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8 Tips before booking career counsellor for 11th

In this article, we will be discussing some things to remember before booking a career counsellor for class 11th students – 8 THINGS TO LOOK FOR BEFORE YOU ARE BOOKING A CAREER COUNSELLOR FOR CLASS 11TH Choosing a right career path in your life is very difficult. The quest to shortlist your career options starts battling from the first major turning point of your life, i.e., class 10th and is expected to provide a definite career path before class 11th. It is very difficult for class 11th students to particularly decide what they really want in their life and what can be the perfect career for themselves. In this dilemmatic situation, the role of career counsellor appears like a guardian angel which solves all your queries and provides you with appropriate paths and decisions. However, before blindly believing any counsellor, you need to go through some of the checkpoints in order to get confirmed that you are giving your important life decisions in the right hands and can believe what is right for them.

booking career counsellor


Before going to a career counsellor, you should look for their experience category as well their working background as you cannot give the most important decisions of your life to a person who does not have prior experience or even training. Before booking a career counsellor, you must look for the prior experience and the degrees of the counsellor, preferably from a reputed university. Do not be afraid to ask the counsellor about his/her pieces of training and their degrees as well as their certificates and therapies.


While going for a counselling session or booking a career counsellor, you should know what qualifications your counsellor has. It is important to know in what hands you are providing your career requirements for you. You will be able to get better and proper guidance from those who have some prior experience and appropriate knowledge to provide you with what is right for you.


If you think that you are not getting treated in a proper manner, then you should not continue your sessions over there. Before booking a counsellor for you, you should have a demo session with the counsellor to get to know about him a little bit. You should try to focus on the counsellor’s behaviour to make sure that he behaves well while discussing your problems and provide you with appropriate guidance. If anywhere you feel that the counsellor is having some behavioural issues, do not get a booking and try to look somewhere else.

booking a counsellor

Regular Supervision

It is important to have supervision on what you say in order to understand your problems, your dilemma, and your situation. While getting through a trial session, you should check whether the counsellor is listening to you or not. It should be kept in mind that if you feel that the counsellor is not listening to your views and opinions completely and is trying to make just his/her point, then you should switch it as it would be more comfortable and better to discuss your dilemmatic situation with someone who understands it.


Yes, it is also about your comfort level. Before booking a career counsellor for yourself in class 11th, you should not forget that you should be comfortable with the sessions. First of all, you should make up your mind in order to make sure that whether you actually want to have a career counsellor. If you are unable to get out of your dilemmatic situation, then you should go for booking a career counsellor for you. While booking, you should go through a trial session where you should analyze whether you are comfortable talking about your situation to the counsellor or not.

booking career counsellor

Interaction series

The most crucial part, or we can say the base, is the interaction series. A counselling session can only be successful if you have a sufficient amount of interaction. Your worth of the money, that you paid, can only be utilized if you think you can be interactive with the counsellor without and hesitation or embarrassment and can find an appropriate solution to the dilemma of yours. You can clarify it by yourself from the trial session only whether you will be able to interact with the counsellor or not. So before booking a counsellor in your class 11th, you should keep in mind the analysis of interaction series.

Results and Reviews

Before booking a career counsellor for your guidance in class 11th, you should make a little and proper research about the counsellors. Of all the things, what matters and reveals the most about a career counsellor is their results overview and their reviews. You can get to know a lot about a counsellor before even booking by looking at their reviews and results in percentage. So, before booking, do not forget to look at the results and reviews of the career counsellors.

booking a counsellor for 11th


The environment is one of the things which gets neglected by most of the students. Just as a proper environment is required to focus on your studies, a proper environment is also required a proper counselling session. You cannot expect to have discussions in such important situations, where you are discussing taking some important discussions for your life, between a crowd or where songs are playing loudly or any other disturbance. A proper and calm environment is required for counselling sessions where you can gather up your thoughts to make a decision and understand the guidance of the counsellor too. So, before booking a career counsellor, check about where you will be taking your sessions and whether that environment is suitable for you to be open in discussing your situations.

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