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Having the ability to create exceptional things through using the knowledge of coding is great art, and software developers are expert in this art. They use their knowledge of developing software to perform various functions, ranging from developing software for removing viruses to developing software for automating business processes. Looking at the possibilities of practical implementation of such are many individuals who are pursuing graduation in the field of IT worldwide are interested to know who are the top players in the industry who can provide them with such resources to convert their idea into a reality.  


Werum IT Solutions


Werum IT Solutions is a  subsidiary company of Korber Medipack Systems incorporated in the year 1969 headquartered in Luneburg, Germany. They are involved with the development of software and tailored IT solutions for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry. They have obtained expertise in the development and production of manufacturing execution systems. MES is a system which synchronizes the equipment used for manufacturing, system automation, and enterprise information system. Pharma and Biotech sector is a very niche market and Werum serves almost 50% of the market in this segment. Their Werum’s MES systems are well known in the industry for which they have also received “company of the year award” in the year 2007.


Thay provide the job of a senior software engineer to IT graduates.




Andersen is a software development company that provides full-cycle services related to software development. They have over 13 years of experience in this industry with which they are helping enterprises around the world and transforming their business by providing innovative digital solutions. They are backed up with a team of 1298 qualified developers who are experts project managers, business analysts, UI/UX designers, and software developers. Since their incorporation in the year 2007, they have successfully worked and completed projects and are still continuously working on more and achieving great heights. They serve their clients with their development centers which are spread in 11 countries.




ELEKS is a multinational company which provides service of custom software engineering and IT consultation services. They are counted among the top 100 software development companies in the world, as they become a partner of choice to many leading enterprises, SMEs, and technology challenges of the world. Their team consists of more than 1500 technology experts which help them in developing tailored software solutions to automate their core services and fit to client’s business requirements. Their secret of growth is a clients cost-cutting strategy, they encourage their client to test new business ideas through their IT solutions and shares 30% of clients risk in case approach doesn’t work out. They provide services in the field of product design, website design, e-commerce platform, mobile app design, Software development, ERP, and EIS development. 




S-PRO is the most innovative software development and IT consulting company in the world. They are famous for developing software from very scratch and making the business process very simple and understandable. They work strategically to bridge the gap between advisory and product engineering and thus making the development process simple and easy to understand. They have a very efficient team involved in R&D and analysis of client’s businesses to figure out the ways of development of IT solutions which proves profitable for the business. They work with a futuristic idea where the IT sector dominates the whole market and hence work towards the digital transformation of their client’s businesses. 




Powercode is a software development company that develops the most effective and stable software for customers.   

They work with a mission of developing an all in one solution related to the field of information technology to all the enterprises, start-ups, and multinational companies. They have experience of more than 15 years in writing secure, safe, and properly stabilized codes to provide a tailored solution for client’s business problems. They also provide continuous support to the clients after providing a well-developed software through its subsidiary company “Bertram Wireless”.




Infoplus is a multinational technology company, they are involved in the business providing IT consultancy, simplifying IT operations, software development, IT work outsourcing. Through its more than 2000 IT specialists and a large number of software development centers spread all across the world Infopulse has spread its reach to 10 countries. With more than 15 years of experience, they have developed a specialization in providing services which include IT infrastructure management, software research and development, software maintenance, and IoT. 




For years Intellica is known for its technology consulting and innovative service providing and IT consultancy. They are backed up with a highly skilled team that is known for providing superior quality services in the field of Block-chain development, Big Data analytics, and AI/ML as well as Web/Mobile/Cloud/E-commerce applications development. With years of hands-on experience in project and solution delivery combined with extensive experience in banking, insurance, and retail industry their team is capable to deliver sophisticated projects using modern products and proven technology.




Codiby is a software development company based in Germany. From their very origin, they have obtained excellence in software development. They started with just 15 peoples to technologically revolutionize the business processes of clients and today after gaining experience of 10 years and expanding the operations they are a team of 60 IT experts who are developing technologies which are making a difference in the living of the people. They work with the major focus of harnessing most advanced technology, talent, and innovative minds to develop sustainable solutions, particularly for the energy and utility industry.




Infoleven is a very recently incorporated company and has grown at a massive rate since then. The secret of their massive success is that they have spent a lot of time improving their workflow and making it suitable as per the client’s requirements and specific as per project to deliver proper services. For achieving such a requirement they work using the latest technology and even offering to the client additional services like UI/UX development, front-end, and back-end programming, and enhancing coordination among venture employees.




DataArt is one of the most successful Information Technology company in Germany. They are among the topmost position in the industry and they have attained this position with their more than 20 years of experience and dedication of their more than 3000 well-trained staff. They follow unique a human approach towards solving a business problem. Their teams have a deep technical and industry knowledge through which they help clients by developing tailored software or even enhancing the existing organization’s ERP system to simplify the business in a better way.      




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