Top 7 Colleges For Media Studies In India

If you want to know about the top colleges for media studies in India, you are in the right place. The influence of media in our daily lives is soaring day by day. It acts as not just the provider of information, but also scrutinises our lives and entertains us. The transformation from print to digital media have aided its impact. Media also helps in transforming and transmitting culture. Surveillance, Correlation, Cultural transmission and entertainment are the four functions of media. Taking a course on media will be the best option for students who are interested in HOWs and WHYs of communication. After completion of the course, there are various career opportunities like journalism, public relation officer, freelancer, media consultant etc.

In this article, we will look at the top colleges in India where you can do the course related to media and mass communication.

Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), New Delhi

IIMC Delhi was established as an autonomous institution in 1965. IIMC has five regional centres across India. It offers 6 courses across one stream- Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations (70 seats- 1 year, full time), Post Graduate Diploma in Radio and TV Journalism (46 seats- 1 year, full time), Post Graduate Diploma in Hindi Journalism (62 seats- 1 year, full time), Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism (62 seats- 1 year, full time), Diploma in Development Journalism (4 months, full time), Diploma in Urdu Journalism (15 seats- 6 months, full time).

The institute also holds excellent placement records. IIMC conducts IIMC Entrance Exams based on which admission is carried out. Well-equipped audio studio, video studio and radio station are some of the specialities of the campus. It is one of the top colleges for media Studies in India.


AJK Mass Communication Research Centre Jamia Millia Islamia

AJK MCRC was established in 1982 at Delhi as a public university department. It offers 7 courses across 3 streams- MA in Mass Communication (50 seats, 2 years), MA in Convergent Journalism (20 seats, 2 years), PG Diploma in Still Photography and Visual Communication (20 seats, 1 year), PG Diploma in Acting (20 seats, 1 year), PG Diploma in Broadcast Technology (20 seats, 1year), MA in Visual Effects and Animation (20 seats, 2years) and MA in Development Communication (20 seats, 2 years). It is one of the top colleges for media Studies in India.

Candidates who have done graduation can directly apply to any of these programmes in AKJ MCRC.


Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune

SIMC Pune is an institution affiliated to Symbiosis International University. SIMC offers one MBA Course and 2 MA Courses. MA Admission is based on an online entrance test conducted by SIMC. MBA Admissions are based on the Symbiosis National Aptitude Test (SNAP). It is one of the top colleges for media Studies in India.

SIMC offers MA in Communication Management, MA in Journalism and MA in Mass Communication (Audio and Visual). There are 120 seats for MBA and 60 seats for MA seat. To apply for the entrance test conducted by the institution, one must be graduated with minimum of 50% marks.


Department of Media and Communication Studies, Savitribai Phule Pune University

This institute was established in 1949 at Pune. The department offers 22 courses including MSc in Media and Communication, B.Voc in Journalism and Mass Communication, MSc in Communication studies, Diploma in Journalism, Diploma in Print Administration, MA in Mass Relation, Master in Communication Studies, Master of Journalism and Mass Communication Studies, M.Voc. in Media Studies etc. It is one of the top colleges for media Studies in India.

The admission is based on online entrance test scores conducted by the institution.


Department of Communication, University of Hyderabad

The department offers 2 years long Masters Programme in two courses- Media Studies and Media Practice. The admission is based on the performance of participants on three stages – entrance test, written test and interview. There are 25 seats for each course. The first year will be common to the students of both media studies and media practice. The course includes an internship.


Manipal Institute of Communication

MIC was established as a private institute in the year 1997, affiliated to the Manipal University. MIC offers the courses- BA Media & Communication, BSc Animation, MA Film Art & Art & Film Making and MA Media & Communication. The undergraduate courses are 3year courses and postgraduate courses are 2-year courses. The admission to undergraduate courses is based on MET scores and admission to postgraduate courses also considers Interview scores and Group Discussion scores along with MET scores. It is one of the top colleges for media Studies in India.


Xavier Institute of Communications

XIC was established in 1969 at Mumbai as a private autonomous institution. The courses offered include PPG Diploma in Advertising and Marketing Communication, PG Diploma in Public Relations and Corporate Communication, PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication, PG Diploma in Film, Television and Digital Video Production, Certificate in Announcing, Broadcasting, Compering, Dubbing and E-books Narration (ABCDE), Advanced Integrated Communication Programme, Post Graduate Diploma in Communication for Development and Certificate in Computer Graphics for Print Design. It is one of the top colleges for media Studies in India.

Admission is based on XIC Online Entrance Test (OET) and Personal/Skype Interview.

Website: www.xaviercommorg

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