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The New Normal and the Art of Adaption and Change

Humans are adapting themselves to different situations constantly, we adapt to changing seasons quite naturally. Our bodies are naturally trained to endure change, as if we are prepared for it from the very beginning. Our life is always evolving and we always try to make necessary changes to survive. That’s how we usually be satisfied with our current state; if we fail to adapt, then we are mostly dissatisfied.

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This pandemic has turned our life haywire, but it is interesting to see how the entire world adjusted with it so soon. It now seems like we were prepared for this, it is shocking how we are ready to change if the situation demands that. That’s exactly how you need to live your life, of course stability is very essential, but you need to prepare yourself to adapt these changes.

Life is so unpredictable; therefore, we must be open to make some necessary alterations if we want to live peacefully. For some people, change can cause immense anxiety and stress, they end up not being happy with their current state, and that is because they are not able to adapt these changes. The sooner or later, we accept the fact that life is a roller-coater ride, and we cannot predict anything in it, we might be able to enjoy these changes.

Now, let’s take the example of pandemic, who would have known that we would experience something like this? But still the world came up with its own way to deal with it. It is rather interesting to see how people utilized their ‘quarantine time’, or to put it in a better way, how they killed their time for continuous eight months. Adapting with your external environment is essential, and we know this current time is not at all an ideal situation, but it has taught us many lessons.

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If we look at different situations as a learning opportunity, maybe we would be more optimistic and positive while handling things.

How you survived for months locked up in your house is commendable, you never knew that you would ever be able to do that, but you still achieved it. It’s a huge thing if you think about to it, to stay at home with minimal interactions. It has taken a mental toll on us, but we still try to adapt with our situation by doing new things and finding new ways.

Today, we are going to see how we can adapt to our situation in a better way.

Accept that change is an unavoidable constant-

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It is necessary to appreciate the impermanency of everything; the more you start allowing yourself to accept the fact that your current state is likely to change after a while, the better you would be able to adjust to it- no matter how dramatic that change is. Now, you can also take it in a positive way, for example- you are dealing with something really stressful, you cope with that situation by telling yourself that this is going to end. Similarly, the impermanency of things will allow you to be more grateful to your happy moments, you would want to live your life to the fullest. It is very essential to open to change, even if you cannot sense any change around you. It will allow you to become more satisfied with your current situation.

Don’t take change too seriously-

It is necessary to not take change too seriously, maybe try to find humour in serious situations. Finding humour in serious situations allow you to relax. If you are going through a hard time, it doesn’t mean that you have to constantly be serious in order to deal with your problems, you can also laugh it out. It is very essential to maintain inner peace, and you need to do the things that makes you happy when you are dealing with a stressful situation.

Step out of your comfort zones-

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Most of the times, in your life you will encounter yourself in a situation which is stressful and challenging. These challenges do make us uncomfortable as most of the times, we don’t even know how to deal with it. For people who tend to stay too much in their comfort zones, dealing with such strenuous situations can be even more difficult.

You need to understand that you need be a risk-taker and be open to certain challenges in life, then you can also deal with these real-life situations in a better way.

Be Resilient-

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Having a balanced life helps you to manage stressful situations; it is natural to be stressed if you face any problems in life, but being resilient will allow you to bounce back from these situations effectively. Finding positive ways to deal with these situations will help you unburden the pressure.

Therefore, resisting change is not a good way to deal with stressful situations. That is why is important to learn to be more adaptable.

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