How To Crack College Entrance Exam

There was a time when students just needed to secure good marks to get admission in college but now this trend is changing within time. There are so many courses for different institutions, who organize entrance exams for admission. Universities like Jamia Millia Islamia conduct entrance examinations approximately for every undergraduate and postgraduate course. In Delhi university also there are so many courses for which students have to clear the entrance exam first.

This article tells you all the aspects which are related to entrance exam preparation.

Be Smart

For any kind of entrance or competitive exam, we need to act smart first. After the 12th we all have enough to understand what is good for us and what is not. So don’t be lazy while preparing. Make balance in your daily routine. You should be smart enough to understand that if you are using social media platforms all the time how would you clear your exam. Don’t think if your elder siblings or parents are not telling you to study so you are free. Just feeling prepared is your duty.

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Whenever we are preparing for any entrance exam history is mandatory to study. History of the subject for which you are preparing. The history of India is also very important while you prepare for entrance. After all, you are planning to study in an Indian college so you should have a good command of the history of India. Apart from this, you think the history section is not mentioned in the syllabus. If they don’t ask history questions in entrance exams but maybe they can ask any history-related questions in a personal interview. So act like a brilliant student and study history.

Reasoning Awareness

Reasoning ability is necessary in today’s times. No matter where you are sitting for which exams, reasoning will be definitely asked. Not just asked the waiting time for the exam is also very high. Just do regular practice and hard work to create a good command of reasoning.

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General Awareness

General knowledge and reasoning is something that you face in any type of entrance and competitive exam. There are so many books available in the market which you can read. Apart from this, watch the news and read the newspaper to get updated.

Latest trends

No matter you are preparing for an exam or not you should know the latest trend in the market. Why ‘khela hobe‘ is in trend. Why are members making fun of Khali? For this, you can use social media in a balanced way.

entrance exam

Knowledge of subject for which applying

For example you are applying for a MBA and you don’t even have an idea about an MBA subjects and all. So who wants you in their organization? After all students can make or break the image. So just be updated with the subject for which you are applying.

That’s all about entrance preparation. If you have the power and desire to study you can do anything, don’t worry.

By Geetu Katyal


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