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Why is cybercrime spreading among the youth

Today computers are being used everywhere, from workplaces to households to coffee shops. These day to day usage, have created a lot of scope for challenges and issues for the users. Today we hear of money fraud crimes, Cyber coercion, Cyberwarfare, cyber extortion, fraud, Hacking, ineligible downloading, piracy software/websites, and whatnot. This type of crime influences our desktop data, laptop data, and even that of our mobile phones. The most received complaints till data about cybercrime have been related to the spread of viruses, hacking of devices, and that of money fraud. Even young adults are no more save from the risks of cybercrime youths. Today they are easily getting exposed to unnecessary online bullying and harassment. Even though these sought of crimes are being ignored by many, in the long run, it can be harmful at an individual level. Today, even kids are using their parent’s gadgets, unaware of any idea of exposure to cybercrime. High chances for them to get exposed to the threats of cybercrime too easily with the abundance of hackers all around us. 

Cybercrime is sometimes carried out mere fun without even knowing the consequences. Recently, the case of the boy’s locker room spurs the entire nation just because of the creation of a fake account by a 16-year-old girl. It is important that today’s youth come to terms with the ideas and consequences that are carried parallel to such activities. The growing number of fake accounts on the internet, the easy access to an individual’s passwords, or keeping a track of someone’s location, are some serious crimes that need the youth’s attention today. 

cybercrime in youth

Cybercrime among the students

Today’s youth find the necessity of the internet as basic as their needs for food, clothes, and shelter. It definitely has bought in a lot of powerful and important usage with it, but at the same, we have accomplished the ways to find the negativity surrounding it. The more the youth is addicted to their devices, the more they are prone to the risks of it. However, sometimes it turns out, they themselves are the threats to others. Today’s youth knows a lot more than they should about device hacking and spreading viruses, invading someone’s digital privacy, and either being the victim or the supporter of cyberbullying. As most young adults waste time just by the usage of the internet, they become addicts and the victims at the same time. Students suffer from sleeplessness, depression, body aches, and other health issues for the same. Even online entertainment like OTT platforms, gaming, and watching porn affect their lives vigorously. Today cybercrime among youth is no more just limited to the aforesaid consequences, it even leads to illegal drug trafficking in many cases. 

According to analytics, around 1.6 billion people use social media today. The use of social media has increased the affiliation of cybercrime among the youth. E-victimization is something that most people are not even aware of. Cybercrime is no different than any other crime. It is important knowledge of the preventive measures so that we are more aware of our surroundings.

cybercrime in youth

Effects on the minds of young adults 

The youth face serious issues after being exposed to cybercrime. Many when bullied in social media, decide the delete their accounts and spend some time alone. In the worst cases, people often face difficulty with coping out of such situations and may even lead to therapy. Social media sites were originally designed for spreading positivity and increasing connectivity, but today it has become a big expanse to hurt people. Today every teenager either has a Facebook account or is acquainted with all the latest trends online. As everyone has the access to phones, it is very easy to have access to the online world. Even due to cyberbullying and other such crimes, many students end up quitting school, getting poor grades at school, and even lose their social skills. 

cybercrime in youth

It is important to be aware of our surroundings. As the most tech-savvy generation, today’s youth need to know about the precautions that may protect them and their loved ones at the same time. What we can do is keep our devices updated with the latest updates so that we know if there are any fixes to be made. Also when it comes to our computers and laptops, it is important to ensure that they configure data automatically. This way if there’s any breach or the follow-up of viruses, we will get to know immediately, especially when we do a lot of web searches from these devices. Another thing is to keep track of the passwords of our social media accounts and emails. It is important to keep a strong password so that it doesn’t get hacked easily. 

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