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More about impostor syndrome

Hey readers, if you want to know about imposter syndrome, you are in the right place. Today I’m going to talk about a less known mental health condition which you may or may not know about. So today’s topic is about impostor syndrome. Let’s get started. Though before starting, I would like to say that impostor syndrome is not a mental illness but as it is associated with lack of self-confidence or low esteem, so it falls under the category of mental health condition.

What exactly is impostor syndrome?

Impostor syndrome is basically explained as a psychological state in which a person often tends to have so many doubts with themselves, specifically in their skills, talents or accomplishments. Also, they have an unnecessary internalized fear of the fact that people may call them as a fraud.

So now I’m going to talk about few signs and symptoms through which you can identify whether you have impostor syndrome. So please read this article till the end in order to not miss some knowledge about such an interesting topic.

They believe that they are fake and others are going to find out the same thing very soon

Yeah, it sounds odd because even a toxic person believes deeply that they are not fake. But when it comes to a person having impostor syndrome, it’s totally the opposite because they feel like that they don’t deserve success in spite of the fact that they must have worked hard to achieve the same. They may think that they are the most under the knowledgeable person in the entire group of friends circle or work field. They always feel like people are just going to identify them as fake. Now, this fear of getting exposed as a fake person actually lands then up into depression and anxiety which may worsen their mental health.

They always believe that their luck played the role

It’s true that we all believe in luck, specially when we work hard and give our 100% percent to achieve it but still don’t get it. At that moment what we do is to blame our luck or envy the luck of the person who actually won without hardworking (well, we assume that they didn’t work hard but actually they may have done so). Though, when it comes to a person having impostor syndrome, the person may think that they are lucky enough to achieve something that they don’t deserve.

This belief makes them more low esteemed by thinking that their luck won’t be always on their favour and can never achieve those gains in future. So basically they think that it’s not their hard work but the luck which played its role. But you see, it’s not as simple as we think. Though a lot of people may think like this when it comes to a person having impostor syndrome, they actually feel guilty about themselves thinking that they won’t be able to achieve anything like the same in future because they don’t have the qualities or qualifications for that.

They believe in the fact that anyone can do something if they can

Let me share a funny story with you first. If you have read my articles before then you must have seen that I’ve mentioned so many times that if I can do it, then even you can right? So does it mean that I have impostor syndrome too? Well not exactly, but to some extent I tried to convey that even people with the lowest of their self esteem can overcome something they want to. Now the fact regarding people having impostor syndrome is that people think that there’s nothing special in them for which others will remember them except for being fake.

As a result, due to excess lack of self-confidence, they think that if they can do something then anyone else on earth can do the same, or rather better. So the fact is that we may say in front of others than we are not anything, but deep down we have that confidence in ourselves to achieve something. But in case of a person having impostor syndrome, they just are afraid of the fact that they are the biggest failures in this entire universe.

A small note to the readers

If you think you can relate to this article or you suspect that you have impostor syndrome then let me tell you something, no one on earth can achieve their goals without hard work. And those who get everything in life, never have goals, and always seem to have an incomplete life. So it’s a good thing that you have goals and it’s not only your luck that is in your favour to achieve them, but also your hard work that has the stairs for you to reach your goals. And to be very honest, everyone in this world is fake, so no one is bothered to expose your fakeness because they know if they do so then they will also get exposed someday. So keep calm and work hard to be more successful and enjoy your life instead of stressing out. Thank you.

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