In this growing era of social media in teenagers and students, it is necessary to know whether social media does more positive or negative to mental health. According to a report from the Pew Research Center, almost 95% of teens have smartphones, and about 75% of teens are on various social networking sites and, about 85% are on YouTube. Here we will discuss some positive ways of how social media helps students- 

Gains more extensive knowledge

By using social media and other online platforms students for study and in their field of interest, students can gain additional education. In addition to regular classroom education, they can attend online courses of their interest that can help them in their careers. Students stay updated about the latest news as social media is very dynamic. 

Promotes social upliftment

Through social media, many people raise issues that are of concern. Various posts, articles and, reports are there on social upliftment by writers to raise the issue like social inequality, racism, gender inequality, etc. After reading such posts, students get aware of the problems and many times help those in need. Also, these students are future, and well aware citizens always lead to upliftment and equality.   

This image shows how social media helps students communicate through the world.

It helps to enhance communication

Social media connects people no matter what the distance is between them. Social media also supports students to unite with other students from different schools and colleges, and they can share their knowledge and friendship over the virtual system. Many students who move from their native place gets a chance to reconnect with their friends over the internet.  It is a very positive way of how social media helps students as they can stay in contact with their friends.

Online learning

Various online lectures by famous lecturers are present online, and students across the globe attend them. Various online lecture series are available at a small cost that lets the students study something extra apart from their regular courses. Students sometimes are interested in additional subjects apart from the courses they are pursuing. As a result, they can many times pursue these online courses as their hobby. Various courses for competitive examinations are also available for students at a very reasonable rate.

This image shows how students can get information easily from social media.

Easy to get the information

After social media and the internet, it is easy to get information on any subject with less effort. All the latest inventions and news are one click away from the users. Users are not required to stock the information for future use as they can get it again. In the times before the internet, people used to store newspapers for news and future requirements. On the other hand, now they can have access to all the information by just a click.

Helps to stay connected

Students can communicate and share their views through various social networking sites, irrespective of their location. Students can connect to professors of different schools and colleges for lectures and seminars. In addition, students can take online guidance and support from well-known coaches across the globe who are masters in their fields.

To accomplish career goals

Many students do not have facilities to achieve their goals where they live. By online platforms, they can study and complete various courses of their requirement that helps them get jobs in the future. Many times it is not possible for a student to leave their home for further studies, and through online mode, they complete courses from their home. 

Increases understanding

Through social media, students also understand human behavior more closely. As on social media, people share their point of view and have discussions. As a result, it enhances the social intelligence of students as they observe and communicate with various kinds of people on social media. 

This image shows how students can learn from social media.

Additional opportunities for teachers

Teachers get more opportunities to reach out to a large number of students through online medium. Students far away can reach out to teachers through online mode to discuss various topics. Teachers can prepare online video lectures that are accessible on YouTube and other online platforms. Through which they can also earn money. Online teaching can also be a career option for young educators.

More innovative

Research on the effect of social media on students is carried out by institutes. As there is a rise in the use of social media in teenagers. One research has shown that students who are frequent users of social media are more innovative and exhibit better memory. It opens up new avenues for researching, encouraging students to get creative and think outside the box – which in an age where innovation is highly prized, can go far! 

Students learn more from graphics and images, and through social media. As a result, student’s imagination enhances, and they find their studies more interesting. 

These were some positive ways of how social media helps students mental health that enhances their understanding and interest in their studies. Doing anything in excess is never a good thing. And spending too much time on social media is very hazardous to student’s mental health. Hence it is necessary to educate students about how to use social media. So that they can get the best use of it for their career and personal development.



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