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Amity MBA Fees, Internship and Placement Costs

In this blog, we delve into the intricacies of Amity MBA fees, providing a comprehensive guide to help prospective students make informed decisions. Navigating the landscape of tuition structures, semester-wise breakdowns, and potential scholarship avenues, we aim to offer clarity on the financial aspects associated with pursuing an MBA at Amity University. From understanding payment plans to exploring additional expenses and gaining insights from alumni experiences, our exploration aims to empower individuals with the knowledge needed to plan and manage their financial commitments throughout their MBA journey. Join us on this insightful expedition into the world of Amity MBA fees.

Amity MBA Fees: Overview of Amity MBA Program

Aspect Details
Program Duration 2 years (full-time)
Specializations Varied specializations including Finance, Marketing, HR, and more.
Curriculum Industry-relevant curriculum integrating theoretical and practical knowledge.
Faculty Experienced faculty with industry exposure, fostering holistic learning.
Internships Opportunities for internships and real-world exposure for skill development.
Global Exposure Collaboration with international universities, offering a global perspective.
Campus Facilities State-of-the-art infrastructure, modern classrooms, and dedicated study spaces.
Placement Support Strong industry connections facilitating internships and placement opportunities.
Alumni Network Extensive network of successful alumni contributing to a vibrant professional community.
Financial Aid Scholarships and financial aid options available to support students.
Accreditations Recognized and accredited by relevant educational authorities.

Academic Programs Offered at Amity University Hyderabad

Amity University offers diverse MBA programs with varying fee structures. Here’s a simplified breakdown:

Fee Component Description Amount (INR)
Application Fee Non-refundable processing fee 1,500
Tuition Fee Varies based on program specialization and sponsorship status (Sponsored fees are higher) 3.36 Lakhs – 5.835 Lakhs (per semester)
Semester Fees Additional charges for various services and facilities Varies
Examination Fee Fee per semester for appearing in exams Varies
Library Fee Access to library resources Varies
Placement Fee Assistance with job placement after graduation Varies
Hostel Fee (Optional) Accommodation on campus Varies

Scholarship Opportunities for Amity MBA Fees

Merit-Based Scholarships: Amity University offers scholarships based on academic performance, recognizing outstanding achievements in previous education.

Specialized Scholarships: Explore scholarships tailored for specific MBA specializations, encouraging students to pursue their passion and excel in their chosen field.

Corporate Tie-Ups: Amity has collaborations with corporations, providing opportunities for students to earn scholarships through industry partnerships.

Need-Based Scholarships: The university offers financial assistance to deserving candidates based on their financial need, ensuring accessibility for a diverse range of students.

Sports and Extracurricular Achievements: Scholarships are available for those who have excelled in sports or demonstrated outstanding achievements in extracurricular activities.

Women Empowerment Scholarships: Amity encourages women to pursue MBA programs by offering scholarships that support and empower female students in their academic journey.

Exploring these scholarship opportunities not only eases the financial burden of Amity MBA fees but also recognizes and rewards the diverse talents and achievements of prospective MBA students.

Amity MBA Fees: Hostel and Accommodation Fees

On-Campus Accommodation Options: Amity University provides on-campus accommodation for MBA students, offering various room types to suit individual preferences.

Accommodation Amenities: The hostel facilities include essential amenities such as Wi-Fi, laundry services, and recreational spaces, ensuring a comfortable living environment.

Fee Structure: The hostel and accommodation fees are separate from the Amity MBA fees and are structured based on room types and facilities provided.

Variations in Costs: Costs may vary depending on factors such as room occupancy, amenities, and the duration of stay.

Payment Plans: Amity University often offers flexible payment plans for hostel fees, allowing students to manage their accommodation costs conveniently.

Application Process: Details about applying for on-campus accommodation, including deadlines and required documentation, are typically available through the university’s official channels.

Off-Campus Options: For those who prefer off-campus living, the blog can also explore nearby accommodation options and estimated costs.

Community Living: Discuss the advantages of living on-campus, such as the sense of community, easy access to academic resources, and participation in university events.

Safety Measures: Highlight the safety measures in place within the hostel facilities, ensuring a secure living environment for MBA students.

Feedback and Reviews: Include snippets of feedback from current or former MBA students regarding their experiences with on-campus accommodation.

Amity MBA Fee: Additional Expenses

Books and Study Materials:

Consider potential costs for textbooks, reference materials, and online resources required for coursework.

