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Extracurricular Activities For Class 9th

Extracurricular activities for the 9th students are the activities that we choose to do other than our regular school schedule; it’s an extra academic activity, performed by students. These are not obligatory but are valuable in developing the skills of the students. Extracurricular activities are the skills that boost leadership skills, socialization, making new friends, creating a healthy environment & help in self-development. Extracurricular activities can be anything for 9th students; it doesn’t require any high paid amount.


Extracurricular activities

Debate is an important extracurricular activity that helps in the advancement of an individual. Debate is a part of everyday life, whether when talking to friends, family, colleagues, or any other individual. Most people make an unpredicted statement when in a conversation which leads to disagreement among each others and results in an argument rather than a logical discussion. This logical discussion is the debate. In some schools, debate or speech has been a part of a curricular and not an extra-curricular but there has been an exception in everything so some schools conduct debate club as an extra-curricular which lets the student acquire learning. This also helps in your personal growth. Debating also increases your knowledge and is also a mechanism to resolve disagreements. Thus, debate is a part of your development and also makes your time conscious. 


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Sports refer to the large variety of games, ranging from tribal to mainstream games. Sports are a type of extracurricular activity that builds leadership qualities, and team management brings positive results to your physical health. Sports are one of the best extracurricular activities, as it keeps you enthusiastic, fresh, healthy & cheerful. Doing exercise increases blood flow to the brain and helps the body build more connections between nerves, leading to raised attention, enhanced memory, and boosted creativity. It builds confidence. It improves mental health, and lung functioning & relieves stress. It triggers chemicals in the brain which makes you feel happier & makes you feel relaxed. Playing sports regularly helps students to relax, and overcome tension and sorrow. 

There are types of sports played:

Indoor sports:-

  • chess, carom, cards, table tennis, etc

Outdoor sports:- 

  •  cricket, football, baseball, hockey, etc


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“Music is life, That’s why our hearts have beaten”. Music is an art, whose medium is sound. Music is also a form of entertainment. Music is a way of expressing emotions. Music gives peace of mind, it helps in pain relief. Music is also one of the best extracurricular activities as it reduces stress & anxiety. There are Nemours instruments which you can learn. Music is an innovative medium that allows people from all backgrounds to express themselves. It also helps you convey feelings. Music plays an important role in our life as it gives us a way of amusement. There is a lot of popularity of classical to western music. There is a career in this field, where your voice & your composition can reach millions of hearts. So music as an extracurricular activity is a lot worth it. 


Extracurricular activities

Cooking is one of the most mandatory skills that an individual must have. It is the art of adding taste, flavor, and beauty to food. Every one of us has cravings for delicious food.” The smell of cooking food is calming”. Sanjeev Kapoor is a well-known chef in India & everyone is fond of his tasty recipe. Cooking is also an extracurricular activity in which both boys & girls can participate. Learning cooking is one of the best things, as you can cook healthy food at home. Learning to cook is an essential life skill that we should all possess. Learning cooking utilizes your time and energizes you as well. Most people go to expensive restaurants to satisfy their cravings because they do not know anything about cooking. So it also maintains your allocation under control. Learning cooking will also help your mother. You can help her with the cuisines. Different cooking techniques include- baking, roasting, boiling, frying, smoking & steaming. Learning cooking will help you understand world cultures, customs & flavors. You also learn a life skill which is eating healthy. Cooking brings joy.


Learning Languages

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Learning languages has been trending all over the world presently as people who love to travel to different countries cannot speak a country’s native language so they learn their languages and make it their passion. Learning languages can be both a hobby and an extracurricular activity, it depends on an individual’s choice. In various educational institutions, language clubs are there which tell the importance of learning a language. Learning a different language has a lot of scope as one can go to another country for career growth. India is a country with vast linguistic diversity. Learning different languages is considered a skill. Everyone around is learning foreign languages, I suggest that learning the languages of our country is also important. Learning different languages will enrich your life. Not all students move abroad for jobs; maximum students get jobs in their native only & face language problems when they are transferred to different states. Learning a language will not only boost your intellect but also make your time cognizant Hence learning different languages is also important.

Art & craft

Extracurricular activities

Art & Craft should be a vital part of extracurricular activities and should be prioritized by parents and educational institutions.

Art & craft describe a wide of things which are made with your own hands. Art & craft is a skill & the articles made are much in high demand in the market. There was a time when art & craft was given so much importance but today’s academic pressure has been discarded. The value of handmade articles has more value as their manpower & skills required are High. These include pottery metalwork & knitting to printing. Learning art & craft helps the students to build creative skills, and they start to think like designers. Taking art & craft as extracurricular gives practical knowledge about manual skills. It also promotes creativity, confidence, patience, determination & accountability.


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It looks like something you are intense about. Thus, photography is an extracurricular activity. Photoshoot the craziness is reaching its peaks. Photography is also an art & photographers are in high demand. Photography is the skill of applying & creating durable images using electromagnetic radiation on a light-sensitive material known as photographic film. Besides academics, there are a lot of students to is a die-hard fan of photography. Photography has been a passion for a lot of people. There are a lot of photography clubs conducted in many educational institutions which let students learn about photography. Photography builds a creative nature & a new vision to look at the world. It even lets you have endless prospects for practice and enjoyment on social and academic occasions. They will be able to learn things that are fascinating to them & the things which are not enjoyable.


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Dance is the rhythmic movements of hands & legs with the beats of the song. Dance is a form of expressing emotions like happiness, joy & sadness. Dance provides the joy of learning, invents communication skills, and boosts creative and critical thinking. Practicing dance leads to better coordination, increases physical fitness, and improves mental health. Learning dance is a skill as your body movements have to match the beats of the song. It promotes good health, decreases blood pressure, helps in proper circulation, strengthens the muscles & other positive benefits.

In this article, you got to know about some extracurricular activities for class 9th students these skills boost leadership skills, socialization, making new friends, and creating a healthy environment.


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