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What After Studying Humanities Stream In 12th?

After studying humanities stream in class 12th, is a major turning point in each student’s life which holds certain important decisions and results in its hands. Most of the people usually get confused about what to do after this. There is no firmness of a particular field and they get trapped into the dilemma of choosing one course or another. Even though there are vast opportunities in this field, the students get confused about what to choose as right. Students who wish to do something in this field or wish to adopt this field as the career. They have so many questions regarding this field. Here are all about that what after studying humanities stream in 12th.

Humanities is a field of study that explores the human experience through the arts, literature, history, philosophy, and culture. It seeks to understand and interpret the world around us through critical analysis, inquiry, and reflection. The humanities help us understand the values and beliefs that shape our world, and they provide insights into the complexity and diversity of human experience.

BA in Animation

After the humanities stream in class 12th, you can opt for this course. BA in Animation and Visual Effects is an undergraduate Degree program. It is a career-oriented expert education associated with the realm of animation and VFX. In this article, you will be studying the BA in Animation and Visual Effects program specifications, qualification standards, recognition means, PG programs, and profession possibilities. BA in Animation and Visual Effects is a Bachelor of Arts Degree performance that consolidates Animation and VFX subjects. This program receives a holistic fusion of classroom addresses and effective (lab) practice sessions and workshops. You require to have some appropriate occupations before entering this field such as high-grade observational talents, creativity, illustration crafts, perseverance, and consistency, capacity to grow into personality, conversation experiences, cooperation character, and machine and software professions. Therefore, if you think you have these skills, then BA in Animation will be the most suitable course for you after your class 12th..

Bachelor of Journalism

BJ or Bachelor of Journalism is an undergraduate degree in the field of journalism and mass communication that candidates can pursue right after their Class 12. BJ is a three years duration course and in this course aspirants are taught about various aspects of the media industry like research, reporting, compiling, writing, editing as well as the presentation of information. After completing a BJ course candidates can join various mass communication-related fields such as TV news channels, newspapers, radio stations, and the likes. Typically the field of Journalism is divided into two broad categories, which are, Print Media and Electronic Media. Candidates who aspire to work in the Electronic Media can join television, radio, or internet/ digital media companies whereas in Print Media aspirants can join newspapers, magazines, news agencies, and digests. After the humanities stream in class 12th, you can opt for this course.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

After the humanities stream in class 12th, you can opt for this course. Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is a three-year undergraduate program which is the academic study of visual work of art such as painting, dance, sculpture, photography, painting, and others. The course is also known as Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA). It is a great career choice for the aspirants who enjoy imagining and creating something new. BFA offers students professional training standards, cultural exposure, aesthetic awareness, and knowledge about different types of arts. A bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts can lead to various employment opportunities such as ceramics, animation, drawing, film production, craft artist, fine artist, art teacher, and others. Interested candidates can pursue further studies and choose to pursue a master’s degree in photography, fine arts, ceramics, creative writing, and any other degree in the field of fine arts. Therefore, if you have been into extracurricular activities in your school time, then this field is going to be your future after class 12th.

BSc in Design

Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design or BSc Fashion Design is an undergraduate program of fashion designing. It is a 3-year course that is spread over six semesters. The course involves lessons in creating original designs of garments, footwear, jewellery, luggage, etc., with the aim of staying in line with the ever-changing trends in the fashion industry. B. Sc. in Fashion Design is the study of creating designs that involve the conversion of artistic talent and creativity into creating saleable products like clothing, textiles, jewellery, footwear, and other accessories. The course also includes a detailed study of the fragile market trends and related fashion behaviour. After the humanities stream in class 12th, you can opt for this course.

Bachelor of Mass Media

Bachelor of Mass Communication (BMC) is an undergraduate Mass Communication program. The program is a degree course of three years duration offered by different universities as well as colleges of India. Mass communication is a fascinating and challenging field with a large range of occupations in fields such as advertising, public relations, television broadcasting, and radio. Mass Communication is the study of how content relating to organizations and individuals simultaneously communicates or passes to the entire world.  After the humanities stream in class 12th, you can opt for this course.


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