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8tips to stay motivated yourself during the lockdown

Before getting into this topic, I just want to emphasize the purpose of lockdown and the benefit of staying at home. The one who is educated or the one who has common sense can understand the reason behind this. A lockdown is announced by the government in a particular area especially at the time of hazardous events like Storm or an epidemic or pandemic events which are disruptive to health. Let us discuss less about those events history and concentrate more on the current situation. This article will make you stay motivated during the lockdown and give you the strength in COVID 19.

The reason behind this lockdown is due to the spread of a disease-causing virus called ‘Coronavirus’ (COVID 19) which was originated from China in Dec 2019. This caused the loss of many lives in China and later spread into more than 192+ countries in the world due to the travel of COVID 19 infected people from China. At present, more than 2.7 lakhs of people are dead throughout the world. The bad news is that there is no perfect vaccine for this (though very few nations announced they have it, but still they are being tested). So many clinical trials have been done and it might take some time to get the perfect vaccine. (Now the recovery has started in most of the countries due to some alternate methods). To control this spread, every country has announced the lockdown.

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But why lockdown?

As said, it is a virus which is nanometer-sized (10^-9 m). Every virus spreads from one living being to others through some medium. COVID 19 is a virus which spreads from one person to another through the droplets produced as a result of coughing or sneezing of a COVID-19 infected person. If those droplets are touched by a normal person(non-infected) and if entered into that normal person, he will suffer from it by showing symptoms. This can cause the disruption of health.

If there are many people travel with the COVID infected guy, 10%-15% of the people might get affected by the virus. The body doesn’t show any symptoms at the start. If that person travels daily to the working place, imagine how many people might get affected due to that. In heavily populated countries like India and China, the problems due to the effect of the spread of the virus cannot be imagined. The only way to stop this virus until the arrival of the vaccine is to stop the spread of the virus which is done by not contacting anyone. If continued like that, then the affected ones get recovered and no more cases get increased. This can happen when you shut down everything temporarily for a few days until the spread is controlled. This is the real intention behind the lockdown and this successfully worked in China.

Coming to India, the worst affected state’s count is 12-16 out of 29 states. In those 12-16 states, Kerala and Telangana did (doing) a very good job in controlling the spread of the virus by following strict lockdown. Kerala is did(doing) very well compared to Telangana. The people in the remaining states aren’t taking the lockdown seriously and roaming on the roads. That is the reason, the spread of the virus is more in those states.

So, here are some of the tips to stay motivated during the lock down.

Be mentally strong

Considering every point as said above, be mentally strong. Fix your thoughts that the only way to stop this virus is to control the spread of the virus. To control the spread of the coronavirus, none of the people has to go out unless an emergency. So keep updated by the news, check the number of cases and fix your thoughts as said above. (I know what you guys are thinking). Till that time, do your work at home. If you are a student, do your college work at home. If you are a job holder, get work from home. If you are a non-computer worker and don’t know computer work (if less financially stable and less educated), then you have to wait until the further notice by the gov. Non-computer workers have to save money and get all the essentials and stay at home. Follow all the safety precautions.

stay motivated in lockdown

Become zero to hero

This is one of the main points. I think there are many people, who didn’t get time to explore something in their previous days or want to explore something in the future, who want to learn the skill they don’t have previously or want to revise, who want to learn new skills, learn to new methods, improvise themselves, to achieve something etc., This is the period where you can start doing what you want/ed to do. For example, some of you want to learn Cloud computing, Embedded Systems or any of your interests at some time. This is the time to learn, achieve what to want to. Try taking any course online and gain enough knowledge. Some of the people might want to learn any language, improvise in that. This is the best time to do. One can even learn new techniques to earn money by various methods available online. There are many Affiliate Marketing groups globally in Facebook, Telegram etc.,

There are many things which are required for you to improvise yourself and become a hero in them. So, never waste this time and utilize this mostly to learn new things. This tip will help you how to stay motivated during the lockdown.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle 

A healthy lifestyle should be always maintained regardless of the lockdown. As said in the above point, try starting a new habit of doing exercises like warm-ups, Yoga, etc., If you are karate, boxing etc., student, continue that practice daily (of course these people do). But, one can start doing from online videos. You can even get a personal trainer online to make a start. If you have the habit to go gym daily, then do those exercises now at home (especially who have started going to the gym).

Eat healthy food like dal, curd, leady vegetables etc., especially which are protein and carbohydrate-rich foods. Eat 3-4 times a day. Drink liquids like juices daily.

(I know many of the people who work hard daily, get strained daily, feel like a relaxation period. Off course yes, you can relax at this time by not travelling, taking more rest, which is required. It is difficult to wake up early for many of the people and exercise. At least exercise or play some sport at home in the evening. Like Table Tennis, Badminton, etc., which involves body movement). This will always keep you healthy and active. This tip will help you how to stay motivated during the lockdown.

