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Weather in Jammu: temperature, humidity

The climate forecast for Jammu suggests a numerous pattern over the next several days. Expect in part cloudy skies on Monday with temperatures ranging among 10°C to 22°C, observed by way of a mild danger of precipitation. Tuesday is possibly to deliver sunny situations with temperatures ranging from eight°C to 24°C, and no precipitation anticipated. Wednesday may want to see a few light rain showers, with temperatures starting from 12°C to twenty°C and a 30% hazard of precipitation. The trend maintains with usually cloudy skies on Thursday, temperatures ranging among eleven°C to 21°C, and a 20% chance of precipitation. Friday is predicted to be sunny with temperatures ranging from 9°C to twenty-five°C and no precipitation anticipated. Saturday may convey partially cloudy conditions with temperatures ranging from 11°C to 23°C, and a slight threat of precipitation. Sunday may see light showers with temperatures starting from 7°C to 19°C and a 40% threat of precipitation.

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Weather in Jammu: 10 days weather

Day Weather Condition Temperature (Min-Max) Precipitation
Monday Partly Cloudy 10°C – 22°C 10%
Tuesday Sunny 8°C – 24°C 0%
Wednesday Light Rain 12°C – 20°C 30%
Thursday Mostly Cloudy 11°C – 21°C 20%
Friday Sunny 9°C – 25°C 0%
Saturday Partly Cloudy 11°C – 23°C 10%
Sunday Light Showers 7°C – 19°C 40%
Monday Overcast 10°C – 20°C 15%
Tuesday Mostly Sunny 12°C – 22°C 5%
Wednesday Rain 14°C – 18°C 60%

A Season-by-Season Guide to Weather in Jammu

A Season-by-Season Guide to Weather in Jammu:

  1. Spring (March to May):
    In spring, Jammu stories exceptional weather with temperatures progressively rising from mild to warm. Average sunlight hours temperatures range among 20°C to 30°C, making it an excellent time for outside activities and sightseeing. The skies are normally clear, and coffee showers can also arise closer to the quit of the season.

2. Summer (June to August):
Summer in Jammu is warm and dry, with temperatures hovering above 40°C during the daytime. The weather is characterised via scorching warmness and clean skies. It’s recommended to stay hydrated and are seeking for color at some stage in the hottest components of the day. Monsoon rains usually arrive in July, providing remedy from the extreme warmness and  Weather in Jammu including a hint of greenery to the panorama.

3. Autumn (September to November):
Autumn brings remedy from the scorching summer season warmth as temperatures begin to quiet down gradually. Days are warm and great, with temperatures ranging among 25°C to 35°C. The climate remains dry, and the skies are generally clear, making it an awesome time for outside activities and sightseeing. Towards the quit of November, the nights start to get cooler, heralding the onset of winter.

4. Winter (December to February):
Winter in Jammu is cold and foggy, with temperatures dropping drastically, particularly at some point of the night time. Daytime temperatures hover round 10°C to twenty°C, while nights may be quite bloodless, with temperatures now and again dipping below freezing. Fog and mist are common in the course of the early mornings, lowering visibility at the roads. Warm garb is crucial, mainly if venturing out inside the early mornings or evenings.

Geographical Factors Influencing Weather in Jammu

Geographical Factors Influencing Weather in Jammu:

  1. Himalayan Barrier: The presence of the Himalayan Range to the north acts as a barrier, defensive Jammu from bloodless winds and moderating its temperatures.
  2. Indus River Basin: The Indus River basin, which flows via Jammu, affects neighborhood weather styles by means of supplying moisture and affecting humidity levels.
  3. Topographical Diversity: Jammu’s varied topography, consisting of hills, plains, and valleys, effects in microclimatic versions inside the area.
  4. Monsoon Influence: Southwest monsoon winds carry great rainfall to Jammu during the summer season months, affecting the region’s climate and agricultural activities.
  5. Continental Climate: Jammu’s inland vicinity inside the Indian subcontinent exposes it to continental weather styles, characterized by means of extremes in temperature and coffee humidity.
  6. Latitude: Jammu’s proximity to the Tropic of Cancer impacts its weather, leading to distinct seasonal variations in temperature and daylight.
  7. Altitude Variations: Elevation variations inside Jammu make contributions to temperature versions, with cooler temperatures often experienced in better elevations.
  8. Wind Patterns: Prevailing wind instructions, encouraged by way of nearby and global factors, play a position in shaping Jammu’s weather patterns and distribution of rainfall.
  9. Rain Shadow Effect: The Himalayas create a rain shadow effect, causing a few areas in Jammu to acquire less rainfall in comparison to others, leading to semi-arid situations in positive areas.
  10. Regional Geography: Jammu’s location within the northern part of India, surrounded through states with various climates, impacts its climate via interactions with neighboring regions and weather structures.

