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Top 10 Career Options in Fine Arts for graduates in US

A Fine Arts degree is more than enough to make rooms for various career opportunities. The mindset of a student should be clear about why they want to select a particular career or degree. There are different agendas in the minds of students before selecting a career. After selecting a high school diploma a student can easily begin their Bachelor of fine arts (BFA). According to the knowledge of the National Association of Schools of Arts and Design (NASAD). There are approximately 310 fine art colleges in the United States. Before choosing this career option one should be firm and clear with a specific program in fine arts. Fine art careers include a wide variety of options with itself. Therefore, it is said to be a broad concept. There are varieties of programs available such as drawing, painting, photography, interior design, music, teaching and many more. East coast in the United States has more offers to fashion, sculptures and architecture in states such as California and Washington. BFA is for the students in the United States who are looking forward for professional education in visual arts. There is tremendous diversification in career options in fine arts.

Following are the top 10 career options in Fine Arts for US graduates


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Actors perform, act, or role-play in any specific productions. Acting is a kind of performing arts and is more popular among various performing arts. It has a very long history. However, along with change in time the techniques of acting has changed and it is said to be a complicated and competitive field. Actors are the one who portray themselves in to different characters. It requires great research and practice. However, most actors start their careers during school days or perform in arts school.

Fashion Designer

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Fashion Designers are said to be more creative. They use design and art techniques on clothing to make outfit more unique and beautiful. Their initial steps include understanding the consumer tastes and choices than they will draw and sketch their plans or patterns of outfit. Their roles and responsibilities include either sketching the concept on paper or placing the fabric or accessories over mannequin. At present fashion designing profession has gained lots of demand and popularity. It has more demand in the glamorous world.  Also, it can be exciting to see someone wearing your designed and planned outfit. Becoming a successful fashion designer requires lots of talents, knowledge of fabric, patience and creativity.

Graphic Designer

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If you are planning to be a graphic designer, you will be designing or creating logos, digital ads, brand campaigns etc. A graphic designer can also work as a freelance graphic designer and can create in house designs for the company. Many companies need something unique to make their brand successful which requires a company logo, business cards and all branded materials. The role of graphic designers is to choose a suitable colors, spacing, fonts and creative ideas to make the product look unique and attractive. Companies such as start-ups, restaurants, boutiques need funky, fresh and unique ideas for logo, packaging and business cards to attract customers. Graphic designers combine their creativity with technology make a product or brand complete and ready.

Web Designers

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After graphic designer next comes the role of web designer, graphic designer makes the brand ready whereas web designer gives the brand online experience. A Web designer first understands the need of their client as to how they want their website to look or perform and accordingly design the website.

Web Developers

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Web developers are the experts who build the website. Both web designers and web developers work simultaneously. The web designers look after the design and the web developers have in-depth knowledge of JavaScript, HTML to code the website. Web developers are the professionals and they need to stay updated with software. They are skilled at CSS, Word press, HTML, GIT, and other software.

Interior Designers

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An interior designer with its creativity and artistic nature helps the client to decorate their interior spaces. They are the trained artists and expertise in the field of design. F you are planning to select career option as interior designer then you will be headed with following responsibilities such as advising the client with design topics, work within the budget and be resourceful and creative.


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Photographers have immense passion over photography. They require two important skills i.e. taking pictures and editing pictures. To be a pro in this field you need to have both the skills, whether you are aerial photographer or portrait photographer.

Tattoo Artists

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They are the skilled practitioners who design and apply artwork to the skin of the clients. It is the oldest art form. It gives modification to the appearance of the body. Tattoo artists are the professionals who apply tattoos. They create artwork on client’s body as per client’s choice and demand. Tattoo artists are in excellent demand in some places and receive handsome money depending upon the size and kind of tattoo.


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Music is an art which includes combination of both vocal and instrumental sounds which express the emotional feelings. It has different forms and styles; it includes folk music, jazz and many more. The music in United States reflects the country’s ethnic population. There are various scopes for musicians over worldwide.


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This is again a great career option which further gives ample opportunities. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statics architects earn approximately $89,560 as of 2019.

Students having creative talents would love to choose career which allows them to use their creativity, skills and passion to find jobs. 

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