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Acing a job interview can be very tricky. The job interview is the decision-maker. It decides whether you will get the job or not. Interviews help employers in choosing the most appropriate personnel for their organisation. If you have been in a dilemma of how to excel your job interview then this is the article that will help. Interviews are widely used to screen applicants for jobs. They provide the most direct information about a candidate’s personality, skills and work experience.

Job Interview

The 4 Ps of Preparation

Preparing for an interview is a learning process. You must investigate and think about your skills, achievements and interests. You must Prepare, Practice, Present and Participate. It will enhance your confidence. You will be able to avoid mistakes. In order to make a good impression you should be careful about your body language and you must participate proactively in the interview.

Effective Preparation

It is quite simple, you must know yourself. Then you must know about the company. You also need to have an updated resume. Check that it is updated and grammatically correct. Make a list of commonly asked questions and try to learn some keywords in order to be able to answer promptly when these questions are asked. You must reach the right destination. Be sure to check the address of the interview location.

Dos before the job Interview

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The first impression is the last impression. You need to look presentable and well-groomed. Adhering to the dress code is very important. You must also reach before time. Ensure that you are aware of the directions to reach the interview location and know how long it takes to get there.

Don’ts before the job Interview

Staying up late at night will make you feel lethargic and tired. Remove all negative thoughts from your mind. Instead of thinking that you won’t be selected, think of giving your best shot at the interview. Instead of being nervous, be pleasant and courteous to everybody as it radiates confidence and good behaviour.

Dos during an job Interview

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Respect everyone. After entering the interview room, greet the interviewers. Be ready for a handsome handshake. Make sure it is firm and shows how prepared you are. Listen and comprehend the questions properly. Make sure to use salutations such as sir/ ma’am to address the interviewers. Maintain good eye contact and be alert. Respond to the questions asked in a warm and specific manner, don’t beat around the bush.

Don’ts during an Interview

It is important to maintain the correct posture during an interview. Do not disrespect and disregard previous employers. Show that you are interested in the interview rather than showing that you are interested only in the salary being offered. Don’t be rude, say no in a polite manner. Using slang language shows informality, it is inappropriate. It is also advisable to keep your gadgets in a silent mode.

Negotiation Skills

It is all about getting a win-win situation. You must put yourself in the other person’s shoes and imagine how they would react. You must be flexible and approachable. Don’t be rigid about any particular point. Follow different styles to negotiate and be calm and focused. After getting a response from the other party, take your time to respond and ask for clarification if required. It is also important to compare it with your own proposal.

Frequently Asked Questions!

ask the questions

Be brief in your responses, do not include irrelevant life history. Talk about relevant work experience which shows why and how you can be an asset to the company. Remember to show your interest in becoming a part of the organisation. Elaborate on your strengths but don’t brag too much. Mention your academic qualifications and achievements. You should also talk about your work experience in the form of a short career summary.

If you follow the above-mentioned tips and guidelines then you will surely achieve success. However, even if you face rejection, you shouldn’t be disappointed. You need to know how to handle failure and how to overcome it and move ahead. You should be able to learn from your mistakes in past interviews and not repeat them in your future interviews. The interviewers don’t expect you to know everything. They judge you on the basis of your opinions and ideas. You need to keep in mind that after a written exam, you also need to ace the interview in order to get the job. It is as necessary to prepare for the interview as it is for a written exam.

I would like to conclude by saying that it is not very tough to crack an interview if you are well prepared and thorough with the information. The three important words to remember would be confidence, etiquette and knowledge. You should know yourself and your past work experience very well. It is all about the application of your skills. The interviewer wants to know about your practical experience. Impress them with it!

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