Tips for Packing for Jammu Weather

Tips for Packing for Jammu Weather:

  1. Lightweight Clothing: Pack lightweight, breathable garb suitable for the recent summer time months, inclusive of cotton shirts, shorts, and skirts to live cool throughout the day.
  2. Sun Protection: Bring wide-brimmed hats, shades, and sunscreen to shield yourself from the intense daylight and UV rays, especially at some stage in the summer season.
  3. Rain Gear: Include a compact umbrella or a lightweight rain jacket as Jammu reports monsoon rains from June to September, which may be unexpected and extreme.
  4. Layered Clothing: Pack layers for autumn and wintry weather, which includes sweaters, jackets, and scarves, as temperatures can drop notably, especially at some stage in the evenings and early mornings.
  5. Warm Clothing: For wintry weather visits, % warm apparel which include heavy jackets, thermal put on, gloves, and hats to live snug within the cold temperatures.
  6. Comfortable Footwear: Bring snug on foot footwear or sandals for exploring  Weather in Jammu the city and robust footwear for hiking or hiking inside the surrounding hills and mountains.
  7. Mosquito Repellent: Consider packing mosquito repellent or insect repellent, particularly in case you plan to spend time outdoors, as mosquitoes can be widespread, mainly for the duration of the monsoon season.
  8. Portable Water Bottle: Stay hydrated via wearing a refillable water bottle with you, mainly throughout the new summer months while temperatures can be excessive.
  9. Medications: Pack any essential medicinal drugs and a basic first-useful resource package, which include antihistamines for allergies and pain relievers for headaches or muscle aches.
  10. Travel Adapter: Don’t forget about to convey a travel adapter to price your digital gadgets, as plug sockets  Weather in Jammu in India can also vary from the ones in your property u . S . A ..

Interesting Facts About Weather in Jammu

Interesting Facts About Weather in Jammu:

  1. Varied Climate: Despite its fairly small size, Jammu experiences a diverse variety of climates, from warm and dry summers to cold winters, owing to its geographical location and topographical variety.
  2. Monsoon Influence: Jammu receives a substantial portion of its annual rainfall at some stage in the monsoon season, commonly from June to September, that’s crucial for agriculture and replenishing water sources inside the place.
  3. Seasonal Temperature Extremes: The area studies top notch temperature extremes, with summer time temperatures frequently exceeding 40°C and iciness temperatures every so often dropping beneath freezing, presenting a stark evaluation between the seasons.
  4. Foggy Mornings: During the wintry weather months, Jammu regularly reports foggy mornings, specially in low-mendacity regions and near water bodies, that can have an effect on visibility and tour conditions.
  5. Influence of the Himalayas: The presence of the Himalayan Range to the north affects Jammu’s weather styles by blocking off cold winds from the north and moderating temperatures, contributing to its surprisingly milder weather compared to other regions at comparable latitudes.
  6. Importance of Water Management: Due to its semi-arid climate, water control is essential in Jammu, with measures such as rainwater harvesting and irrigation strategies gambling a great role in agriculture and water conservation efforts.
  7. Microclimatic Variations: The topographical diversity within Jammu ends in microclimatic versions, with temperature and precipitation levels varying across different regions of the location, imparting precise habitats for flora and fauna.
  8. Seasonal Festivals: The weather in Jammu impacts the timing and nature of diverse cultural and non secular fairs celebrated

Popular Tourist Destinations in Jammu

Popular Tourist Destinations in Jammu:

  1. Vaishno Devi Temple: One of the most respected Hindu shrines in India, the Vaishno Devi Temple is located in the Trikuta Mountains near Katra. Millions of pilgrims go to this sacred web page each 12 months to are trying to find benefits from Goddess Vaishno Devi.
  2. Raghunath Temple: Situated within the heart of Jammu town, the Raghunath Temple is devoted to Lord Rama and is one of the largest temple complexes in northern India. It contains several shrines and draws devotees and travelers alike.
  3. Mubarak Mandi Palace: A ancient palace complex inside the coronary heart of Jammu metropolis, Mubarak Mandi Palace showcases a mix of Rajasthani, Mughal, and British architectural styles. Visitors can discover its difficult carvings, ornate interiors, and beautiful gardens.
  4. Bahu Fort and Garden: Perched on a hill overlooking the Tawi River, Bahu Fort offers panoramic views of Jammu metropolis. The fortress, along with its adjoining lawn, is a popular picnic spot and offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.
  5. Amar Mahal Palace Museum: Located atop a hill overlooking the Tawi River, the Amar Mahal Palace Museum is a majestic palace-became-museum showcasing artifacts, paintings, and sculptures depicting the wealthy cultural historical past of the area.
  6. Bagh-e-Bahu: Also called Bahu Bagh, this lush lawn is located near the Bahu Fort and offers a picturesque placing for leisurely strolls and picnics. Visitors can enjoy boating on the synthetic lake and discover the beautifully landscaped gardens.
  7. Peer Kho Cave Temple: Nestled in a cave on the banks of the Tawi River, the Peer Kho Cave Temple is devoted to Lord Shiva. The temple complicated includes natural caves, intricate carvings, and a serene environment ideal for meditation.


Jammu gives a wealthy tapestry of cultural background, natural splendor, and religious significance, making it a compelling vacation spot for tourists searching for numerous stories. From the sacred pilgrimage to Vaishno Devi Temple to the ancient grandeur of Mubarak Mandi Palace, and the tranquil environment of Mansar Lake and Patnitop, Jammu captivates traffic with its vibrant tapestry of sights.

Whether exploring historical temples, admiring architectural marvels, or indulging in adventure sports amidst picturesque landscapes, Jammu beckons with its warm hospitality and timeless allure. With its various climate and distinct seasons, Jammu offers something for each visitor, inviting them to find the treasures of this spell binding vicinity.


During the summer months (June to August), Jammu experiences hot and dry weather, with temperatures often exceeding 40°C.

Yes, Jammu receives rainfall during the monsoon season, typically from June to September, which helps alleviate the summer heat.

 During the winter months (December to February), temperatures in Jammu can drop significantly, with average daytime temperatures ranging from 10°C to 20°C

Yes, foggy conditions are common in Jammu during the winter months, especially during the early mornings, which can affect visibility.

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