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Top 10 Career Opportunities for Graduates in Media Industry-USA

In this blog you will be getting an insight into the top 10 Career Opportunities In Media Industry In the USA. A career in media does not only mean acting and directing. Career in the media industry is a vast topic. And the list of top career option goes so,

Now have sneak peek to all of the above career opportunities.

Interpreter or Translator 

As the name suggests, the role of the Interpreter or Translator is to just translate the script form one language to another. For this he or she must be proficient in both the languages i.e. one, in which the original script is written and the other language is the resulting script’s language. Interpreter or Translator must be good at grammar and style of both the languages. Interpreter or Translator must be efficient in writing skills of both languages. The Average Pay of the Interpreter or Translator is $48365 a year.

Film or Video Editor

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A Film or Video Editor captures a raw video and transforms it to finished final edited video. The growing online video contents implies the increase in the demand for Film or Video Editor. The Film or Video Editor has to be creative at adding new video elements. To be a Film or Video Editor person must possess a degree of film or broadcasting and must have the knowledge of usage of video editing software. The Average pay of a Film or Video Editor is $42,814 per year.

Technical Writer

The work of the Technical Writer is to create all technical documents like user manuals, Quick reference guides, social media posts, press releases, web pages, etc.. To qualify for this post the person must possess a bachelor’s degree and some technical experience. The average pay of a technical writer is $57,282 a year.

Video Producer

Video Producer acts a manager and helper of every aspect of video production starting from location setting, script writing, budget setting, etc.. Video Producer communicate with the team during each and every step. This work needs good communication skill and knowledge about every part of the video production starting from shooting, script writing, finance,etc.  The Average pay of a video producer is $53,891 a year.

Public Relations Specialist

The role of Public Relation Specialist is to advertise company’s product or services by the use of media strategies. The person opting for the job must possess a good communication skill and must be efficient in talking about the advantages of the concerned product or services. They help the concerned company or client to interact with the public and maintain the company’s image by using company logos.  The  average pay of a public relations specialists is $53,097 a year.


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A blogger’s job is to create engaging contents with respect to the concerned company to draw attention of the readers on different search engines like Google and more. They must be efficient in written skill and while writing they must keep in mind the company’s guidelines and also the social media and SEO principles. The national average pay of a blogger is  $33,061 a year.

Sound Engineer

Sound Engineer’s work is to record sounds and also to maintain the sound recording equipment. They work in recording studios, theaters, stadiums, etc. They must have good insight about the usage of the sound recording equipment. The national average pay of a sound engineer is $56,110 a year.

Art Director

An Art Director works in the domain of advertising with the help of visual concepts. They work in print media, online media or television media, etc.. Art Directors can be photographers, graphic designers or illustrators. They must be efficient in communication and management of a team of artists. The average pay of an art director is $99,464 a year.

Content Strategist

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The role of the Content Strategist is to analyze the company or client’s objectives and prepare an applicable plan and prepare a relevant contents. The average pay of a content strategist is $73,309 per year.

Social Media Specialist

The job of the Social Media Specialist is to plan, manage and monitor the company’s social media marketing strategy. They must work in the way to increase sales, advertise the brand and improve marketing of the company. Along with the bachelor’s degree they need to have thorough knowledge about the usage of different social medias like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. for efficient marketing. The average salary of social media specialist is $35644 a year.

So, now this the end of the blog Top 10 Career options in Media Industry In The USA after Graduation.

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