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8 reasons!! Why 9th students should play sports

“You’re never a loser until you quit trying…” – Mike Ditka. In this tech-savvy world, where students play virtual video games rather than actually going out and play outdoor games with their friends seems like a farfetched idea. Parents and schools should take some initiative towards this issue and focus on how to get their children to play outside as the kids back in the day used to when there was no technological advancement. Students who used to beg their parents to let them out to play have no interest in playing outside at all and would rather beg their parents to let them play their video games for a few more hours. Some of the reasons are mentioned below as to why students should play sports in life.


Improves their overall health

One of the key important factors is playing sports improves the kid’s overall health. Their physical health is very important and playing sports will also help them improve their mental health as well. There is a great deal of worrying as kids of such tender age are very much a target of obesity. If all they do is sit in one place playing video games and constantly munch on snacks, this may lead to obesity tremendously. When students play sports outside, they get nutrients they need all the vitamins and minerals. This will help burn their calories, fats, help them in breathing as in healthy lungs, and many more other positive sides a student may receive, which will improve their overall health.

Builds teamwork

When they play a sport, honestly any sport of their liking will help them in building teamwork. This is one of the skills which students lack, as they are not so into sharing because of individuality they have while playing online games. So, they learn to share as well. In the journey of learning teamwork, they also learn how to coordinate and compromise. This helps them be compassionate and teach them how to respect their team members. So, tell your kids to play sports and encourage them to connect as well as network with their team members.


Develops Social Skills

Teaching them to network and connect with different people in their team, they learn as to why is one learning this sport and what is their goal behind playing this sport and this may increase your child’s interest in sports and make want play outside more or simply because their friends are out playing so they will be interested in playing outside as well. They also learn how to communicate their ideas and gaming strategy. So, these are some of the things which students will benefit from if they play sports.

Increases their Confidence

Students’ confidence and self- esteem are encouraged when they play sports. When their leader or sports teacher motivate or even complement their confidence boosts more and more. A child may even start looking up to their senior or teacher as their mentor. Students feel happier and proud when someone starts to acknowledge even their minor achievements. And will be attracted to that particular thing because of which they first started receiving compliments. So, to boost a child’s confidence and to motivate them to encourage them to play more sports.

students play sports

Maybe simple sport is their future career

When a student starts playing sport and starts paying more and more; and are actually good at it then they can even consider it playing that particular sport for a living. As a career or as a professional player the student has a great scope of using their talents and showcasing the world with their games. So, if a student wishes to pursue this, then let them as a simple sport maybe just be their future career.

Reduce Stress

Playing sports can be a way through which people relieve their stress. Playing can reduce stress majorly and create a positive atmosphere. This helps in their study as well, this helps them maintain focus and concentrate, this gives them space to acquire more knowledge. When you play your muscles relax and your body posture improves greatly. You feel more relaxed and more optimistic to study, you get tired as well so you sleep early and this improves your sleep schedule.

Enhances their leadership skills

When you play sports you give out ideas, suggestions, and strategy ideas, this will allow you to give out orders to your teammates and you will learn to take responsibility. This will enhance your leadership skills; this also helps you achieve a position in your sport as a captain. You will learn how to deal with internal as well as external conflicts. That’s what shows you how to deal in the real world as well.

students play sports

Learn how to deal with defeats

When you are defeated in a game, you always get back up and go to play another game and this teaches you how to never give up and get back on your feet to fight back. That’s how you learn how to deal with setbacks and defeats.

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