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Top 10 Courses after Graduation for Working Professional

Life, after school, isn’t as simple as it was back in school. For one, you start getting the gist of things and realize there’s so much more to learn and understand. Another thing is, well, college and what to do after that. Many of us, when it comes to choosing a stream for the +2 system, either followed the bandwagon around us or chose what our friends did. When it comes to graduation courses though, we are slightly smarter to choose for ourselves which might or might not work out. But it only gets real after graduation, while choosing post grad courses. These courses would actually define your skillsets that would further enable you to get the jobs you always wished for or at least jobs that require those skillsets. 

We have listed down a number of courses that working professional could go after graduation.

Certification in Digital Marketing 

Digital Marketing

The social media boom and exponential increase in the scope of digital marketing has open up thousands, if not lakhs, of job opportunities in this field. From expertise in branding, public relations, marketing analytics, content marketing and so on makes the student absolutely ready to enter the corporate world.

Post Graduation Diploma in Management 

Also known as PGDM, this is a 2 years course. Focuses on equipping students with finer and professional abilities to smoothly work in a corporate world. It includes capabilities of managing marketing, finance, IT, operations and the likes. It gives you an edge over others. 

Post Graduation Diploma in Human Resources 

courses after graduation
courses after graduation

A company without an HR is, well, a real chaos. Its actually difficult to manage a company and its workings with an HR. This dependence and responsibility has opened up a heap of job opportunities. Students ambitious of working and getting involved in every aspect of a company must go for post grad diploma in human resources. MBA in HR is also preferred, if you want to hit off in companies that are already established. 

Post Graduation Diploma in Hotel Management 

Students who wish to change their track education or just to further polish their hotel management skills are suggested to opt for this course. It has practical as well as theoretical approach while learning, sets off students with multiple methodologies to navigate their ways into managing their own hotel or cafe and so on.

Post Graduation Diploma in Media & Communications

Lately, this course has attracted a lot of aspiring advertising and/or filmmaking students. It exposes the student to learn tiny yet, significant quirks and regular workings of the media world. Go for this course, if you want to extensively understand and explore filmmaking or the media, in general. 

Post Graduation Diploma in Business and Event Management 

Postgrad diploma in business management gives you an overall view of fundamental elements of managing any conventional businesses. It includes studying about concepts like organizational behaviour, business law, economics and so on. 

Event Management is the new booming industry and a postgrad diploma in the same sets you off with skills such as professional organization, budgeting, cost-cutting, logistics and even brand marketing.

Post Graduation Diploma in Insurance

A postgrad diploma in Insurance will help you to train in risk management and legal front in the insurance business. Some specializations also offer in-depth understanding of insurance marketing. It broadens your scope in consultancy, agency as well as business development in private and state owned organizations. 

PGC Data Science 

courses after graduation

Data science has proved to be a game changers in the corporate biz. The humongous piles of databases that corporates end up generating meant close to nothing, back when companies didn’t know its value. From developing a solid base in technical and programming skills to learning about data mining techniques to apply in real scenarios. It also includes machine learning algorithms and various foolproof methodologies to use to get the most optimistic analysis of the data.

Game Design

This course is one of the fascinating courses on this list. A certification in game design gives you a hands on learning in animation, designing, 3D graphics, design aesthetics and programming. With expert proficiency in designing could enable you to establish a freelance career in the field. Even otherwise, the course has scopes in 3D game designing, integration, game tester, 3D asset artist and so on.

Graphic Design

graphic design

There’s hardly any brands or companies that are not adapting to the new wave of not only modern art but also a new form of traction tactic. This has led to a rise in people aspiring to be graphic designers. It includes technical skills of Adobe Illustrator, art direction, typography, Photoshop, 2D & 3D designing and well, staggering imagination. 

That was our list of course you could invest in to hone your skills according to your field of interests. We hope that it was helpful for you.

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