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8 tips for a career in fashion designing after 12th

At a time when most of the students are busy shortlisting their list of desired medical and business colleges, preparing for competitive exams and having their lives revolve around mainstream subjects like math, physics, chemistry, accounting etc., there are plenty of other “misfits” who dare and dream to let their creativity do the work for them. Deciding to pursue a career in fashion designing is nothing short of boldness, with everyone from your peers, parents, and teachers questioning the realistic-ness of your plans. But once you have contemplated and decided that you do, in fact, have a knack for designing and want to use your creative side to achieve your goals, then you have already taken the first step towards your dreams. However, it is not all hunky-dory if you want to make a full-time career out of it that is enough to sustain yourself. In this article we discuss a few tips and tricks of fashion designing career after 12th for making your dream into a reality:

fashion designing career after 12th

Get a degree and some experience

You certainly have had little to no exposure to designing for a living, so the best way to start is to learn it professionally. There are numerous colleges and institutions that offer 3 to 4-year degree in fashion designing as well as shorter courses that will earn you a certificate. A degree though is merely a piece of paper and is of no use until you gain hands-on experience in the field either through internships or working for small businesses. It is therefore important to get industrial exposure before you venture out into the real world.

Accept the fact that you have a long way to go

You cannot expect overnight appreciation and instant stardom when you start working, no matter how talented you are. Much like any other profession, you must start at the bottom, work hard and be okay with that. With the right mindset and strong dedication, you will see better days in your career in the future and that success is an ever-growing process, not a destination.

fashion designing career

Plan and strategize

There exist many ways to go about a fashion designing career after 12th, you can either open your own boutique, work for another brand, or have models strut your work on-ramps. Whatever it is, you ought to know which of the many options you are willing to work on and work towards it. It is important to have a clear strategy because without one it is easy to get lost and lose motivation.

Know your trends, but also the past

Every few months, the fashion industry hooks its audience to something new, be it a fanny pack, retro sunglasses, biker shorts etc. As a professional working in this industry, you must be aware of everything going around you, how you can capitalize on trends but also acknowledge that it is not uncommon for trends to repeat every few decades. Much of the early 90’s fashion is what we come across today and therefore you must acquire good knowledge of the past and present of the industry and ready to work on the future.

career in fashion designing

Create an impressive portfolio

A portfolio to a fashion design student is far important than CVs and resumes. You could have studied in the best designing institute but without a proper, engaging portfolio, it is nearly impossible to find people willing to work with you. Feature your best work into the portfolio let it build over time as it will be the gateway to success.

Find your niche

The fashion industry has a vast scope, and you can certainly not master everything. There are bound to be areas where you are better or work that engages you more. Take this calling and work primarily in what you are good at or what you find more exciting as this will make you more confident in your work.

Be mindful of the business side

Creating a good design is not all of what it takes to be a fashion designing, it is always good to have some knowledge about business and accounting that can help you in making the most of your creativity. If you decide to work with corporate brands, you must know the business strategies that will make you more profitable.

fashion designing career after 12th
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Maintain connections

With the proper network of people, it is much easier to make a name for yourself in your career. Usually, it takes a full-fledged team of designers, sales managers, marketing strategists to put your work out to the world. It is easier to learn and seek advice from people who belong to the same profession and you must know the right people for that.

It is easy to fit into conventional roles and take up jobs that others around you expect you to. But at the end of the day, you must have enough confidence in your capabilities to choose the work that drives you and makes you happy. Do not get sidelined, work on your strengths, work harder on your weaknesses and always be patient. In this article we discussed a few tips and tricks of fashion designing career after 12th for making your dream into a reality:

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