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Adoption of stray animals is a growing practice among the youth

The adoption of strays is a noble thought in itself. How nice to give someone a sense of belonging, a place to stay? It is very easy to talk of good deeds and unavailability of resources at the same time, but it does take a bare minimum to adopt a stray- whether a dog or a cat and give them the opportunity to live a healthy life. Today, the idea of adopting stray dogs have been more in conversation than ever. Earlier people were not very open to the idea of adopting stray dogs as it made most people feel uncomfortable and worry how will the strays fit in a home environment. But today’s youth has discarded any such negativity revolving around the idea of adopting stray dogs. Yes, there is always the option of buying a foreign breed and grooming it. But the fact that even our indigenous strays need care has been brought in by today’s youth. They have realized a sense of the importance of the strays. Today the young adults are more compassionate than ever towards these poor animals.

adopting stray dogs

One of the biggest reasons for this change in behavior towards the strays has been the rising level of animal cruelty. Almost every day a news story headlines about animal cruelty- either an animal is beaten up or raped or even killed. As much as mankind is becoming evil towards these poor creatures, the more are these young adults realizing the importance of them. It cannot be a stray dog’s fault for growing up as a stray. The animals are just another living creature just like the humans themselves. We do not have the right to authorize our superiority over such harmless creatures. And if at all anything is happening for good, it is this realization among today’s young adults.

The youth’ divisive role in social activism

As much as this generation is ridiculed for being over users of the internet and just swiping through their social media handles, this is not just about that. Today’s youth has been taking more part in social activism than ever. They are adequately informed about the evil practices in the society and collectively they stand against it as and when required. It is their social activism that has brought in a considerable change in the way we see stray animals.

adopting stray dogs

Today’s youth who are aware of any changes in technology and any recent update is also aware of making use of it today their best advantage. Animal cruelty has been a talk of the town because of their social activism only. Be it any form, if the news spreads of social media, the youth ensures the culprit is caught and brought down by the law. If not for this generation, maybe we wouldn’t have ever realized how mean humankind actually was. We needed a change, and they are in the process of bringing it.

With the use of posts, hashtags and twitter and Instagram accounts the youth circulates any violation against animal rights. They come together and talk about issues that are not right and just in the part of humanity. If not for their collective efforts, many inhuman people would have never got the punishment they deserved.

7 Reasons why you should adopt a stray dog

First off, you do not need a reason to adopt a stray dog. Petting a stray dog is no rocket science. It requires equal efforts to petting any other foreign breed dog. However, what you feel about petting a street dog is what that’s actually important. It is important to treat all animals equally despite their kind and breed like we should do in the case of humans. However, if you’re still looking for a reason, here are a few :

  • • It will give them a home. Stray dogs have nowhere to go, no exact place to eat, and sometimes even no means to be alive. Adopting a stray means giving them a better life.
  • • It is as fulfilling as having any other pet. Having a pet is like having a best friend and to think stray dogs cannot be your best friend, is nothing but disgusting.
  • • If you notice stray dogs follow you if you over them a little food or caress them. That is the amount of loyalty they have towards someone they just met.
  • • Dogs are not objects. Buying dogs just to keep them as a show or for entertainment is not the right way to treat another living being.
  • • Some may argue that street dogs are not pretty or fancy enough. If you love dogs you’d never judge them based on their looks.
  • • If you ever thought of doing a good deed for someone, this is your queue.
adopting stray dogs

Understand that most of the foreign breeds do not even suit the national climate. Why buy dogs just for show when you can actually adopt one and caress them in return of plain love and loyalty?


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