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Positive effects of coronavirus lockdown

With approximately 500 COVID-19 confirmed cases across the country in March 2020, The Indian Government placed a nationwide lockdown for 21 days, on March 24, 2020, restricting India’s entire population’s movement as a precautionary measure against the COVID-19 pandemic in India. With the coronavirus graph surging high, the lockdown was extended till June 30 for only the containment zones in different phases. However, certain Services were resumed in a phased manner, starting from June 8. It was termed as “Unlock 1.0. It is in the history of human evolution that the masses are locked inside their homes. It is indeed a difficult time. Life has changed within days and beyond recognition. Coronavirus has taken people’s lives across the globe, and the numbers are increasing daily. Globally all the governments are taking whatever precautions they can take to prevent the spread. With so much negativity around, the pandemic also has some positive effects on the environment.


The decrease in Environmental Pollution

The lockdown led to people traveling less, whether by their own cars or by trains and flights. Even the industries were closed down. This led to air pollution dropping significantly, as there was a marked decline in nitrous oxide emission. With the decrease of air pollution due to the lockdown, the Himalayan Ranges can be seen from more than 100 miles away, in Punjab. There has been an improvement in the river Yamuna’s water quality with the stoppage of industrial wastes and pollutants into it. The reduction of Agra’s air pollution due to the lockdown caused the Taj Mahal to look much vibrant in clean air than before. The Ganga River’s water is now fit for drinking after the necessary treatment. Greenhouse gas emissions, the ozone layer depletion, and pollution levels across the country have fallen significantly. Delhi was gasping for a breath of fresh air just a few months back but Delhi’s aftereffect of lockdown is that it is currently enjoying one of the lowest air pollution levels seen in the past decade or longer. The same is true for other metropolitan cities in the country. This is one of the est positive effects of coronavirus lockdown.

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Rejuvenating Wildlife

Whether for fishing or pleasure ones, with no boats, plying on the rivers and waterways, the water has cleared up. The water became clean, the oceans are recovering, and marine life is blooming because of the lesser human footfall. Apart from that, animals have been spotted walking about freely where usually they would not dare to go. The sea turtles have been spotted in their previously avoided areas to lay their eggs due to human interference.

Wild animals, across the world, are witnessed roaming freely in various parts of the world because of human confinement to their homes due to the lockdown. The leopards and flocks of flamingos have been seen in Mumbai, other wildlife including that of mountain goats, bison, wild cats, fishing cats, civets, and birds. Migratory birds are returning to lakes and water bodies they had once abandoned due to heavy pollution and human intervention. Nature is undoubtedly healing, while people are restricted to move outdoors, and vehicles retreat to garages and depots. This is one of the est positive effects of coronavirus lockdown.

Increased use of Digitalization

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to an inexorable surge in digital technologies due to the social distancing measures and nationwide lockdown. People and organizations across the world have had to shift to work-from-home (WFH). With the pandemic’s spread, nearly every region have implemented lockdowns, closing down activities that demand human gathering and interactions – including colleges, schools, malls, temples, offices, airports, and railway stations. The lockdown has produced most people hunting to the internet and internet-based services to communicate, interact, and continue with their home responsibilities. Internet services have seen upsurges in usage from 40% to 100%, compared to pre-lockdown levels. Video-conferencing services like Zoom have seen a ten-fold boost in use, and content delivery services like Akamai have seen a 30% increase in content usage. Cities like Bangalore have seen a 100% increase in internet traffic. This is one of the est positive effects of coronavirus lockdown.


Quality Time with Family

The coronavirus lockdown has also allowed us to rekindle the relationship we lost with our family in our fast-paced lives. The lockdown has undoubtedly given us an opportunity to go back to the days when the family time was the most crucial.

With the lockdown and all the family members at home, the tradition of eating together is back; we are also talking to our families much more about our day, how we are feeling, cleaning the house together, and bonding together.

Our understanding of our family has improved; we know much more about them and how they think. With the lockdown, we are unable to order food from outside, which means we are having home-cooked healthy meals more often.

With all our favorite shows like Ramayana back on television, families spend more time together, reliving those good old days. Pets are now getting the undivided attention they deserve. It is also an excellent time to bring out the artist in you, spend time with all your missing hobbies, and take care of your mental health. You have more time with yourself, so make the lockdown perfect for some self-examination and stepping out of it a better, more aware person.

Crime rates and road accidents have lowered

The crime rates in Delhi and Gurugram have surely nosedived in the lockdown period. Only 2,000 cases of petty thefts, robberies, and automobile thefts since March 15, 2020, have been registered in Delhi. This figure represents a sharp 42% drop in crime rates in the capital city of India. The decrease in crime rates corresponds to the reduction in the percentage of vehicle thefts. A similar decline in crime rates has also been witnessed across other major cities like Kolkata, Chennai, and Mumbai. The complete lockdown and the local law enforcement’s vigilance has significantly contributed to the sheer drop in the crime pace and accidents in several cities and towns.

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