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8 multi-tasking skills for class 11th

“The secret to multitasking is that it isn’t actually multitasking. It’s just extreme focus and organization.”- Joss Whedon. Multi-tasking skills are performing more than one task in a period of time. You multi-task most of the time without even realizing it, it comes to you as second nature. There are many examples of multitasking- When you cook and talk on the phone at the same time when you drive and talk on the phone (Both of these examples are not encouraged, so don’t do it.) Multi-tasking skills for 11th students help students to complete two tasks at the same time as when you listen to your teacher at the same time you take down notes that’s a proper use of multi-tasking.


Why is multi-tasking important?

Multi-tasking saves time, increases work efficacy, maintains the progress. Multi-tasking is a great skill that students can adopt so that they can learn how to manage their time which helps them in their exams as well as in their future works or jobs. 8 Multi-tasking tips-


Prioritize what you think is important and need to be finished first, understand the urgency of that particular task, and then proceed with it. For example, if you have two exams tomorrow then it’s obvious that you will be studying both of the subjects but if you know your weakest subject out of the two then you will want to focus on that the most, so do that; finish the subject you think is hard then when you will feel some pressure off you then you can work easily on the subject that you don’t find as difficult.


Organizing is always time-saving when you organize your assignments. Then you can be quick with your work and you can focus on two things at a time. When you organize your stuff, you can study easily spot you notes, for example, tomorrow is your exam and your friend calls you for some notes which he can’t seem to find then you can quickly find yours and send him or her pictures or tell them, this helps both you and him.

multi-tasking skills

Club similar work together

So, when you have similar work you can club them together and work efficiently. For example- If you have an online lecture you need to be on time and have to be ready with your set up and notes. This helps you to interact with your peers as well as study at the same time, discipline is also needed to help in achieving the execution of certain tasks.


Multi-tasking needs a great amount of focus and concentration when you focus your multi-task easily and this helps you be on time and respond to an extent. For example, if you have a habit to study while listening to music then you have to make sure that it actually works and helps you focus, cause if not then not only will that affect you badly but it will also harm your studying.

Don’t Overwork

To multi-task you have to be focused, cause if you are not focused then that means that you are not attentive, so you need to rest and not overwork yourself! You can exercise, relax, watch some movies, listen to music, etc. For example, if you have college, then classes, then homework to do, you need to have at least 25 mins break before you jump right into it. This will help your brain to function without exhausting it.  Overworking is very harmful and destructive if you are not careful, so make sure you know the limits and stop.

multi-tasking skills for 11th

Manage your time

Time-Management is necessary for all aspects of life but multi-tasking is executed much more properly. When you manage your time, you can geta lot of your work done regardless of multi-tasking. You can free up your time, to do things you like, and be satisfied with the accomplishment of getting your work done. Managing your work is easy when you know what to do.

Make a routine

When you make a routine of something, you fall into the pattern of working in that certain way. This makes multi-tasking skills for class 11th students an unsaid work pattern and this makes the completion of work easier and faster. You merge the two points- Making a routine and clubbing of the similar work together for better results.

multi-tasking skills for 11th

Work on your distractions

Avoid distraction, this seems simple but it’s a lot hard. Distraction makes it hard to focus, distraction can lean to overthinking which is a negative arc in your plan to multi-task. You need to work on your distraction to have a proper control or grip over, how you handle everything.

In Conclusion, Multi-tasking skills for class 11th students is great to sort out your work, and having done things fast as well as easily. Multi-tasking as said before, is done by everyone with or without them noticing.

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