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How to become a supportive friend

If you want to know how you can become a supportive friend, you are in the right place. We all are human beings and seek care and support at the end of the day. We always want to get a supportive and caring friend. But we never think about the fact whether we ourselves can be called as supportive friends or not. So in this article, I’ll share ways to become a practically supportive friend.

Now let me tell you one thing, being a supportive friend doesn’t mean that you are going to support your friend even when they are doing something wrong or causing harm to themselves or others. Being a supportive friend means supporting your friends in their bad times or good times and making them always feel that you are there for them to provide protection.

So if you are trying to improvise your self on being more supportive towards your friends then here are few ways that may help you –

Here we go.

Listen more, compare less

Most of the times we relate to the problems that our friends are going through. As a result we start comparing with their problems. This makes them feel that we are more into ourselves and less concerned about them. And they end up keeping their problems to themselves in order to not bother you up anymore.

So if you truly want to be a supportive and caring friend then all you need to do is to listen to their problems whole heartedly, even if you find that they are relatable with the problems that you are facing. Never ever compare both of them.

After hearing their problems give them the same solutions that you have decided for yourself in order to cope up with the problems. This will tend to make your bonding with your friends much more stronger.

Don’t make their problems more difficult

Remember one thing, when they are sharing their problems with you, it means that they are trusting you. So never do something that makes them regret their decision of sharing it with you or something that is going to be more harmful to them. Don’t do anything that ruins their mental state to more extent.

One more thing that you need to remember while being a supportive friend is that never blame them for the problems they are facing or never say that they are always complaining regarding their problems. If they are actually doing so, then make them understand these things only when they are calm. If you speak up the truth or harsh words in the wrong time then they may lead to more depression and that can cause harm to them. My reason to tell you this is because not all people can handle or accept the truth, maybe they are not strong enough to cope up with it at the peak moment.

So if you want to become a supportive friend then never become a reason for your friend’s depression, because they are already depressed when they want to share their problems with you.

Have your own mental setup

In this world full of people taking your advantage, it’s difficult to become supportive when you already know that you are the one going to get hurt in the end. So what you need to do is to stop expecting that your friends will also be as supportive as you. Because in most of the times you will see that they are not concerned about you or your problems and may never come forward to help you back. All you need to do is keep being supportive from your side and build a better karma.

Now you need to remember one more thing, when you see that you are the only one being supportive then you may feel that the other is toxic. But not everyone is toxic and not everyone has the capability to be a supportive friend. So if you think that being supportive and not getting anything in return hampers your mental state then you should never try to become a supportive friend because as I said earlier – not everyone has the capability to become a supportive friend. I’m not judging or forcing or blackmailing anyone with these words of mine.

I always believe that our own mental health should be the first priority for us. And if we are strong enough to deal with our own problems alone then we can obviously become a supportive friend someday through a lot of practice and improvements.

So these are the most important ways to become a supportive, caring and a true friend. You may read other articles too as you will get some more points there but I always focus on the best and easiest or practical procedures that can actually be followed by you. I hope this article helps you deal with the missing qualities to become a supportive friend. And if you already have these qualities, then congratulations on your future already.

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