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20 Reasons to work with Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group is an American firm headquartered at Boston, Massachusetts, United States. The firm is one of the best strategy consulting firms of the world by revenue. It was founded by Bruce Henderson in 1963. It ranked 10 in the list of “100 Best Companies to Work For” by Fortune. The firm offers many benefits to keep the employees motivated as it believes that human resources are a great asset to any firm. It offers countless opportunities to learn and grow. Given the flexibility, support and inspiration the firm offers, Boston Consulting Group is one of the best companies to work for. Following are a few reasons:

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Growth opportunities

The work of the employees have a global impact. It has an impact across regions of the world. The individuals create their own path. They have challenges at every step, which deepen the expertise and broaden their knowledge.

Connect to people

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The firm has a common aspiration that is shared by people from different backgrounds. The employees can connect to each other and grow together. Open and collaborative teams show the firm’s value for diversity.

PTO programs

The paid time off( PTO) program helps increase the predictability of work and career sustainability. The program intends to make the lives of the employees manageable and makes sure that the main events of life do not end up messed up.

Health insurance

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The firm covers mental as well as physical health in the insurance. It has no or low co-pay. Healthcare benefits include excellent dental, medical, and vision plans. Life insurance is also provided.

Parental leave

While men get upto 8 weeks of paid leave, women get upto 16 weeks of paid maternity leave. This is to ensure that the parents bond well with their children. The childcare is backed up by the firm.

Free food

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Free drinks like coffee are available all the time. Lunch, snacks and dinner are also provided free of cost.

Relaxed work

The employees can take breaks in between. The work culture is extremely employee friendly. There is a generous amount of time off for the junior level staff.

Yoga classes and gym

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Free gym and Yoga classes sponsored by the firm are available on site.

Flexible time

Arrangements to reduce the weekly hours have been made by the firm. Extravagant holiday parties are also allowed.


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The firm makes efforts to help the employees familiarize with the atmosphere. When they read about the social impact of the firm, it instills pride. The environment is highly stimulating that provides growth and learning with other people.

Workplace benefits

The coworkers are excellent. You will get to work with some of the smartest people in the world. The environment is enjoyable and engaging. The teams are smart and motivated.

Adoption and IVF

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Parents who adopt children also get 8 weeks of paid leave. The cost of IVF is covered by the firm to a great extent.

Travel opportunities

It offers luxurious travel policies. Outing and retreats are also provided. International travels are included in this. The cost of the travels are covered by the firm.


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Vacations are provided to the employees. In vacations, they can follow their passions. Personal days and sick leave are also included in the benefits.

Exposure in projects and culture

Amazing firm events are held throughout the year. The employees learn about new industries. Firm sponsored events focus on the positive employee experience.


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Focus on creativity is one of the main components of this firm’s policy. Awards are provided to people in the form of bonuses.

Care for passion

The firm invests in the growth and education of their employees. They can work on the part time projects, if interested.


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A new employee gets 4.5 weeks of training so that they are accustomed to the work environment. All the other employees are given one week of training per year. A learning portal with 1,200+ custom modules is also accessible to the employees. Training are person oriented.

Career sustainability

The employees of the firm have access to various programs that provide flexible work options. Opportunities to follow passions and advanced degrees are also provided.

Corporate awards

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The firm has won various corporate awards. It has also been featured in the list of best companies to work in. It has won the ‘Human Rights Campaign Award for Workplace Equality Innovation’. It has been featured by the ‘Working Mothers’ magazine as one of the best for women.

The firm believes that for an organization to succeed, it must blend the human capabilities and the digital innovation. The firm runs on this belief. It is one of the best firms to work in, given the unique perks and innumerable benefits it offers.

This is the end of article on some important things to know about Boston Consulting Group.


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