Practice ways to get peace of mind

In these times of crisis especially, one’s mind is filled with many negative things happening around the world. Specifically, the news about COVID suffering people. Even some other bad news makes you upset, disturbed mentally, irritated, annoyed, saddened and have a loss of mental peace. So, try to watch the news once at 3-4 hour intervals of time or watch at once per every quarter of the day like once at Morning, Afternoon, Evening and the night.

Try to listen to peaceful music, listen to the sacred mantras of your religion, read holy books, peace stories. Watch Ramayana and Mahabharatha which are being telecasted on the TV. Make your mind pure by reading the sacred mantras. Read the preachings of Buddha. Practice meditation and keep your mind calm. Sleep at least 7 hours per day during the night time. This tip will help you how to stay motivated during the lockdown

stay motivated during lockdown

Play Indoor games

Always refresh your brain by playing indoor games amid lockdown. Depending on the weather outside or in the morning or evenings, try to play indoor games with your family. Play games like Carroms, Chess, Table Tennis etc., Even you can read books, novels etc., Make your mind refreshed by playing or reading. Even play fun games like ludo, bowling, etc. This tip will help you how to stay motivated during the lockdown

Watching movies and playing computer games

There are many people who like watch movies, TV Series, Web Series. Even many people want to play games on the computer. My suggestion regarding this is to spend a limited amount of time on these things. Don’t stare at the screen from morning to night spending 12-16 hours a day. Even play games for less time and do other work which gains your knowledge. Watch movies or any series, not more than 5-7 hours a day. That too not continuously but at some intervals of time.  You can play games like Chess, Quiz games etc., to increase your knowledge.

Even try to play mobile or any other games for some time and try to do things which makes you a professional, wealthy person. At least spend less time on computer screens even if you don’t do anything. This tip will help you how to stay motivated during the lockdown

Spend time fully with your family or friends

In the normal days, there will be less time to spend time with your family. Especially, there will be less time to sit and talk, share your experiences, etc., with your family. This is happening nowadays a lot due to overtime at their office, heavy work, etc., That is why this is the time to utilize to talk, crack jokes with your family.  There is a lot of time available to share your experiences now. Nowadays, even the students got a lot of work to do. Even every kid is addicted to mobile nowadays which is a very bad habit. They play games after coming home and speak less with their families. You might play games, stay in social media etc., after returning home and find less time to spend with your family.  This is the time to step out of the problem of addiction. Just put that thing aside and speak with your parents, siblings, relatives etc., Even spend time with your friends and share their experiences with them. Spend limited time on computers.

Get rid of your bad habits now and get control of yourself. Read motivational stories, blogs, science blogs, blogs relating to your interest and gain knowledge. This tip will help you how to stay motivated during the lockdown

stay motivated during lockdown

Social service

Try to do social service like donations if you are financially strong or less strong. If you are unable to help by donating, try to go as a volunteer and help as many people as you can by joining any organization which helps the needy. There are many online websites where you can join as a volunteer. Motivate others, educate the poor by spreading the awareness of the situation, inculcate the effects of the virus and how to overcome the problems associated with it.  The police who work hard daily may not lend hands in everything to help. If any external helping hand added to them would reduce the burden of handling problems which is possible by helping as a volunteer. This tip will help you how to stay motivated during the lockdown

So, if you cannot support by finance, you can help by becoming a volunteer.

Before concluding, what I want to inculcate is that there are more than 70% of educated people in India, which tells that there are people who know the situation and be able to understand it. They can understand the effects of the virus on the body. They have the sense to be safe from this panic situation. Presently there is no vaccine for the disease and may take 4-5 months to arrive. The only way is to control the spread of the virus as said in the introduction part. To flatten the curve by stopping the spread of the virus.

Imagine if 9000 people got affected by the virus without knowing. If those people roam in public, it will increase to 10,000 and more. It could get worst if the people continue to roam. Therefore, to control the spread of the virus, the only way is to stay at home. The incubation period of the virus to show symptoms is 3-14 days. If the people stay at home when the COVID cases are 9000 in number, then after 15 days, the affected ones will get admitted to the hospital and the rest will be safe. Still, if they continue to roam, then everyone has to follow a very strict lockdown for extra 15-20 days until there are no more cases left.

Many educated people said to stop the lockdown and go out and start earning. If educated ones speak those words, what about uneducated ones and what about the poor people who cannot bear the expenses. Everyone has to stand on one point that everyone has to stay at home until the curve gets flattened. If there are more than 99.5% of the cases getting controlled and no more new cases increasing, then people can carry out their works by taking mandatory precautions. That is the reason, stay at home until the situation gets controlled to 99%.

It could worse if not followed the rules.

So, those are my tips and advice to motivate yourself during lockdown.

Hope this blog helps you more.

Thank you for reading…

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