Extracurricular Activities:

Participation in club events, workshops, and conferences may involve nominal fees.

Professional Memberships:

Some specializations may require memberships in professional organizations incurring additional expenses.

Networking Events:

Attending industry conferences or networking events for career advancement might involve registration fees.

Laptop and Software:

Ensure you have the necessary technology for your program, including a laptop and any required software.


If commuting, factor in transportation costs such as fuel, public transit, or parking fees.

Accommodation during Internship/Placement:

For out-of-town internships, consider accommodation costs during this period.

Business Attire:

Professional attire for presentations, interviews, and networking events may require additional investment.

Carefully planning for these additional expenses is crucial for a holistic understanding of the overall financial commitment involved in pursuing an MBA at Amity.

Amity MBA Fees: Fee Refund Policies

Withdrawal Timeline: The eligibility for fee refunds is contingent upon the timing of withdrawal from the Amity MBA program. Early withdrawals typically qualify for higher refunds.

Percentage Refund Structure: Amity University follows a percentage-based refund structure. The amount refunded is determined by the percentage of the semester completed at the time of withdrawal.

Documentation Requirements: Students seeking a fee refund must adhere to specific documentation requirements, including a formal withdrawal application and supporting documents justifying the request.

Non-Refundable Components: Certain components of Amity MBA fees, such as application fees or administrative charges, may be non-refundable regardless of the withdrawal timing.

Refund Processing Time: The university outlines a specific timeline for processing fee refunds. Understanding this timeline helps students plan accordingly after withdrawing from the program.

Amity University’s fee refund policies are designed to be transparent and fair, offering guidelines for students considering program withdrawal. It is essential for students to familiarize themselves with these policies to make informed decisions.

Amity MBA Fee: Internship and Placement Costs

Industry Connections: Amity MBA students benefit from strong industry ties, enhancing placement opportunities.

Professional Development: Participating in internships is integral to the program, contributing to skill development and industry exposure.

Placement Support Services: Amity University provides comprehensive placement support, including resume building and interview preparation, at no additional cost.

Potential Travel Expenses: While some internships may be local, students should budget for potential travel expenses if opportunities arise in other locations.

Networking Events: Attending industry events and networking sessions may involve nominal costs, but they are valuable for career advancement.

Career Workshops: Optional career development workshops may have associated fees, but they provide valuable insights into the job market and career strategies.

Amity MBA Fee: Payment Tips for Students

Early Planning: Initiate financial planning well in advance to alleviate stress associated with Amity MBA fees.

Explore Scholarships: Investigate available scholarship opportunities to ease the financial burden of pursuing an MBA at Amity.

Understand Payment Plans: Familiarize yourself with the diverse payment plans offered by Amity University for MBA fees, selecting one that aligns with your financial capacity.

Financial Aid and Loans: Research and apply for financial aid options and loans available to MBA students, seeking guidance from the university’s financial aid office.

Budget Wisely: Create a realistic budget, encompassing tuition, accommodation, and potential additional costs, ensuring prudent financial management throughout your MBA journey.

Part-time Employment: Consider part-time employment to supplement your income and contribute towards covering Amity MBA fees, balancing work commitments with academic responsibilities.

Take Advantage of Discounts: Be aware of any fee discounts or waivers available for early payments or specific criteria, optimizing cost-saving opportunities.

Optimize Living Costs: If residing on-campus, find ways to optimize living costs and explore cost-effective accommodation options.

Seek Guidance: Consult university financial advisors for personalized advice on managing Amity MBA fees, ensuring a smooth financial planning process.

Monitor Refund Policies: Stay informed about Amity’s fee refund policies in case of unforeseen circumstances or program changes.


The structure of Amity MBA fees includes tuition fees, examination fees, and additional charges. The detailed breakdown is available on the university’s official website.

Yes, Amity University provides various scholarship programs for MBA students based on merit and specific eligibility criteria. Details can be found on the official scholarship page.

Yes, Amity University offers flexible payment plans, allowing students to pay fees in installments. The specifics, including due dates, are provided during the admission process.

MBA students can explore various financial aid options and loans through Amity’s financial aid office. The university provides guidance on navigating the application process.

Yes, Amity University offers on-campus accommodations for MBA students with associated fees. Details about amenities and various room types are available on the university’s housing page.

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