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Is it beneficial/necessary to take tuition in the 11th?

You have successfully cleared your 10th board exams, gotten result and are waiting for your 11th standard – the beginning of the end. Students hear countless of times from their teachers, parents, seniors, and peers that 11th grade is nothing like class 10th and you have so much to learn, how it is harder to score good marks, etc.

Due to all such reasons you are dreading your new academic year, you are scared you are going to underperform in 11th and 12th, scared by seeing the division of subjects into physics, biology, chemistry because 9th and 10th had only one textbook for all three subjects. For Commerce and Humanities students, the case is the same as they will be studying these subjects probably for the first time and prior to 11th grade never even heard about it. In this article, we will mention the pros and cons that taking beneficial/necessary to going to tuition for various subjects in the 11th class.

tuition in 11th

All this confusion makes you wonder if you need to start taking tuitions to score well. This confusion might also be due to the fact there are plenty of your friends and students who choose to go for accountancy, geography, and physics tuitions and you feel left out thinking that you are not going to score well in your exams because you choose to study by yourself. But before making every decision you must consider both sides of the coin. In this article, we will mention the pros and cons that taking beneficial/necessary to going to tuition for various subjects in the 11th class.


Smaller student-to-tutor ratio

Usually, in classrooms, the student to teacher ratio is 50:1; when such is the case, the teacher is not able to focus on each and every student let alone focus on one student properly because they are so engrossed in completing the portion. It can be overwhelming to learn everything in such a short span of time. This can be avoided when a child goes to tuition as there is a lesson number of students and the teacher is able to properly allot their time to every student and receive feedback. When teachers devote then time to a student, even the student feels more motivated and encouraged to learn.

The right teacher

In school, students do not even have the option of picking their classmates let alone their teachers. They must be satisfied with whomever they get; but intuitions, this can be avoided since it is the student and the student’s parents that decide where the child will go to, for tuition. This selection is based entirely on the student and they have the will and right to choose whoever they want to based on their needs and expectations.

More practice

Tuition teachers teach the student using the same books that are used in school and in doing so, the student gets to practice the same questions and topics more than once. Therefore, they get more practice. Many students do not practice what they are taught in school every day hence going to tuitions will be beneficial as we get to study the same topic more than once.

Interactive Environment

In a class of 40 to 50 students, one may not find the courage and confidence to ask for clarification and give answers. When there are fewer students present, they may find the confidence to ask questions and speak up in front of the tuition teacher and are able to rectify their mistakes and get clarity on their doubts intuition.

In this article, we will mention the pros and cons that taking beneficial/necessary to going to tuition for various subjects in the 11th class.


Double the work

When students start going to tuition, they tend to get work from both school and the tuition classes. Therefore, in the comfort of their home, they have more than usual work. Although they may get more practice through this it can start to get stressful.

Less time for other activities

Wake up, go to school, come back from school, go to tuition, come back for tuition, sleep, repeat. That is what becomes of the life of a student who goes to tuition and has little to no time for any other activity. This can be harmful to a child’s growth as focusing only on academics is not a good practice and they need to engage in extracurricular activities to be healthy and productive in their daily life.

Lack of Quality

In the present world, tuitions are becoming an increasingly commercial business where tutors focus more on money and the number of students than they do on the quality of education provided to students. Tuition classes are becoming more and more like regular School classes and inhabit more than 40 students in one room and teach them on a blackboard. This is no different from what is done in school and hence the advantage of spending extra money on tuition classes is nullified.

Can cause confusion and stress

Every teacher has a different method of teaching. Things can get confusing if your school teacher asks you to solve a particular question using method a. but your tuition teacher asks you to solve the same question using method b. Sure, students gain extra knowledge through this but at the time of the exam, it can get confusing as too many cooks spoil the broth. It may do harm than good at the end of the day.

So, here you found all the pros and cons or beneficial/necessary to take tuition in class 11th for students.


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