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7 Inspirational Hollywood Movies to watch with Parents

Inspiration can come from anywhere. In todays era, movies are considered to be the best source of inspiration and motivation. The reason behind this is that they last only for 2 to 3 hours but can leave a huge impact on us. In this particular article, we will list some of the most inspirational Hollywood movies . These Hollywood movies could be watched with your family. So, if you are looking forward to have a family movie night at your home, read this list.

The Pursuit of Happiness

This movie is a legend. It is full of encouraging quotes. The scenes are perfectly directed. This story revolves around a man who losses his everything at once. He loses all of his life savings and is completely devastated. Then he starts doing an unpaid internship in a brokerage fund. And to add more to the injury, his wife leaves him. He is left alone with the custody of his child. But he doesn’t let these things stop him. He climbs from this. But how does he do that? What is the thing that keeps him going? To get the answer to these, you will need to watch these inspirational Hollywood movies.

Motivational Hollywood movies to watch

Life of Pi

Pi is an ordinary student. And after a destructive storm faced by his ship, he is on the boat with no one else but a tiger. The basic survival instincts will tell to kill the tiger as he will eat any human he sees. But pi doesn’t do that. This movie is about how pi manages to stay alive with a tiger on a ship when there is no sight of any hope. This movie also tells about the fact that trust is not verbal but rather an emotional connection.

Life of pie

Patch Adams

We all have heard that laughter is the best medicine. This exact ideology is used by the doctor in this film. He treats all the patients with an adjuvant dose of happiness. This is a very light hearted movie and will be enjoyed by the entire family. It always shows that Kindness is the best trait any person can hold and carry. This is the perfect inspirational Hollywood movie to watch with parents.

Movies to watch with parents

The Lion King

The Lion King is probably the best animated movie that can be enjoyed by students and their parents as well. The story of this inspirational movie is about a lion cub. He is destined to be the next king of the jungle. But, then his uncle who is jealous kills his father and tries to kill the cub as well. Luckily, the cub runs away and spends his entire life away from his family and also his species. One day, he does decide to return and claim his throne. But, will he succeed? Will he be able to forget his past? These movie has the perfect motivational quotes for people who want to move over their past mistake. We certainly feel that this is a must watch movie for all the generation.

Inspirational Hollywood movies

127 Hours

Sometimes, we have to make a choice between 2 very difficult options. Certain amount of times ,we are left by life in big dilemma. And when in dilemma, both the choices appear difficult to make. In this movie, the actor goes to a trek. But things do not go well. He ends up in a situation where he has to make a tough choice- whether to choose his life or whether to amputate his limb. Alas! none of the choice are easy. And he only has 127 hours to make the decision. This is what makes the movie so enticing and encouraging. This should be another inspirational movies in Hollywood to watch with parents.

Inspirational Hollywood movies

Kung Fu Panda

If the viewers are still wondering which inspirational Hollywood movies to watch with parent, then we highly suggest the readers to really, really watch Kung Fu Panda. It is observed that many times in our life it is very difficult for us to muster that courage to change our destiny. We often fail to believe in ourselves. These 2 highly important issues are beautifully discussed in this inspirational Hollywood movie. It is not easy to change our destiny but it is very possible. This movie is brimming with motivational quotes and scenes. And we know that the viewers will be very satisfied and enlightened after watching it. Also, this movie has another sequel called Kung Fu Panda 2 for those who are interested.

Inspirational Hollywood movies to watch


This movie is about the life of a boxer. And this film is not only about boxing but also it shows struggle and Hard work. It perfectly tells about the difficulties that are faced when a person has to step out of his comfort zone. It also shows how different emotions like relationship and family pressure can be tackled in the most efficient manner. In fact, these little things is what makes this movie so special. In the list of inspirational Hollywood movies to watch with parents, this movie has a special place as it shows the journey from ‘Nobody’ to ‘Somebody’.

Movies to watch with parents

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