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BSER Exam Class 12 2024: Highlights, Eligibility, Syllabus, Pattern

BSER Exam Class 12 will be held in March-April 2024, probably. The exams will be held in offline mode for a length of three hours. Around 10 lakh understudies show up for the BSER Exam Lesson 12 each year. Understudies who pass Course 11 from Rajasthan Board or any other recognized board are qualified to seem for the BSER Exam Lesson 12.BSER Exam Class 12 2024 could refer to the Board of Secondary Education Rajasthan (BSER) Class 12 examination that is scheduled for the year 2024. BSER conducts the Class 12 exams for students in Rajasthan. However, specific details about the exam, schedule, or any changes beyond September 2021 would require updated information from official sources or news updates. It’s recommended to check with official educational websites or relevant authorities for the most accurate and current information.

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Important Dates

Events Dates (Tentative)
Release of RBSE 12th Time Table January 2024
BSER Exam Class 12 (Theory) March – April 2024
BSER Class 12 Practical Exam February 2024
RBSE 12th Result 2024 May 2024
RBSE 12th Result Revaluation June 2024
RBSE 12th Supplementary Exams July 2024
RBSE 12th Supplementary Exam Result August 2024

Exam Highlights

Particulars Details
Name of the Exam Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan
Abbreviated As BSER Exams Class 12
Mode of Examination Offline
Exam Duration 3 Hours
Official Website rajeduboard.rajasthan.gov.in

BSER Exam Class 12 Registration 2024

BSER exam class 12 registration process will tentatively start in September 2023 for both open and regular students. Students will have to fill out the RBSE 12th Registration form under the guidance of the respective school authorities. Students will have to submit the duly filled application form to their respective schools along with the requisite fee as per the BSER Board.

Category Last Date to Fill Out RBSE Online Application Form and Print Challan Last Date for Fee Deposition in Bank Last Date for RBSE Application form Submission and Challan at Nodal Center
With Regular Fee September 2023 October 2023 October 2023
With Late Fee October 2023 October 2023 October 2023

Exam Syllabus

Rajasthan Board will release the syllabus for BSER Exam Class 12 in online mode. RBSE 12th Syllabus 2023-24 for the Art, Science, and Commerce stream will be available in PDF format on the official website. The subject combinations included in the different streams are as follows:

Stream Subjects
Agriculture Computer Science, Information Practice, Multimedia, and Web Technology Physics Chemistry Agriculture Mathematics Biology
Commerce Multimedia and Web Technology Mathematics English Shorthand and English Typing Typing (Hindi and English) Business Studies Economics Computer Science, Information Practice Hindi Shorthand and Hindi Typing Accountancy
Science Biology Computer Science, Information Practice, Multimedia, and Web Technology Geology Physics Mathematics Chemistry
Arts Philosophy Drawing Music Literature – Hindi, Urdu, Punjab, Prakrit, Sindhi, Gujarati, Rajasthani, and Persian English Literature Psychology Sociology Mathematics Computer Science, Informatics Practice, Multimedia, and Web Technology Public Administration Economics Sanskrit Literature History Political Science Geography Home Science

The subject-wise RBSE 12th Syllabus is tabulated below:

Subjects Topics
English Reading Writing Grammar Text Book – Flamingo Supp. Book – Vistas
Mathematics Unit 1: Relations and Functions Unit 2: Algebra Unit 3: Calculus Unit 4: Vectors and 3-D Geometry Unit 5: Linear Programming Unit 6: Probability
Physics Electrostatics Current Electricity Magnetic Effect of Current and Magnetism Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current Electromotive Waves Optics Dual Nature of Matter Atoms and Nuclei Electronic Devices Communication Systems
Chemistry Unit 1: Solid State Unit 2: Solutions Unit 3: Electrochemistry Unit 4: Chemical Kinetics Unit 5: Surface Chemistry Unit 6: General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements Unit 7: p-block Elements Unit 8: d and f-block elements Unit 9: Coordination Compounds Unit 10: Haloalkanes and Haloarenes Unit 11: Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers Unit 12: Aldehydes, Ketones, and Carboxylic Acids Unit 13: Amines (Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen) Unit 14: Biomolecules Unit 15: Polymers Unit 16: Chemistry in Everyday Life

Unit I: Plant Physiology Chapter 1: Transport in Plants Chapter 2: Mineral Nutrition Chapter 3: Enzymes Chapter 4: Photosynthesis in Higher Plants Chapter 5: Respiration of Plants Chapter 6: Plant Growth and Development

Unit II: Microbiology Chapter 7: Bacteria Chapter 8: Viruses

Unit III: Genetics Chapter 9: Principles of Inheritance and Variation

Unit IV: Molecular Biology Chapter 10: Molecular Basis of Inheritance

Unit V: Biotechnology Chapter 11: Principles and Processes of Biotechnology Chapter 12: Biotechnology and its Applications

Unit VI: Plants, Microbes and Human Welfare Chapter 13: Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production Chapter 14: Microbes in Human Welfare


Unit I: Human Anatomy and Physiology – I A: Digestion and absorption B: Breathing and Respiration

Unit II: Human Anatomy and Physiology – II A: Body Fluids and Circulation B: Excretory Products and their Elimination

Unit III: Human Anatomy and Physiology – III A: Muscular and Skeletal System B: Neural Control and Coordination

