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7 Tips to Make Connections at Workspace for Working Professional

An important characteristic that every working professional should have is to make connections. Making connections at a workspace is very important. You can make new friends, open new doors for yourselves and can create new career opportunities as well. Therefore it is very essential to make connections and increase your network at a workspace. So, we here, at careerguide.com, are going to list a few tips to help you to make connections at your workspace. The following is the list:

Approach yourself

A difficult job for a working professional is to approach someone. Unless you try to approach yourself, there can be no good. If you want to make connections with someone at work space, the first step you have to take is to approach. Many people find it rude to approach someone but it’s not. Just try not to be rude and you are good to go. A valuable tip is never approach someone who is in a bad mood. You can get insulted by that person and then you will feel embarrassed. So first try to read the room and then approach. 

Learn a few icebreakers

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Having a starting conversation with some new people can get awkward. So to not get uncomfortable, learn a few icebreakers. Icebreakers are really useful. You can a lot about the person by hitting them with an icebreaker. You will feel natural while talking to them. Find the same topics you both find interesting and then you can just hit the right vibe. You can even start with a joke. Sense of humour can really be appealing.

Take breaks with them

If a working professional has to make connections at an office, then a useful tip can be to spend time together with the person you want to make connections with over break. When you would take a short break or a coffee break, invite them over with you and converse with them at that time. They will appreciate your loom and eventually join you. It is a great way to make connection. You can join them over their smoke breaks too and if you are a woman, then you can accompany them in washroom too. It may sound a little inappropriate but the best friendships start somewhere near only.

Go out with them

You can strengthen your connection with someone if you go out with them. You can celebrate their birthday or little accomplishments. You can go to a bar or have dinner together. You can share your weekends and can converse them over internet too. It is a great way to build up your relations with them. You can invite them over to your place for a match too. It is a good gesture.

Be helpful

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 Helping someone is an act of kindness. If you help someone, they really appreciate it and you make a great impact on them. If you are trying to make connections with other working professionals, then be kind to them and help them a lot. It will improvise your relationship with them. You can also ask someone for help. This way when someone comes over to help you, you can communicate with them and build your connection. Then you can show gratitude towards them. Whilst helping someone remember, you have to help them not embarrass them. You really need to be in their good books.

Be easy to talk to

For people to start a conversation with you, you have to look approachable. You should be easy to talk to. Having a smile while doing your work or talking with them really puts a great vibe around you. If someone approaches you, greet them properly, compliment them and show your kindness. If you have a positive vibe, no one will hesitate to talk to you and will easily approach you without giving a second thought.  This way you can easily build connections at a work space.


Doctors discover food can be good medicine - The Washington Post

So this may sound silly but it is effective. Food is the one thing that brings people closer. If you want to make a connection then start by sharing your food with colleagues and employees during lunch breaks. Food can really help you. You can go out for lunch or dinner and talk over food. You can place a bowl of candies or chocolates to share so that more people can approach you. It is really great and works every time. Food can really be a conversation entertainer.  Therefore, bond over food to make links.

So above were some various tips to help you make connections at work space. Hope that it was of some use and you will try to apply them in real life. Best of luck!!!

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