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Answers why counselling is important in School life

Counselling, after hearing this word some are afraid, some are shy and almost everyone is judgemental, but it is very important to take counselling when you need it. By counselling, everyone thinks for the mental health counselling and all the stereotypical concepts we have, but in this stage of development, people have various different problems and not just mental health. This article will state why it is important for school students to take counselling without any hesitation, as with societal pressure, students for the fear of getting judged don’t express themselves and end up with some mental disorder which many times affects their future and leaves permanent scars. So here are some tips on how counselling help to the students in school life –

There are some common problems which every school student face, of not all one or the other problem, is faced by every student. There are times when students are not able to cope up with the problems and end up ruining their lives. These are some of the common problems faced by the students which can affect their mental health-

These are some of the most common issues we face in school life and how counselling help students life.

counselling in school

Peer pressure and friend problems

This is the most common problem which every student face at a point in their school life and counselling can help with this. Some students are not good with people and they end up alone without any friends, some have difficulty coping with friends due to different issues, some have the pressure of choosing the wrong path due to pressure from the friends and other similar issues are there which students face. By contacting a counsellor a student can discuss their issues without the scolding of their parents and without getting judged. Counsellors can help students get rid of any bad/ wrong habits which they have inculcated, they can talk with students about how to make friends and how to manage them. 

Parental pressure

Some students have problems related to parents which affect their studies and concentration. Some of the problems are- parents are not understanding, not supportive, they have trust issues with their child, parents are getting divorced, and many such different problems. The counsellor can help the student by listening to their problem and suggesting some methods to cope up. Many times counsellors talk to the parents about the issue they have and counsel them about how the situation can be improved. Some times parents do not support their child for the path they want to pursue and counsellors can clear the doubts about it and help the student.

counselling in school

Relationship pressure and problems

In a school with a very less maturity level and understanding students tend to face relationship issues and the fights many times lead to imbalanced life and lack of interest in day to day activities. Students generally are not very open about the relationship with their parents and are not able to find a way out. Counsellors can help students clear their minds by discussing the issues they are facing and educate them. Students can freely open their hearts without being scared about scolding and judgments.

Health problems

Teenage is the age is an age in which a human experiences maximum hormonal and body changes. Many students experience problems like an irregular menstrual cycle in girls, pimple, acne, abnormal growth of body parts and many more problems teenagers face. Many students are shy to discuss such problems with friends and family and they end up with severe and permanent issues. Counsellors can help them accept the problems and can guide the student of what to do next. Obesity is also a rising issue in teenagers and acceptance is very important as every student wants to look good and mental health is affected very badly when acceptance of physical appearance is not there in students.

Sex education

Sex education, one of the most important issues that need to be looked after. Students are not educated about the basic sex education because the society is not vocal about such topics and subjects, parents are not open about sexuality with there teenage children, teachers take different classes to educate boys and girls about the hormonal changes and reproduction. Due to lack of knowledge students end up performing various acts which are not good and safe for their body. Unprotected sex, excessive masturbation, keeping private parts in bad and dirty conditions are some of the mistakes students make which may affect their lives permanently. Counsellors can educate students about the basic knowledge required at the age of 14 to 18. Students can clear the doubts they have by meeting the counsellor individually, and as it is the counsellor students will have less hesitation than speaking to the parents. 

Financial problems

Many students belong from a family with financial problems and due to this, they hesitate to spend money on their needs, and many times they try to earn money to support the family. But sometimes students choose the wrong path to earn and may end up cultivating wrong habits like smoking, drinking, stealing, or drugs due to the pressure they face. Such students can share their issues of financial problems and counsellors and help them select a healthy path to overcome the problem. Counsellors can also inform the parents under extreme circumstances which may save the students’ life. 

counselling in school life

Family issues

Family issues are one of the most common as there is a difference in opinion between parents and students, parents have issues within themselves, issues with extended family and many such family problems affect the mental and physical health of students. Such problems are difficult to talk about as not everyone is comfortable talking about the family with everyone. And counsellors are always approachable and counsellors can take the issue to the parents and help them sort the problem. 

Achievement and study-related issues

One of the most common issues is related the studies and achievements. In school, every student wants to score well in their exams and want to win prizes in competitions and olympiads. Not every student is able to achieve the desired result and because of this, there are chances of depression in the long term. Many times parents pressure the students to do well and students are not able to cope up with this pressure. Many such problems lead to students committing suicide, cheating in the exam, cultivating wrong habits, running away from the home, etc. To prevent this communication is the most important thing and counsellors can help the student to cope up with the pressure and aware the parents about the problems their child is facing. 

counselling in school life

Confused about future

In higher secondary students are confused about the future, what they want to pursue, their interests and are confused about the competitive exams they should appear, students can discuss such issues with the counsellors and counsellors can guide them about their future. Many students go to career counsellors as they are confused about the future. 

Counselling just makes our lives easy and sorted so it is always advised to reach out when in pain, pain is not only physical but mental too and it is important to speak up. Hope this article helped you become aware. So this article will help you on how counselling help to the students in school life

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