Unit IV: Human Anatomy and Physiology – IV A: Endocrine System and Chemical Co-Ordination B: Immune System

Unit V: Human Reproduction A: Human Reproductive System B: Reproductive Health

Unit VI: Genetics Unit VII: Organic Evolution Unit VIII: Applied Biology


Macroeconomics Unit 1: Macroeconomics Unit 2: Money and Banking Unit 3: Income and Employment Unit 4: Government Budget Unit 5: Open Economy

Microeconomics Unit 1: Introductory Microeconomics Unit 2: Consumer Behaviour Unit 3: Concepts of Production And Costs Unit 4: Perfect Competition

Business Studies Management Principles of Management Business Environment Planning Organisation Staffing Directing Controlling Financial Management Financial Markets Marketing Consumer Protection

Exam Pattern

  • The Arts, Science, and Commerce Stream question paper will have both subjective and objective type questions.
  • Regular, private, and reappearing external students will have to follow both General and Vocational courses for the new exam pattern.
  • The overall syllabus for BSER Exam Class 12 has been reduced by Rajasthan Board.
  • The objective-type questions section has been added to the question paper that will be answered on the OMR sheet.

Exam Pattern 2023-24 for Hindi

The Hindi theory exam will be conducted for a total of 3 hours and 15 minutes. The theory paper will be of 80 marks. Check the marks distribution for Hindi below:

Section Marks
Reading Section (Unseen Passage) 12
Writing Section 16
Grammar 8
Literature Section 44
Total Marks 80

Exam Pattern 2023-24 for English

Check the marks distribution for RBSE 12th English Exam 2024 below:

Section Topics Covered Total Marks
Reading Two unseen passages (about 700-900 words in all) The passages will include two of the following- (a) Factual passages e.g. instructions, descriptions, reports. (b) Discursive passage involving opinion e.g. argumentative, persuasive or interpretative text. (c) Literary passage e.g. extract from fiction, drama, poetry, essay or biography 15
Writing (i) One out of two short compositions – (about 80 words) 4 (It includes – advertisement and notices, description of arguments for or against a topic, accepting and declining invitations) (ii) A report on an event based on some verbal input or Translate the passage into Hindi – (about 100 words) (iii) Letter – 6 (one out of two based on some verbal input) The letters will include the following- (a) Business or Official Letters (b) Letters to the editor on various social, national and international issues (c) Application for a job including CV (Curriculum Vitae)/Resume 15
Grammar 1. Clauses (Noun Clauses, Adverb Clauses, Relative Clauses) 2. Synthesis 3. Phrasal Verbs 4. Prepositions of motion, time, space and mental attitude 8
Flamingo- Prose One extract from the Text Book’s various prose lessons (approximately 100 words each) 4 comprehension questions testing local and global understanding, and 2 vocabulary questions—one testing knowledge of similar words and the other testing knowledge of opposite words One of two Long Answer Type Questions based on the text that must be answered in approximately 80 words to assess global comprehension Two short answer type questions based on the lessons that must be answered in approximately 20-25 words 14
Flamingo- Poetry One of the prescribed poems makes one of two references to context One of two Long Answer Type Questions based on the text to assess overall comprehension of approximately 80 words. Two short answer type questions, each of which must be answered in 20-25 words 14
Vistas One of two Long Answer Type Questions based on the Supplementary Reader to assess comprehension and extrapolation of theme, character, and incidents of approximately 80 words Two short answer questions to be answered in 20-25 words each Six multiple-choice questions 14

Exam Pattern 2023-24 for Science

There are three subjects under the Science stream. Check the marks distribution for BSER Exam Class 12 for each of the subject below:

Section Marks
Reading Section (Unseen Passage) 12
Writing Section 16
Grammar 8
Literature Section 44
Total Marks 80

Exam Pattern 2023-24 for Arts

The marks carried by the subjects under RBSE 12th Arts Stream are as follows:

Subjects Theory Paper Marks Practical Marks
History 80 20
Political Science 80 20
Geography 56+14 30
Sociology 80 20
Psychology 56+14 30
Philosophy 80 20
Home Science 56+14 30
Mathematics 80 20

Exam Pattern 2023-24 for Commerce

Check the marks distribution for RBSE Class 12 Commerce Stream from the table below:

Subjects Marks for Theory Papers Marks for Practicals
Business Studies 80 20
Economics 80 20
Entrepreneurship 70 30
Accountancy 80 20

Exam Preparation Tips

  • Study the class 12 syllabus and exam pattern thoroughly.
  • Prepare your notes, and use BSER textbooks and proper study material.
  • Prepare and stick with a smart study plan.
  • Prepare and follow a proper schedule for the exam.
  • Focus on important topics – start with the topics of max marks weightage.
  • Collect and solve sample papers and previous question papers.
  • Revise the studied content before going to appear for exams.
  • Attend doubt-clearing sections at your school.


Yes, the result of BSER Class 12 for all streams is released separately. Students can check the official website www.rajeduboard.rajasthan.gov.in.

The passing marks for each subject is 33 percent. BSER may provide grace marks to pass the students in some circumstances.

 The BSER class 12 board exams will be conducted from March to April 2024. The complete timetable will be available in January 2024.

Students can check their results via SMS by sending a text message RJ12S_Roll Number for the science stream, RJ12A_Roll Number for the arts stream, and RJ12C_Roll Number for the commerce stream.

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