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stay productive when you work from home

This is the quarantine time when you have to stay at home and work. Since we are not habitual of working from home we find it difficult to stay productive during work from home. Everyone tells you to “stay productive when working from home” but no one tells you how? Well, we have some awesome tips for you to stay productive when working from home. So, just go through the article and increase your productivity. You can thank us later 🙂  

Work From Home stay productive

Create a space for you

This is very important if you want to increase your productivity. Home is not a usual place to work so having your own space will give you some privacy and avoid distraction which will affect your work. This can be your own room or any space in your home. Also, make sure that everyone at your home knows that it is your personal space for work so that even if you are not there no one takes up your place.

Write your to-do list

Checklist stay productive

When you have a lot of things in mind it is always advisable to pen it down to get clarity of thoughts. Before you start a day make a road map which will help you to prioritize your work. There would be a lot of work that you might to do. Write it down and prioritize your work because it will help you out to eliminate unwanted stress to complete everything.  Try to keep a separate diary for this.

Don’t spend your whole day in bed

Everyone loves it, right? Don’t lie 😉 well, surely it feels good but it won’t serve any good for you in the long term. If you want to get your things done you need to really get up and start working. Also, don’t try to make bed your working space. Whenever you work to stay away from your bed, make it your rule. Even if you don’t feel like doing anything, just do something you like.  Staying in bed will not only make you lazy but will also keep you in a non-active mode. So, get up and start to work.

Give a rest to your mobile phones

 increase your productivity set up a routine

Well, you need to rest from mobile phones and mobile phone needs rest from you. It is one of the highest forms of distractions. You will sit for your work and as soon as a notification pops up, you will be back to square one. This is something you already know about. Try to keep your phone either away or in a flight mode. This will be your one of the most difficult tasks but one you are able to achieve it your productivity will increase drastically.

Stay in touch with your friends

Yes, you must have that you are judged by the company you keep. It is really true. Do you know you are nothing but the average of your five friends you hang around with? Stay in touch with your colleagues, you all can do a meeting regarding your work. If you all work together then it will be much easier for you. If you know that your friends are working as well you are more likely to work in an efficient manner. And later you can have some gossips too ;). This will keep you active and you will enjoy the space of working.   

Set up a basic routine

3 Reasons Technical Skills Training Best Investment Make Team

Simple as it sounds! Set up a routine. If you want to stay productive when working from home you need a routine. I can’t stress enough. Now, you won’t be able to set up a routine within one shot. Also, you don’t need to make a tough time table because it will just go in the dustbin. You should have a basic structure of your day. Most people waste a lot of time just to figure out what to do. You can save it just by setting up a basic routine for yourself.

Divide your work into small tasks

If you are not able to do the desired tasks then the best way is to divide it into small goals. Now, why is it effective? Simple because this is what research says. It is one of the best-proven ways to build a habit for you. Initially, you may find it boring but as you go through the process you will see a huge change in yourself. So, always divide your goal into small miniature tasks which are easily achievable. This is how your brain will be able to adopt any habit you want to and eventually it will help you to stay productive when working from home.  

Lockdown stay productive at home, set up a routine

So, these were top 7 awesome tips for you to stay productive when working from home. Now, it is your jobs to follow them and achieve your goals. All the best.

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