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How to deal with COVID-19 Stress and Anxiety

Do you get strongly disturbed whenever you hear any news concerning COVID-19? Do you frequently question yourself if you’re the only one who isn’t growing during this pandemic? You are not alone. As COVID-19 swept across the globe, it is enough to cause some mental health issues that need to be addressed. The havoc of COVID-19 has indeed affected and changed our lives in drastic ways. People worldwide are also dealing with COVID stress and anxiety, and these increasing numbers certainly cause concern. So, some ways to handle COVID anxiety and stress have been listed below:

stress anxiety

Deal With It Quickly

You might be motivated to ignore how you feel, or perhaps you haven’t even realized how anxious or stressed you’ve been until now.

Sadly, your anxiety and stress aren’t going to disappear by ignoring them. You need to dodge the pitfall of the normalcy prejudice or that intuitive feeling that you pass through the problematic parts of this year or that things will soon get back to how they were pre-COVID.

Instead, we should adjust to the long voyage of fighting COVID-19 and, with that, dealing with anxiety and depression now. Your mental creativity, peace of mind, as well as personal and professional relationships will take a hike when you choose to fight this problem rather than running away from it.

Address your anxiety and fear

Most plausibly, many things that make you anxious or stressed have to do with the times’ dilemma. At times, You might feel like you don’t have any control left over your life, and this helplessness might lead you to burst out. But remember, there are things within your control. And guarding these will likely produce a sense of comfort and even purpose.



Talking about physical protection. Make sure to home quarantine yourself in this COVID outbreak. Sanitize your home frequently to ower the chances of infection.

While absurdly, the COVID-19 is a really pessimistic scenario, meaning having only basic food and cleaning supplies, along with any necessary medications. The work from home implemented means more time spent indoors, so make sure that it’s a space where you can work safely.

Connecting with People

Your relationship with your loved ones and those around you is significant to overcome COVID anxiety. The lockdown has also allowed us to rekindle the relationship we lost with our family in our fast-paced lives. The lockdown had undoubtedly allowed us to go back to the days when the family time was the most crucial. 

With the lockdown and all the family members at home, the tradition of eating together is back; we are also talking to our families much more about our day, how we are feeling, cleaning the house together, and bonding together.

Our understanding of our family has improved; we know much more about them and how they think. With the lockdown, we cannot order food from outside, which means we have home-cooked healthy meals more often. 

With all our favorite shows like Ramayana back on television, families spend more time together, reliving those good old days. Pets are now getting the undivided attention they deserve. It is also an excellent opportunity to bring out the artist in you, spend time with all your missing hobbies, and take care of your mental health. You have more time with yourself, making the lockdown perfect for some self-examination and stepping out of it a better, more aware person.

It’s more beneficial to anticipate and work out issues in advance rather than have them blow up later on.

Since older people have a higher chance of contracting COVID, you need to take preventive measures from getting them sick. This means being more protective than in the pre-pandemic times. This will help you deal with COVID better.

stress anxiety


Lastly, you need to guard your self-esteem, which connects your self-reliance, morale, and sense of ability with your fate.

Building plans for how you want to live your life post-pandemic will help you raise your sense of control and confidence, which is an excellent way to address stress and anxiety. You should also think about areas to improve in this time of constraints and boundaries.

You can pick up or improve new skills, try learning cooking, or pick up some good books to read or learn to play a musical instrument. 

When done intentionally and consistently, such productive hobbies are a great counterpoint to stress and anxiety during this pandemic and beyond.

stress anxiety


There is absolutely no prediction exactly when this pandemic end and how much more it will cost us. That’s why it’s natural for us to have COVID anxiety and more fear during the pandemic. Nevertheless, while the dilemma this thought causes different sorts of concern and trouble, there are actions you can take to mark your basic needs so that you can shield yourself from anxiety and stress. 

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