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Top 6 DU colleges to pursue political science

Political Science is not just a field of study to understand the politics of one’s country or the political processes of the world. It is the most important subject in many of the renowned competition exams in India such as IAS, IPS, etc. UPSC competitive exams have political science at the core of their curriculum. The minimum age to give UPSC exams is 21. However, one can continue giving the exams till 32 or even 37 depending upon their social category. 

In a carefully designed political science course, you get to learn about different  Political Ideologies, the Indian Constitution: Its articles and laws,  Electoral politics, comparative politics, and quantitative politics. In this article, We will be looking at the Top six DU colleges in India that provide the best Political Science Curriculum and carefully designed courses. This list will include colleges that provide interdisciplinary in political science such as Political Science and International relations or Political Science and Sociology.

Lady Shri Ram College for Woman 

With more than 60 years old Political Science Department, Lady Shri Ram College is known for its excellent faculty and high cutoffs. As the name suggests, this college is only meant for women and not men. One may require above 90 percent in the 12th class or a bit less depending upon their socio-economic background. There is a reservation policy as well, as it is a government institution. The college offers both graduate and post-graduate programs in political science.

Many women political leaders and leading intellectual thinkers of India have studied in this college. The primary aim of their institution is to inspire women to take leadership roles in their field and produce critical thinkers that can truly make a difference in society and address social issues creatively. 

Fees- INR 17000 per year for under-graduate  and 19000 per year (approx) for post-graduate

Hindu College, New Delhi 

Affiliated to the University of Delhi or famously known as DU. Hindu college is the stop for many humanities disciplines. The excellent faculty of Political Science at the Hindu offers Bachelors with Honors and  M.A. in Political Science with interdisciplinary subjects such as Sociology and international relations. People who mostly aspire for UPSC or law study from this college.

The admission is based on the cut-off. Check this document to find a cut-off for the course.  The cut-off is different for different courses. It is recommended you should have a minimum of 90 percent in the 12th grade. 

Fees- Approx 15000 for graduate and post-graduate courses.

Kirori Mal College

The political department is one of the best political science departments in the university. Many prominent political thinkers of India are faculty of this college. The college offers a B.A (Hons) program in Political Science. The student intake capacity for political science students is 65. There are different intake capacity for different social categories. Check this link to find out.

Political science society conducts many interesting events throughout the year. The college has a 100-page long document to explain what it has to offer in the three-year-long political science program. The document will explain what it has to offer in terms of academics. The admission is based on cut-off closed at 92 percent in 2019. Check this document to know more.

Fees- INR 12000 per year

Ramjas College

The Department of Political Science at the Ramjas College offers courses in political science that focus on Indian affairs and global affairs. Such a course can provide you a very strong foundation for competitive exams such as UPSC. The college has a vibrant political science society that conducts many interesting events throughout the year with both international and national political figures. It offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in political science. At undergraduate, it offers B.A. (Hons) in Political Science and M.A at the post-graduate level.

The admission is based on the cutoff. The cut-off closed at 90 percent in 2019. Check this link to learn more about cut-off.

Fees-  INR 14000 per year.

Miranda House

Miranda House’s political science program is famous due to its faculty. The department of political science offers three years of undergraduate program B.A (Hons) in political science. The college is offering political science honors since 1972.  The course is experiential and you are required to create projects and get hands-on experience to understand politics better.

The admission is based on the cut-off method. The cut-off was 90 percent in 2019-20 for political science. Refer to this link to understand the cut-off structure method depending upon your socio-economic category

Fees- INR 14000 per year and INR 19000 for post-graduate (It does not offer M.A. in political science)

Sri Venkateshwara College (SVC)

SVC also popularly known as Venky is famous for its political science department. It has a great faculty that offers B.A (Hons) in economics.  The B.A. Hons program has very high cut-off and you should have at least 90 percent to get admission into the college. The program can be great for those who are looking to build a strong foundation for competitive exams.

Fees- Unavailable on college’s site, new fees haven’t been updated

All the fees mentioned in this article only includes tuition fees.

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