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India has over 50 central universities or colleges, other public institutions, and many autonomous universities that come under the government. While there are many study options available for your higher studies, there are certain advantages of choosing a public university over other private institutions. Though the competition to gain admission to one of these prestigious institutions might seem a little tough, the rewards for your efforts are worth it. You can find the list of the top such institutes in the ‘career guide’, depending on the subject of your interest or preference. In this article, we will be discussing how life in such universities can help you grow by making use of its opportunities to the maximum. Here is an article on 7 Advantages of going to a public university.

Minimal Fee

Higher education at private institutions usually costs you a good fortune. Indian students are not mostly self-dependent as they complete their 12th grade. We still have to depend on our parents for our expenses. Whether your family can pay for you or not, it is a matter of privilege to gain admission in a good institution with your hard work rather than gaining a seat in private institutes with the huge donations and fees they ask for.

Good Facilities

The facilities are seldom compromised in the public institutions of India. The libraries will be open for long hours where students can spend their free time enjoying numerous genres of books in addition to the academic textbooks. Students will not require to buy a copy of books on their own since the library will hold all the necessary textbooks and reference material for every subject.
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The science and computer laboratories will also be admirable. Labs will be equipped with high-quality instruments and materials that will help the student to experiment and research with accuracy. Besides, the labs and reading rooms will be open beside the working hours of classes which gives students the flexibility to learn and make use of time.
College Students also have free access to health services including treatment, medicine, and insurance. The fitness training in fitness centers, yoga, and other facilities are also obviously free of cost.

Reputed Faculties

Faculty recruitment in public universities also witnesses a cut-throat competition.  Ph.D. Degree in the concerned discipline, 10 years of working experience, published work of high quality, active engagement in research work, are prerequisites that should be fulfilled to be a professor in a government institute.

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University professors act more like walking libraries, as they impart a lot of knowledge, either through their personal experiences or through their lectures. There is always something new to learn for the students under the shadow of their professors. College professors will never fail at inspiring you and will constantly guide you, become your mentors, and role models. The intriguing discussions that ignite curiosity and passion will want you to never miss out on a lecture.
Their guidance will not only help you with your coursework and studies, but the recommendations from eminent professors will be that of a good weightage whether you choose higher studies or look for a job.

Flexible Rules

Everything you do will be at your own peril! The rules are so flexible such that you can enjoy your friend’s birthday party, have fun at night and return to your hostel room at your convenience. But yes, freedom comes with certain responsibilities! One learns how to manage everything in college.
The universities will not treat you with strict laws that curb your freedom and personal choices. You can wear the dress of your choice, have fun dancing at night with DJs in the open ground, attend classes or miss them as long as you don’t miss the requirement of attendance for writing your finals. These flexible rules will teach you to have responsibility and control over your own lives.

Politics, Clubs and Other extracurricular activities

College life helps us develop our own ideologies and gain a better understanding of the real world. Colleges have many clubs, catering to a student’s knack for interests like poetry, cinema, sports, etc. You can be a part of any of these and improve your skills while having fun with other students who share a common interest. These clubs also organize many events that give you the necessary exposure while adding fun to your college life. These may include film screenings, discussions, cultural festivals, competitions, poetry reading, debates, etc. If you excel at any sport or form of art, the university campus is the best place to improve these skills and earn a name for yourself.

Expert Talks

The university administration and various student organizations conduct seminars, workshops, and talks in collaboration with experts in various fields. Eminent academicians, foreign nationals, politicians, and civil servants are invited to speak and discuss on such campuses. The opportunity to interact with these distinguished personalities or attending these debates and discussions will always leave you with inspiration, curiosity, and the ability to think critically.

Diverse Culture

The universities are full of students hailing from the states of Kashmir to Kanyakumari, who belong to different communities, speak different languages, and follow different cultures. The cultural vibrancies of India is reflected in these premier institutes.
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The ethnocentric attitude inside us is eliminated when we interact with people who belong to diverse backgrounds. It is really important as well as rewarding to form friendships and have a mutual understanding of various cultures. It also helps us improve our social skills. Forming connections across the country may also help you later in life. Some public universities also accommodate foreign students which adds to the cultural richness of the student community on the campus.

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