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8 tips for journalism working professionals

Journalism is a great field for recent graduates who are interested in the current ongoing, are passionate about storytelling and have a flair for writing. But when you have got yourself in the field, you need to keep going up the ladder. Here are some tips to help you with your career advancement in the field of journalism:

Everywhere a story

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A story is present everywhere you see. The journalists should be able to see a story, report, write, edit and publish the ideas. Attention to the details must be paid in every story. In this field, you meet interesting people, know their stories and create stories of them. Talent and passion is needed to remain in this industry. You need to be able to see the current trends, talk to people well and organize your ideas.

Gain skills

Gaining skills is always a bonus, be it any field. Developing new skills will make you versatile. The company will look at you like a great asset. You can try and learn different skills. If you are a reporter, you can learn video editing. This way, if you are a photographer, you can learn programming. You can also learn how to write reports. There are a number of skills that you can learn depending on your interest and your work. These include video editing skills, programming and designing applications or websites, editing, designing, writing and photography. Try gaining skills that supplement your work. Work on the skills to make them competitive advantages.


photo for competition in journalism

Although every field has its own competition, journalism has a lot more of it. First, there was a competition to get the job. Now, there is a competition to be stable in the industry. Also, there is a competition to move up the ladder. In print, what you need are fruitful ideas, good contacts and writing skills. Online, you need social media presence, traffic and compelling writing. You need to bring ideas and create stories out of them.


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The market in which you work has a great significance. While some jobs are present everywhere, the market in which a journalist works impacts a lot on his salary, career and experience. In India, most of the media companies are headquartered in metropolitan cities. There are more job opportunities in urban areas. The traditional path is to work in small markets and then make your way to major markets.

Hard worker

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While on the job, you need to work hard. You must set daily, weekly and monthly goals to keep you motivated and a hard working person. You get to learn everyday. Malcolm Gladwell writes that “hard work is a successful strategy for those at the bottom because those at the top no longer work hard.” Along with being a hard working person, you need to be a fun loving person too. That not only relieves your mind but also improves your image in the eyes of others. No matter how secure your job is, it is always a plus to keep a second plan (Plan B) in mind. It is best to be prepared for future changes, if they arise.

Make contacts

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One should reach out to journalists that belonged to the same university or the same institute. You can take the help of the professors or the career service present in their universities. Maintain contact with such people. They can help you with tips. They can also help you as references for better jobs. Contact the journalists whose works are admired by you. Let them know about your admiration and ask them for tips. Most likely, they will tell you something to advance better in your career. You can reach out to shadowing opportunities and informational interviews. You can contact the editor of your company and look out for shadowing opportunities with him/her. Making contacts will help you advance fast in your career. You need to have a strong network.


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Be it any field, experience matters. In the journalism field, it matters a lot more. Try gaining as much experience as you can. Pursue internships during breaks. The different kinds of experiences will help you realize your preferred field of interest as a journalism professional. If you do not have enough time. You can try freelancing also. The more experience you have on your resume, the better. Also, it teaches you how to find the ideas, work with others and meet deadlines well. Some of the internships are free. In that case, you can consider if it’s worth to pursuing it. You need to have a portfolio that speaks of your work and experience at big brands.

Social media presence

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Nowadays, social media presence matters a lot. There are many social media sites that you can register for. These include Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, Twitter and Pinterest. Networking is important, especially in a field that relies on professional networks so much. Familiarize yourself with the terms of service of the platform to avoid getting trouble. It is important to keep your content clean and stay active. Employers are always on the lookout of your social media profiles and its activity. Social media sites are a platform of unleashing your talents to the world. You can get better job offers or go up the ladder due to your social media presence.

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