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Reasons to choose a career in Law

Law as a profession is in great demand. Studying Law helps you develop skills like critical thinking, problem-solving skills, argumentative skills, etc. A Law degree equips you for almost any profession that requires intellectual thinking and practical outlook. A career in Law offers various specializations in fields like civil law, corporate law, criminal law, taxation law, constitutional law, etc. The excellent academic result is not all that will serve the purpose and bring success to you, here in this profession, professional competency acquired through experience and practice is what will bring you success. here is an article on Reasons to choose a career in Law.

Growth and opportunity

Due to the changing social and economic circumstances and the increasing regulatory role being undertaken by the government, there is a rising demand for the lawyers. The legal profession has seen a huge hike in the past several years. Rising demands in every sector have brought several opportunities in a broad range of legal positions for all law graduates. Thus a career in law is quite progressive and full of opportunities.

Diverse legal career options

law as a career
A law student has a plethora of career options. The complexity of our legal system has created diverse legal career options. From being a criminal lawyer to a corporate lawyer, civil lawyer, tax lawyer, etc. the role of law professionals is evolving and expanding. A law student has a variety of career options lined up. He/she can work with the government, corporate sectors, the Indian army, colleges or universities, etc. One can work as a judge, teacher, mediators, paralegals, etc.

High earning potential

why law as a career .The law profession is one of the lucrative professions. With the rising demand for law professionals, there has been a noticeable rise in the salaries producing healthy revenues. The salary of litigation lawyers may start from Rs 300 to 30 lakhs as appearance fees whereas the salary of a corporate lawyer 15 LPA to 150 LPA as appearance fees. Thus these figures can give you an exact image of you being financially stable if you choose a career in law.

Intellectual Challenges and Rewards

Vast bodies of case law and the demands of the legal profession create an intellectually challenging environment. If you are someone who is looking for a challenging and serious career option then the law is what you must go for. Because as a professional lawyer your brain will have to flex between creative, linear, logical, categorical, and rational thought processes every single day. With dealing with new cases and new clients every single time this profession is going to be quite challenging for you.

Diverse specialties

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With a growing number of legal specialties and subspecialties, a law graduate has dozens of specialties he/she can focus on. Professionals can either seek specialization in litigation and work as a criminal lawyer, family lawyer, etc, or specialize in the corporate sector and work as a corporate lawyer, tax lawyer, etc.

Opportunity to serve others

As a lawyer, you’ll have a unique opportunity to help others. Client service is the heart of this profession. Whether you are a corporate lawyer or a paralegal your main responsibility and duty are to resolve their problems and bring justice to them. You can make a real and big difference in other’s life by helping them.

High esteem

Lawyers are held at high esteem. Whenever we fail the first thought that comes to our mind is to take the legal step. In our life, at some point, we do we face problems that can only be resolved by legal proceedings and come across situations where we seek legal advice from a law professional. It has long been regarded as a noble and elite profession.

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Global perspective

Many firms and corporations are crossing borders and expanding across the world through mergers, acquisitions, consolidation, and collaboration with foreign counsel. The globalization of the legal profession provides today’s legal professional with a worldview and therefore the opportunity to serve international clients.

Dynamic work environment

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The legal profession is continuously changing and expanding, bring new challenges each day. Law professionals must be capable of tackling challenges, problem solvers, and navigate the ever-evolving legal system. The dynamic legal landscape makes each day unique and fosters enjoyable work experience and learning each day.

Other benefits

In order to stay competitive in the war for talent, law firms are trying their best to draw in and retain employees with buy-and-sell holiday schemes, medical insurance, subsidized restaurants, free gym membership, free fitness lessons, etc. The law profession is not only lucrative but also offers perks of advantages to the professionals.

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