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10 things to do if you can work during coronavirus

Coronavirus is putting a huge impact on the whole world. Many people lost their jobs due to Coronavirus. Also, some of the people have to to do work from home. Most of us are being relied on work from home and need to follow this strictly till we don’t get any good news. This virus from China has put a huge impact on the world’s economy. Many people are been suffering from this virus and thousands lost their lives. In this crucial time when we are working from home, we also find different difficulties. One of the most important difficulty is anxiety. We have to face anxiety as we have not done work from home earlier. Due to this and we are not able to work. As you have to keep social distancing you have several things in mind.we are providing you with some tips due to which you can get away from this fear and anxiety. These things we make you more productive and you will not get bored at your house. Also for any career counselling tip, you can visit careerguide.com. We provide the world’s best career counselling. Here are the tips you can follow if you can’t work during coronavirus.

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You can do online jobs

We all know that this time is going to be very difficult for us. Due to this Coronavirus virus, we cannot go to work or do any kind of external activity. We can do online jobs. And we can make money easily.

Plant trees

Plant trees and keep an eye on how they grow slowly. Try to learn something from them. For this, you may have to do some researches like at what time it would be appropriate to plant a tree. Some trees take one to four months to grow so that we can plant them in the gardens. This will give you the desire in which type of plants you want to grow and what is the right time to plant them.

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Play games

Board games are a good way to play at home. We have lots of options to choose from. The biggest feature of this is that you can interact with anyone through this game. These games are also very funny.

Learn to cook

You will see how delicious dishes are made in the restaurant or in-home, but you do not know how to make them. Then this is a great opportunity to learn to cook. Choose your favourite dish, you want to learn how to make. You can learn this dish with the help of anyone or you can also learn it by mobile. You can do this as your home-work during this Coronavirus time.

Read books

Nowadays people are left wearing shouts and it is rarely seen. Picked a book that is your favourite and just starts reading it. Read the book fast so that you can keep your interest. Read the story with full attention and always try to know what is happening in the story.

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You can learn yoga

Yoga helps a lot in keeping our health good. And it’s very effective for old people. Learn yoga with your entire family members. These are many facilities for teaching yoga. You can learn yoga easily by watching videos. This is a very easy way to keep yourself healthy. Yoga increases your inner capacity and keeps diseases away.

You can make a picnic indoors

Collect some essential items to make a picnic, such as a picnic blanket. Make delicious meals that you feel like a picnic. Just by spending some special moments like this, you can be happy staying at home all over together with your family members. Make some great moments and enjoy the evening with everyone.


Exercising is the best way to keep yourself healthy. It makes you very active. And it will also help you stay positive. If you walk every day, it will help you a lot. If you also want to be healthy yourself then it is very important to do this. Exercise gives you strength and makes you very energetic.

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Connect, Connect, Connect

We know that we have to follow social distancing and have to stay in our homes. But this does not stop you from calling our family members or friends. It is very important to communicate with people, friends, neighbours and other resources. You can use call, text and other social media platform like Facebook to connect with people.


Please don’t avoid self-care in this special time of Coronavirus. You have to follow some strict and regular routine for stability and comfort. You can do spiritual practices and work on yourself so that you can become and focus.you can also know your talent and start making arts do singing and journalism.

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