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Top 5 healthy drink options to take office

Why drink cola or bottled juices? While you can have yummy and healthy drinks to take office.

Health and taste are two words that are hard to find together !!

I have brought 5 fresh drink options which are easily made at home with just 5-10 minutes preparation time, full with vitamins and health benefits.

1 Coconut water

2 Unsweetened fruit juices

3 Lemonade

4 Fruit smoothie

5 Green juice cocktail

Coconut Water

Coconut Water is a very good source of several minerals, vitamins especially vitamin C and fiber. Nutritions that we get from coconut Water are as below:

Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin C, Manganese, Sodium, etc.

It improves and helps our body in many ways. It helps control our blood sugar, prevents stone formation by reducing crystal, it has cholesterol lowering properties and helps lowering blood pressure, and prevents blood clotting too.

This description of nutrients and it’s wonderful taste is a “too good to be true” combination, which should not be missed.

It is a good source of energy too and if you feel pressure in the office you can recharge yourself with this super drink!!

Unsweetened fruit juices

We are more drawn to packaged juices and soda drinks as they taste amazing and we love taste more than our health! And it is a bad sign, everyone should think of it’s effects on our body before consuming it.

Soda drinks have around 75 percent sugar and they generate thigh fat and packaged juices are full of sugar, artificial flavours and lots of preservatives.

Due to advances in technology you can have your own juice machine and there are many techniques you can use.

They are quick but if you are not able to pull that off! Don’t worry there are many vendors and shops which provide fresh unsweetened juices.

What is wrong in having your favourite fruits instead of sugar bottles(i.e. soda drinks and packaged juices).

We already have their benefits and they are a really good source for vitamins and in this generation more than 80 percent of people are having vitamin deficiency, unless you love medicines you can have fresh juices to make your office time more juicy.

After one week of consumption of fruit juices you will be able to see the difference in your body.

Your skin will be brighter, you will feel more energy, less headache and less body pain, it also increases stamina.

Say yes to juices and say bye to packaged juices and soda drinks.


This is a very famous drink around the world.

Lemonade is made in almost every home in the summer season and the reason for that is it’s hydrating capabilities and energy boost with glucose and vitamin C.

It is very tasty as we all know and you can give your lemonade tasty punches by adding extra flavours like mint.

Lemonade never takes more time and you can prepare it in minutes and can be preserved for a long time too.

It helps you to get recharged in between office hours.

Fruit smoothies

Fruit smoothies are my favourite kind of take outs that I make!

It has that satisfying process of making, when you drop frozen strawberries or any other frozen fruit in the mixer and squeeze lemon and add some sugar then just seeing it blend all together is just what I need to see while getting ready.

It is better than any on the way fruit smoothies and totally cooler than can drinks.

These have all the benefits mentioned above in “fruit juices” para but have a plus one i.e. fiber and pulp of the fruits.

Texture wise also it feels good and you can customize it according to your choice. 

Green juice cocktail

Healthify your office hours by adding green to your beverage and with lots of nutrients.

You can use all kinds of fruits, leafy vegetables and some substantial vegetables used for smoothies.

Here we are not making smoothies but instead we are adding thin fruity and green drinks full of deliciousness and with a touch of gin or else you can make without it too.

It contains fibers, nutrients, minerals and fructose gives you energy you need.

It takes 10 minutes of preparation time.

You can add any fruit, peeled ginger root, leafy vegetables, cucumber or carrots, apple for sure without it’s core and 4.5 ounces of gin (optional) and there you have it!!

Ready to take office.

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