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8 Motivational books recommended for Students

‘ A person who doesn’t read lives only one life, while a person who reads lives a thousand lives’. Books can be our best friends. Books can be our motivation. In fact, many times books have made people realize their true potential and lead them to the path to success. In this article, we at Careerguide.com bring to you list of few motivational books which school students must read. These books are written by some of the most famous authors and have been some of the most inspirational piece of writings out there.

The Monk who sold his Ferrari | Robin Sharma

The story in this book revolves around a lawyer who is faced with midlife crisis. Falling a prey to this, he decides to live a simple life. It is then that he sets on the path to discover the true wisdom in life. The book is written in the most simple manner. It has multiple inspirational quotes. In fact it gives away very important tips on how to meditate and motivate yourself.


The 7 habits of highly successful people | Stephen R Covey

We all look at the successful people in the Forbes magazine. Then, we wonder what might be their little secret? How did they reach here? What did they do to reach here? In this book, the author addresses this particular trait of successful people. He unfolds the inspiration behind them. The author always explains in the best way possible the importance to manage personal and professional life. It is highly recommend for students to read this book as the habits discussed in this book can be effectively picked up, and at a younger age.

Successful people , author
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Steve Jobs | Walter Isaacson

The person who doesn’t know Steve Job is probably the one from ‘pre technology age’. This tycoon is the reason Behind the motivational story of Apple product and company. In this book, the author studied the entire life of Steve Jobs. He looked at his each and every step. As a result, this book speaks to you. It narrates the life of Steve Jobs. Maybe if students read this book, they might spend less time on playing with apple products and more time on trying to make things as big as the apple products.

Success, successful people
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The Alchemist | Paulo Coelho

This book has to be on the list. And this is not only because of the fabulous narration but also because of the simplicity with which it has been rendered. Many readers have said that this book left a life changing impact on them. The story starts with a Shepherd. He starts a journey to discover his dreams and learns a lot about life. Motivational and inspirational messages have been enclosed in each and every line of the book. This book is also a very short book and might be the first pick by the students.

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Img 20200611 122929

The power of positive thinking | Norman Vincent Pele

It is an age old saying that everything lies in the manner we think. This exact ideology has been propagated in this book. The most important reason why students should read this book because this book doesn’t deal with advanced problems or problems on a large scale. In fact it rather tells the way out of daily problems. And the author wrote this book to ensure that practical advices outnumber the theoretical advices.

See you at the Top | Zig Ziglar

The author is known as one of the most motivational speaker worldwide. So it goes without saying that his book must be equally pack with inspirational and positive thoughts. After losing his father at the age of 6, how someone can manage to be at the top is certainly worth appreciation. These secrets to be the best are perfectly explained in this book . This book will be a great read to students

The magic of thinking big | David Ischwartz

No matter how many times we say, the ultimate truth is that the entire future of an individual lies in their thinking process. The author beautifully throws light on this very topic. This book mesmerizes us with the simple steps to be successful. Easy to understand and fun to read, this motivational book can be enjoyed by students and adults alike.

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The Compound Effect | Darren Hardy

What if we tell you that everything in our life is working of an intricate system? Astonishing, isn’t it? Well, this mind awakening book brings to us the sacred details of success. The author promises that once this system is understood, the complexities of life will appear solvable. In simpler terms, everything is possible if we do the most appropriate things for it. We highly recommend this book for students. After reading book, they will be benefited in multiple ways. They not only will understand the working of events but also find their perfect source of motivation.

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