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As per the reports of the UNESCO, over 1.3 billion students have been affected during this pandemic. Even though schools and institutions are trying to balance and adjust the academics part through online
classes, the students are still trampling to move ahead with the ‘new’ normal. Even though students are bearing this feeling of uncertainty in time in regards to schooling in the near future, to continue with
online classes is a real struggle for most of them. The students are struggling to find the motivation to stay within the boundaries of four walls, not being able to see their acquaintances and continuing with
their education in an isolated environment. It has also become difficult in the part of teachers and professors to make use of the latest technologies to take classes during this time of the pandemic. Professors not acquainted with the use of the online program applications have to learn it up to make use of it. However, in a way, the students are learning how they have been taking things for granted all this while: be it the time they spend with their friends or the way they could easily talk to their teachers when necessary. Here you will find how the education system takes another place during this pandemic COVID-19.

education in pandemic

Since March the schools have remained completely closed for all the students. And since then there has been a lot of ongoing discussions and debates about the national economic, political, and environmental state but very little have been given to the educational system. Thus, it left the students in a state of disarray and anxiety: be it about their semester examinations or the ongoing projects or their promotion and admission procedure. It is important for the youth to be guided the right way as they are the future of the country.

The students’ perspective

The students have learned to come to terms with the aggression of the situation and are not at all ignorant about it. But to keep up with this new change in their learning experience has proven to be quite a task for them. Even though certain state boards have canceled their examinations for the classes of 1 to 8, there are many private institutions yet to make a decision. Even though there’s a faint relaxed sigh in being promoted without examination, on the other hand, it is a little scary for the students who
are not fully aware of their subjects.

education in pandemic

The teachers’ perspective

Amidst a global pandemic COVID-19, the teachers’ had to make an entire digital shift to their teaching. It has become way difficult for them as compared to the traditional teaching method, as now they have to ensure all their teaching materials are available online, make digital copies for the class assignments, worksheets, and even the topics taught. The teachers are facing a hard time to come to terms with the understanding ability of their students through this online portal. Due to network and connectivity
issues, it becomes hard to keep a proper track. This tip helps you to know how the education system takes another place during a pandemic.

The parents’ perspective

The once hopeful parents are now scared and curious about their children’s future. However, in the light of the pandemic, the parents are reluctant to send their children back to the traditional methods of teaching. They would like to prefer the online classes over traditional classroom teachings at least till care is invented. However, it becomes a task for the parents who are working from home as they are unable to share their gadgets with their children during the working hours. But in most cases, with the loss of jobs and the air of uncertainty, the prime objective for the parents has come down to feed their families and thus, education did take a back seat. And as due to the advancement with online classes, parents do have to avail of ways for the payment of fees, education has become a financial burden
on them. This tip helps you to know how the education system takes another place during a pandemic.

education in pandemic

The e-learning way

For the ones, who can still afford education, it has come down to the usage of e-learning tools and applications like Google meet, Zoom, etc. This is probably not the best alternative but turns out this the only alternative for most of the students. The institutions are trying to make the best of the situation while giving the students the best possible education they can. But compared to private schools, most government schools lack such interactivity as they cannot afford it. Thus, there is a severe imbalance in the education system as there lies a wide gap between the learning experiences and techniques.

education in pandemic

What is in store post-pandemic?

It is important to understand that both students are teachers who are going through a tough time. Post pandemic the students should be given an opportunity to cope up in their own pace and time. There should be a considerable amount of empathy in the student-teacher relationship so that there is less burden on either of them. It is true, there will be an insane amount of pressure but if balanced the right way, everyone can get away with it. This tip helps you to know how the education system takes another place during a pandemic.

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