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Top 10 Career Options for Graduates in US

Career Options available in any geography is based on current requirement of the businesses or ‘industries’ in a particular region. Any person desirous of making a living would certainly like to weigh in all the available options before investing his time and money. Any job/occupation which is booming today may become obsolete 10 years down the line due to technology upgrade and other such factors. Therefore, it is very important to identify career options that will be in demand down the line to avoid any difficulties later on in one’s middle age when learning a new skill would be difficult. Here in this article, we will list out ten sectors and their corresponding career options which have been identified as having very high demand by the year 2028 by ‘US Department of Labor’. Although, various blue-collar jobs like construction labourers, janitors, cleaners, housemaids, Truck Drivers, Chauffeurs, Cooks, Hotel Staff, etc. have also been listed to remain in demand in the report, but here we have listed career options in which Graduates of various streams can find suitable well-paid options.  


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An evergreen sector and jobs / occupations related to healthcare are always in demand and have been rightly identified with highest potential for growth. Qualified Nurses and Home Health Aides have been projected as most in demand followed by Medical Technicians, Physiotherapists, Medical Assistants, etc. Apart from these, Specialist Medical Practitioners and Orthodontists have also been mentioned as being projected in high in demand and having highest compensation / earning potential however pursuing a career to become qualified medical practitioner or dentist entails more expense and is very competitive as compared to other career options in healthcare field.

Information Technology

Jobs related to information technology like Software Developers, Application Developers, Internet Systems Security Analysts, Support Technicians etc have been projected to be in demand. These fields are in demand as on today and it appears that they may not become obsolete in the near future however, candidates need to update their skills with evolving trends in the industry.


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Education teachers in the fields of arts, communications, and humanities teachers, the postsecondary level has been identified with the demand of around 30% by 2028. Teachers of other fields and levels including specialist teachers have been identified with great potential and demand.


Jobs/occupations related to Business Management, Compliance, Business Analysts by Corporate and Businesses will still be in bloom due to globalization and industrialization world-over. Mega Corporate of US are expected to continue with dominance globally in terms of presence and acquisitions in almost all fields thereby requirement of efficient business managers across different sectors would be very high.


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Finance Jobs/occupations related to Financial Officers, Accounting Operations, Compliance, Audits and Financial Analyst are expected to continue remain in high demand. Financial professionals are basically expected to analyse, advise and assist in money management by way of cash flow, Accounts management, taxation etc.

Architecture, Engineering& Construction

Jobs/occupations related to Architecture, Engineering and Construction are projected to remain in demand till 2028 and thereafter. Professional Architecture and Engineering graduates are most sought after and will remain in demand in future. Apart from professional graduates, even candidates with diploma in technical engineering are lucrative and will be required by various industries. Construction related workers with technical qualifications and commensurate experience also remain in demand.

Marketing & Advertising

Jobs/occupations related to Marketing, Advertising and Promotions will remain in demand. Sales are the main drivers of any Business which can only be achieved by right mix of marketing and promotion of the products. Personnel involved in Marketing assess the need and demand of any products in the particular region and determine appropriate strategy to create interest in the target product in the market. Digital marketing and promotion 

Social Services

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Social Services Jobs/occupations related to the provision of various therapy services like Psychotherapists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, etc. would always remain in demand and are well-paid.

Mathematics / Data Analysts

Graduates with proven skills in Mathematics and statistics will remain in high demand by both corporate and government for carrying out and complex data analysis and calculations for determining trends and forecasting. Candidates would get jobs in fields related to actuary, economics, statistics, mathematics, data analysis, etc.

Science (Biosciences, Geology & Research)

Research in Biochemistry, Genetic Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Nuclear Sciences, Epidemiology, Geology are forever in demand and are very highly paid. Initially, eligible graduates are admitted in Universities / Institutes of repute for higher studies as research scientists, later on qualified scientists are absorbed by various Corporate / Non-corporate for further research.

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