods are being released by the government in order to make sure that the student does not waste this time and the maximum utilization can take place. Whether it is the initiative of online studies and online examinations or it is the option of the internships which are being provided by the government for the students to utilize their time and build their resume, the methods are being taken to do the damage control and work on the academic career road continuously.

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