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19 Reasons to work with Flipkart

19 Reasons to work with Flipkart. I think you mean “Flipkart,” which is one of the largest e-commerce companies in India. Flipkart was founded in 2007 and initially started as an online bookstore, but later expanded its product range to include electronics, clothing, home appliances, and many other categories. Flipkart was acquired by Walmart in 2018, which holds a majority stake in the company. Today, Flipkart is a popular online shopping destination for millions of customers in India, and it has also launched its own line of products under the “Flipkart SmartBuy” brand.here is an artcle on 19 Reasons to work with Flipkart.



19 Reasons to work with Flipkart is an e-commerce company in India. It is headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal founded the company in 2007. In the beginning, the company started with selling books online. Flipkart has a 39.5% market share in India’s e-commerce industry. PhonePe is also owned by the company. It is one of the largest marketplaces online. The company strives to do the right things the right way. Here are reasons to work with flipkart. here is an artcle on 19 Reasons to work with Flipkart.


Flipkart believes in equality. No levels matter when it comes to benefits. There is no discrimination among the employees. All of them are treated fairly.

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The managers are always encouraging the employees. The company is available at all times. The team is highly supportive with good management skills.


The individual needs are understood by the company. Flexible environment is provided to all the employees. The employees are trusted with doing the right things and are given the freedom to act like the founders.

Career development

The employees can take some time away from work. They are also encouraged to follow their passions. Flipkart has a career break policy for the same. Employees with atleast two years of experience in the company can apply to career break leave to develop their career or for personal needs.

Leave benefits

20 days of leave are offered on an annual basis. 12 days of sick leave can be availed. 2 optional holidays and 1 day special leave along with 5 days of marriage leave can be taken too. 30 days of leave can be carried forward to the next year.


Medical insurance programs offer support and assistance for 24*7. Dedicated help desk for claim management. Along with that, life and accident insurance is also offered to the employees. Upto five members are included in the insurance program.

Parental program

Maternity and paternity benefit programs are present. Day care support is also available. 15 days of parental leave and 6 months of maternity leave are offered. Mothers are given 4 months of flexible hours after the leave. Counselor support and gifts are provided to the new parents.

Adoption assistance

Six months or three months of paid leave is given after the adoption, depending upon the age of the child. Men can avail six weeks of leave. Adoption assistance of Rs. 50,000 is provided. Three months of unpaid leave can also be availed.

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Mobile Reimbursement Policy

The mobile bills starting from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1500 are eligible to be reimbursed. Broadband bills upto Rs. 1000 a month is also reimbursements for work from home jobs.

Work-Life Balance

Work life balance is maintained. Meaningful work is given to the employees according to their skills and interests. The work culture is extremely employee friendly.

Wellness programs

There is an on-site gym and medical center with a doctor. Employee assistance programs and emergency support systems are available. On-site wellness programs are held quarterly. Blood donation camps are organized twice a year. Health check up plans are provided with huge discounts. As a result, this helps flipkart employees to focus better.

Retirement benefits

Employee PF contribution is present which is a highly flexible program by the company. Gratuity and NPS is also available. Leave that have not been availed can be encashed too.

Family assistance

Free consultation for life, family, work, legal, financial matters is covered in this program. Face to face counselling and telephonic counselling is available 24*7.

Higher Education assistance

All the employees have the option to enroll for a course for their future advancements or to gain a new skill. The company covers all the costs be it full-time or part-time

Car lease

All full time employees can avail the car lease. Upto 20% of the base salary can be contributed towards the car lease rental. With zero down payment, 100% on road funding can be availed. This benefit makes flipkart stand out from the other companies.

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Salary advancement

To cope up with certain emergencies, salary advance can be availed. Upto 2 months of the base salary can be availed through this program.

Mobility benefits

Transport support and travel policy is present. Relocation benefits are provided to all the employees. A hassle free relocation is ensured by the company.

Free drinks

Free drinks are offered free of cost.              

FlexBen policy

It allows employees customise their package for the benefits based on the needs of every employee. The initiative is the result of an engagement survey that was conducted by the company with the employees.

Flipkart believes in taking care of the entire life. The goal is to make everyone happy and fulfilled. It has some of the best passionate and talented employees. They keep bringing innovative ideas and are motivationally driven. This proves that Flipkart is one of the best companies to work in India.

These were some reasons to work with Flipkart , hope you enjoy working there…


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