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Top 10 career options for finance graduates in the US

Finance is one of the most popular degrees among students nowadays. The financial industry is difficult to break in but it has a very high earning potential. There is a wide range of careers related to finance. So, if you have great finance skills and you are fascinated by stocks, financial markets, etc. and looking for a job then this article gives you the information you need about the top 10 career options for finance graduates in the US.

Financial planner

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A financial planner is someone who helps corporations as well as individuals long-term financial targets. Their job is to provide people advice regarding the amount of money they should save, where they should invest the money, tax planning, insurances, etc. they help people understand how to meet their future goals. 

The average salary of a financial planner is $86,000 a year. The jobs are predicted to expand rapidly in the upcoming years.

Financial analyst

A financial analyst is one of the most desired careers in the financial industry. They have a lot of scope for many career opportunities in higher industries. They help companies make business-related decisions by analyzing financial data. They also help companies make investment deals. They also study stocks, bonds, etc. to help investors.

The average salary of a financial analyst is $84,000 per year.


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An accountant is someone who keeps financial records and studies numbers to ensure the well being of an organization, company, or individual. They examine the profits and losses of a company by using math and accounting. They help companies by providing them information about their investments to see how the company is doing.

The average salary of an accountant is $70,000 per year

Budget analyst

A budget analyst helps clients in forming the budget by providing information. They should have great communication skills to interview managers for getting the information. They also do the work of estimating the future financial needs of organizations. The top executives of companies depend on budget analysts to provide the information to make decisions.

A budget analyst has an average salary of $83000 per year. the jobs are expected to grow 5% until the year 2028.


An actuary is a professional who deals with risk management. They use probability and financial theory to predict a company’s risks in the future and protects it from loss. They are like a fortune-teller. They help an organization to establish financial security. They may work with banks, hospitals, investment firms, insurance companies, in short, they work with businesses which require financial risk management.

The average salary of an actuary is $108,000. The jobs are expected to grow by 20% in the upcoming years.


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A stockbroker is a professional who buys and sells stocks for the benefit of their clients. They are recognized as an investment advisor or a broker. They are middlemen. They are very skillful in the markets and provide advice on the greatest time to sell or buy stocks. They have a very high income and a lavish and attractive lifestyle. A stockbroker earns by getting a fee or commission from their clients. It is a great career option for people who have high and deep knowledge of the stock market.

The average salary of a stockbroker is $95,000 a year.

Management consultant

A management consultant is someone who helps organizations in problem-solving, increase their value and growth in the market, and enhance their business performance. They use their skills in finance and business to provide their clients in enhancing the business skills they may be lacking. They are mainly focused on the business strategy, structure, etc. of a company. They study and research the data collection of a company to understand it further. They lead and manage their team including analysts.

The average salary of a management consultant is $83,000 per year. Higher salaries are given to MBA graduates which maybe around $150,000.

External auditor

An external auditor’s main job is to provide organizations, investors, or businesses a clear vision of how they are working by analyzing their financial records. They provide them advice on how to improve their performance. They are mostly self-employed and paid by companies they audit. Many big companies offer jobs to external auditors including Ernst & Young, Deloitte, KMPG, etc . 

The average salary of an external auditor is $60,000.

Corporate investment banker

People who have a keen interest in finance and money related matters mostly go for investment banking. A corporate investment banker is someone who provides financial assistance to organizations, companies, etc. They advise companies and businesses on how to achieve their financial goals and execute financial plans. They have very long working hours and even work for 15 hours a day. This makes it a very hectic job.

The average salary of a corporate investment banker is $96,000 per year.

Business teacher

A business teacher is a professional who teaches students the basics of finance and business. They provide the students with the knowledge they need to become a business professionals. As finance graduates have the communication skills required for this job, this is a good career option for them.

The average salary of a business teacher is $41,000 per year.

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