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In this article, we will look at various aspects of social media.

Social media: Boon Or Bane?

What comes to your mind when you hear “Social media”? Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and many such sites right? Since the last decade, social media platforms have been spread like a forest fire. It is the way of making the world interconnected due to which the world can grow together and the resources reach the right person who is in need of those resources.

Most of the population uses social media for various purpose like getting connected with friends, sharing thoughts, getting information and lot more things. Social media is helpful sometimes but it can or rather clearly has a negative impact on people also.

Has it become an obsession?

Youth nowadays uses social media to a very large extent which is slowly and steadily deteriorating the thinking power of their mind. People sometimes just randomly put anything on social media which many times becomes an issue.

Looking good on social media has become more important for people rather than being good in real life. Increasing followers has become a goal for people which they have to achieve at any cost. Competing with others in case of followers, likes and shares has become the new trend and everyone wants to follow it without even thinking twice.

Many of them feel like it is a target to their self-esteem and ego if they don’t post good photos or share useless content.

Positive side

It is positive in many ways like we can connect to people to whom we can’t reach out in person, we can share good thoughts, get to know about important information, spreading awareness for certain issues, marketing for our business, making the world know about your talent so that it reaches the right person, our start-up business can b promoted on social media so that it reaches up to a large number of population and benefit us.

We can anytime contact the respective person for any kind of help or for various job opportunities and many more. We can stay connected with our closed ones. Social media gives the platform to the introverts to express themselves and share their amazing ideas openly and let the world know what is going on in their minds.

Profit percentage of various companies has increased since their business has gone online and promotions have been made on social media as it reaches to a large audience as compared to when the business is offline.

Students many times get useful information that can be highly informative for them can help them to grow. They may also get in touch with teachers other than their school or college teachers for getting help in case of any doubts or something.

But some people have made it negative

They use social media for spreading negativity like people try to gain details of a person and use it in wrong ways. We have seen many cases where the details like date of birth address photos, contact details that we put on our social media are being misused by some people. People are very much engaged in these activities.

It is seen that the younger generation spends almost 70% of their time on social media, this leads to many physical and mental issues. If one is unable to prove himself good on social media he or she may suffer from depression, anxiety attacks and various other mental disorders. We have seen cases where people have committed suicide just because they were not able to gain few likes or are unable to show themselves as a good personality or unable to become a popular person Many relationship’s break due to overexposure to social media, trust issues are majorly responsible for this.

People get too much involved on social media for useless matters also that affects not only them but also to others who are involved with them.


In the teenage days we go through a lot of changes in various aspects as in case of brain development and body development and also our emotions are on peak due to hormonal changes that may result in weird behaviour like stress, anger, rage, love, affection and many more. Due to all this, our thinking power is at stake and this is the age where we get involved in social media and take everything personally which may result in getting involved in inappropriate actions that can harm us and many of them who are related to us.

This is the age where need to focus on our career and work hard to fulfil our dreams that we have thought of. Rather than using it for useless things like chatting, sharing memes or sharing inappropriate content, we should use social media for our benefit and make the best use of it.

“Social media can be both bane and boon… It depends on us how we use it”

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