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Top 25 Questions Asked In Internship Interviews

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WHAT IS AN INTERVIEW? – Interview is recognized as a process which is structured to accumulate necessary information from a candidate through oral communication medium. Interview can be described as a series of questions asked by an interviewee to extract out oral response to assess the capability of a candidate. A classic interview procedure inculcates face to face interaction between potential interns and HR.


Job or internship interviews are designed for a selection procedure which supports the overall persona and performance of the candidate. The interview is considered as the most congruent element of the entire hiring proceedings. Interviews main agenda is to determine a candidate’s knowledge, skills and attributes who have applied for valued job posts. It is formulated to examine that whose application should be rejected and who should be hired after considering all the elements.

Now let’s have a look at 25 questions which are generally asked in interviews. We assure that if you go through these 25 questions then you can crack your internship interview.

Introduce yourself

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You can quickly reply by completing the answer in 60 seconds. You ought to present yourself by saying where you are from and straightforwardly state what you are now.

What is your greatest strength?

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You can address this question utilizing this inquiry utilizing Problem-Action-Result (PAR). This assertion depicts an issue, the move you made to tackle this issue, and the after effect of your activity.

What is your shortcomings?

This is an extremely dubious question. Here you need to give a legitimate answer with the goal that you look certain. You can give a few guides to clarify your shortcomings.

Why do you want to apply for this Internship?

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You can say that you are searching for an internship opportunity to work in an expert climate and make a vocation in a particular field.

Can you tell us where do you see yourself in future?

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The questioner poses such questions to know your obligation to the occupation job. You can address this question by responding with a valid answer. You can tell the questioner that in a long time from now, you will consider yourself to be an exceptionally learned proficient having top to bottom information on the association just as industry.

Can you tell us regarding your achievements?

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You should tell the HR about your individual achievements you have accomplished till now.

Why would it be advisable for us to select you for this internship?

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You can say that you are a fast learning student and profoundly energetic. You have gone after this job to pick up information and experience.

What do you think about this chance?

Zero in on variables that roused you to pick that work. Here you need to incorporate explicit properties of an association while investigating it. On the off chance that you have heard that the organization is acceptable to assistants, you can specify it if this data is precise.

Have you applied for an internship in some other association?

On the off chance that you have not applied for an internship in some other association, at that point say ‘no.’ If you have interned in some other association, you can specify associations in successive requests.

According to you, what is more urgent: finishing an assignment on schedule, or doing it in the correct way?

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Here you need to state that if the undertaking is time-delicate, you should finish it on schedule. You must make certain to make reference to that you put forth a valiant effort to finish the errand accurately.

What are you looking for in your optimal internship position?

You can tailor your response to the internship you are meeting for. You ought to set up your answer as per the expected set of responsibilities.

What is your strategy after finishing an internship?

The response to this question demonstrates that you can possibly work for the organization. You should realize where and by what method will you apply your aptitudes. You can advise that I need to graduate, make a vocation as a Java engineer in your organization.”

According to you, what aptitudes do you need for this position?

You can feature the accompanying aptitudes that you need to tell authority like good communicator, detail-oriented etc.

What late imaginative ideas in the business do you believe are huge to address?

You should make reference to the dangers and openings you have distinguished. You need to tell the questioner the most recent patterns in the business.

Why have you decided to gain proficiency with this subject?

A question like this opens the pathway to talk about your advantage in the business. You should tell the business that you are enthusiastic about the business. Examine your experience and your decision on the subject.

How did you think about this internship position?

This is the most well-known question asked by the questioner. The most ideal approach to address this kind of question is that you found the subtleties of this open door on the organization’s site or you can say that you have found out about this situation in the paper.

Have you applied to some other organization for an internship?

On the off chance that you have gone after some different jobs, at that point you can say ‘yes.’ However, you don’t need to name a particular organization. In the event that you have not gone after different jobs, at that point essentially state ‘No’.

Do you have adaptable hours to work?

Here you can tell the questioner that you are adaptable, and you can settle.

How do you handle work pressure?

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The organization recruits’ individuals who can deal with work pressure and tackle any issue rapidly. At the point when a questioner poses this inquiry, state that you remain zeroed in on the errand and take help from others to tackle questions if the speedy arrangement is required for a particular issue.

What might you say about your ideal work?

You can say that my dream work is an employment that permits me to be imaginative, scientific, and team up with other colleagues. You can likewise respond to this inquiry by demonstrating the questioner your advantage in this position.

Are you satisfied with the way that this is an unpaid internship opportunity?

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Answer this question just in the event that you approve of the way that it is an unpaid position. In the event that you are searching for some payment, at that point you can say that you might want to be paid a minimal expenditure, however it requires more insight. Along these lines, you can be straightforward and offer an immediate response.

What are the advantages of interning at organizations?

There are numerous advantages of interning, and it will be useful for you to widen your possibility and see whether you are removed to be a piece of industry or not.

Can you feature the primary concerns in your resume?

You need to experience your resume before you go for a meeting. Here clarify subtleties that don’t fit in your resume.

What is your greatest motivation till now?

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You can discuss the troublesome time you have looked in school. You can likewise tell how you have taken care of such a circumstance.

How would you propel others?

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Recruiters are searching for those up-and-comers who can satisfy their necessity. Think of such a circumstance in which you spur others working with you. You can say that you had tackled the issue of different understudies in your group where they are confronting challenges.

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